Friday, December 19, 2008

NYE Set Times and Full Lineup


Just got an email through with the set times for THE! New Years Party. Well I Say set times.. its really just mines and Lexy's haha anyways were coming on after Elite Force at 12.30 and playing till 2am with the JamTheChannel boys finishing off the night. Sweet set time if a little daunting coming on after the awesome mighty power of Elite Force.

Plus here is the full line up for the event.

Auditorium - Beatz & Bobz
Breaks, Tech Funk, Dubstep

Elite Force (Lot 49)
Ben & Lex
JamTheChannel DJ's

Marquee - Rinseout
Drum and Bass

Mr Nice
Maxxi P
Aural Imbalance
Mc's Script, Johnny G and Delight

Gallery One - DibDub and Deep End
Dub and Dub Step

Dib Dub Soundsystem
Ollie 303

Gallery Two - Vibraphonic Lounge
Anything Goes

Lazy Al

Voodoo Lounge - Shiny Disco Balls
All Things Disco

DJ Spider
The Magnet
DJ Andromeda
And Guests

Ticket Price

Tickets £19 + BF (£19.50-£22.20 Inclusive of booking fee and card fees) Over 18’s only R.O.A.R.

Buy Tickets From

Reform Records, Exeter Phoenix
Online at

This Event Will Sell Out

More info available at...
Official Website
Facebook Event


The Mega Rave | Beatz and Bobz Special | Download

The Mega Rave | Beatz and Bobz Special | 18/12/08

Seeing as I've been pimping the South West Drum and Bass Awards I thought I'd play what me and Lex are most known for. So this week I present to you 2 hours of pure Beatz and Bobz rave :) breaks, techno, wonk, dubstep its all in the mix so if you like this then please vote for me and Lex and Beatz and Bobz in this years Drum and Bass Awards, in the Breaks section.

Also I'd like to thank everyone who listens live, downloads this show and has subscribed to the podcast its very much appreciated.

01. Heavy Feet ft Peyote Mc 'Rude Bwoi (Stupid Fresh Remix)' [Bombsquad Records]
02. Vent 'Go Gorilla (4Kuba Remix)' [Valium]
03. Dekoy vs. Rob Focuz 'Bob Hopeless' [Diverted Traffic]
04. Splitloop 'Method One (VIP Mix)' [Against The Grain]
05. Calvertron and Banga 'Whoop (Rudders There It Isn't Remix)' [Destination?]
06. Plump Djs 'Beat Myself Up' [Finger Lickin]
07. Dilemn '1st Class' [Silo]
08. TJR 'Sonic Chronic (Lee Mortimer Remix)' [Warehouse Music]
09. Lee Mortimer 'Raise Your Hands' [Dubsided]
10. Drop The Lime 'I Love NY (Baobinga Fuck Like Woah Remix)' [Trouble & Bass]
11. TRG 'Oi Killa' [Cool and Deadly]
12. Blue Effect 'Stop' [Functional]
13. Blue Effect 'Stop (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Functional]
14. DNMEJ 'Tic Tac Toe' [Fly Beat Music]
15. Freq Nasty vs Propa Tingz 'Peacemaker (Dub)'
16. Larry Tee ft. Princess Superstar 'Licky Work It Out (Herve Goes Low Remix)' '[iO Music]
17. Elite Force 'Mindfunkpsychadelic (Black Russion vs Tom Real Remix)' [UA]
18. Stanton Warriors 'Blaze (Baobinga and ID Remix)'
19. Mobius 'Thugs (601 Remix)' [APE Music]
20. _AVE_ 'Back To The Old Jack' [CDR]
21. Under The Sun (Herve Remix)' [Skint]
22. Splitloop 'Party People (Rico Tubbs and Will Power Remix)' [Against The Grain]
23. Human Resource 'Dominator (Herve Remix' [RS]
24. Cybass 'Shake It (Afghan Headspin Remix)' [Silo]
25. South Central 'Higher State of Consciousness' [CDR]
26. A Dominant Species 'Its A Feeling (Reso's BiPolar Remix)' [Streetwise]
27. Benjamin Vial 'The Bass The Monkey (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Plasmapool]
28. Quest and Odissi 'THX2020' [Botchit and Scarper]
29. DZ 'Down' [True Tiger]
30. Benjamin Vial 'The Bass The Monkey (Metro Boy Remix)' [Plasmapool]

The Swu Mega Rave is back in the New Year at some point with more specials to keep you entertained and I will be finally doing the Jeff Mills special. Bosh!


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The Mega Rave | Boards Of Canada Special | 28/08/08
The Mega Rave | Beautiful Days Warmup | 14/08/08
The Mega Rave | Autechre Special | 31/07/08
The Mega Rave | Random Selcta II | 03/07/08
The Mega Rave | Random Selecta | 19/06/08
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The Mega Rave | Techno Sessions | 22/05/08
The Mega Rave | Drum and Bass Sessions | 08/05/08
The Mega Rave | Mash-Up Jackin Sessions | 24/04/08


Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Groups


Off the back of the group I thought I'd create a little group for The Beatz and Bobz Show. So here it is :)

The Beatz and Bobz Show - Group

Benny. Group


Easy all... just a quick post while I sort out my set for SWU Radio tonight. If you use and enjoy my Metro Boy show then please join the group.

Cheers :)


Monday, December 15, 2008

South West D&B Awards... Vote BEN and LEX


Right then down the south west we have a little awards thingy called the South West D&B Awards... and this year there including Breaks :D hurrah

So if you can spare about 1 min of your time and stick a few votes in for me and lexy and beatz and bobz I'll be mega happy :D :D :D

Head over to >>> and get voting

Annoyingly tho you have to fill in every catagory so heres some ideas of the other catagories etc

Best National DJ

Andy C

Best National MC


Best National Producer

Chase and Status

Best South West DJ

Mr Nice (Rinseout)

Best South West MC

Johnny G

Best Regular South West Night

Rinseout (Exeter)

Best one off South West D'n'B Event

The NYE party at Exeter Phoenix, Exeter

Best D'n'B Website

Best Record Shop - Not online!

Reform Records (Exeter)

Outstanding Contribution to the Scene

Mr Nice


Best National DJ

Rennie Pilgrem

Best Producer

Plump DJs

Best Regular South West Night

Beatz and Bobz

Best South West DJ

Ben and Lex (Beatz and Bobz)

Outstanding Contribution to the Scene

Biff (Beatz and Bobz)


Mobius 'Thugs' - OUT NOW

Mobius 'Thugs / 601 Remix'

Ape is back and for this installment we have the pleasure of presenting Mobius and 'Thugs'

'Thugs' is a massive dirty party smasher with huge sub, rollin drums & snappin snarez that lead you to its wicked breakdown and then out the other side to the immortal lil hip hoppin' sample 'We're not against rap.... But we are against them Thugs' and then... Blap!!!!! Smacks ya in the face like a pissed up Vinnie Jones in a pool bar.

Packed full of bad attitude and growlin synths this is one sure to send them peepz on tha dancefloor into a bowel droppin' fury!

Think tearout meets booty breaks and you'll be only halfway to the monster that is THUGS!!

For the Remix we've drafted in those dirty northern monkeys the 601 boys!!!!! And by my nan's meat pie mining hat have they brought the rave!!

Flipping the original and throwin it back with some full on mental dancefloor magic. Wicked original ragga-tinged beats lead to fat bass & tearing synths that will undoubtedly destroy any floor you care to put ya dancing feet on.

Mastered by Tarekith

Mobius 'Thugs'

Mobius 'Thugs (601 Remix)'

Buy Me

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rusko Essential Mix


fuck yeah this is the shit.. proper heavy dubstep...

1. Rusko feat Clipz - Scareware
2. Jakes - Rock The Bells
3. Rusko - Gogogadgetrusko - Sub Soldiers
4. The Quemists - Dem Na Like Me (Subscape mix) - Ninja Tune
5. Stenchman - Prime Time Swine
6. Rusko - Jahova - Sub Soldiers
7. The Prodigy - Breathe (Numbernin6 mix)
8. Rossib And Luca - Dont Cry Soundboy
9. 12th Planet - 68
10. Jonny Osbourne - Rudeboy (2008 mix)
11. Rusko - Mr Muscle - Sub Soldiers
12. Tc - Wheresmy Money (Caspa mix / Jack Beats mix) - D:Style
13. Skream - Meta-Lick
14. Skream - Horny - Tempa
15. Enur and Natasja - Calabria (Bomberman mix)
16. The Others - Kingpin - Subsoldiers
17. Redlight and The Voodoos - Superkurl
18. Stenchman - Run Rabbit Run
19. Chase and Status feat Kano - Against All Odds (dubstep Mix) - Ram
20. Rusko - To Da Floor
21. Kid Cudi - Day N Nite (Rusko big trombone mix) - MOS
22. Rusko feat Crookers - Oy!
23. Jakes - Modem - Hench
24. Rusko and Diplo - Major Lazerr
25. Rusko - Woo Boost - Civil Music
26. More Fire Crew - Oi - Go!Beat
27. Skream - Murderer (VIP)
28. Rusko - Period
29. Benny Page and Zero G - Majestic
30. The Others - Bazooka - Dub Police
31. Unitz - The Drop Vip - Dub Police
32. Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Rusko chapstick mix)
33. Benga - Bengas Off His Head - Tempa
34. Skream - Dutchflowers (Rusko Babylon mix) - Tempa
35. Doctor - Raise He Temperature - Souljazz
36. Chase and Status - Saxon - Ram
37. Marcus Visionary - Black Panther Riddim
38. Distinction and Kromestar - Zappah
39. Rusko - Lets Go
40. Rusko feat Lutan Fyah - Soundguy Is My Target - Subsoldiers
41. Caspa - Louder (VIP) - Subsoldiers
42. Skream - Woinky
43. Benny and Vincenzo - Burberry Boy
44. Chase and Status - Eastern Jam (VIP) - Ram
45. Rusko - Hammertime - Subsoldiers
46. Reso - If U Cant Beat Em (Rusko VIP) - Civil Music
47. Rusko feat Virus Syndicate - Dirtydirty
48. Dz - Down - Black Acre
49. Zero G - Ranzom
50. Leon - Bring It On (Rusko mix) - Island
51. Skream - Fastlane - Tempa
52. Rusko - Do U Wanna Have A Party
53. Giant - Rocker
54. Kidsister - Pronails (Rusko mix) - Atlantic
55. Bun vs Ill Bill - Choppa
56. Kid Sister - Switchboard - Atlantic
57. Benny Page - Liar Liar
58. Rusko - Moaners - Subsoldiers
59. Rusko - Cockney Thug (Buraka Som Sistema mix) - Subsoldiers
60. Marcus Visionary - Flying Dubs
61. Benga - Night (Buraka Som Sistema mix)
62. Rusko - Mr Chips - Subsoldiers
63. Rusko and Clipz - Rats In The Kitchen
64. Rusko and Clipz - Rats In The Kitchen (Clipz mix)
65. Pendulum - Showdown (Clipz mix) - Warner
66. Clipz - Offline (VIP)


Playing in Exeter on the 16th jan as well according to his myspace :-D


New B&L Badges


Hurrah I picked up my badges today from the post office and there rad :)

If your around London tonight and have a ticket to the NSB Xmas bash then come and say hello as I'll be giving them out. I'll also be keeping a few back for the Exeter massive ;)


Benjamin Vial 'The Bass The Monkey (Metro Boy's Monkey Bleep Mix)'


After losing the last remix due to my hard drive crashing :( I've redone the mix from scratch. bit darker and a bit more bleepier.. still a very rough version so bear that in mind.

Going to leave it till monday and listen to it with fresh ears me thinks :)


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ape Music websites been redesigned


Ready for the release of Mobius 'Thugs' this Monday I thought it was about time to update the old APE Music website.

Have a look, listen to the releases, buy them as well if you want and leave comments :D hurrah to Wordpress is all I can say haha


Monday, December 8, 2008

Ben and Lex Badges


This the new design I've just sent off to Best Badges to make up for me. Hopefully they will arrive in time to give out at this years NSB Xmas bash :D

Big shout to Jack Morphosis for the lil monky B&L design. Keep an eye out in the new year for a project I'm working on involving some of his design work.

Last years were a bit more christmassy I suppose but how many times can I design us with hats on haha.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blue Effect 'Stop (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Functional]


Oooh hot off the press this one... Brand new remix of Blue Effect's 'Stop' by me and Lex.

Forthcoming on Functional in the new year :)


Friday, December 5, 2008

More love for the Riva Starr remix of 'Wind It Back'


My good friend Benjamin Vial has charted the Riva Starr remix of 'Wind It Back' in his new Beatport chart :)

View Chart.

His new Train EP on Plasmapool is out as well So go and buy it

And finally while I redo the new Metro Boy remix of Benjamin Vials 'The Bass The Monkey' I've heard that the record label have approved the Ben and Lex remix :) hurrah. Once I get my remix sorted I'll get some clips uploaded.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

HiJack Live Mix 1


While bumbling around the interweb I happened onto HiJack's Myspace where i noticed this little gem of a mix featuring the recent Riva Starr mix of me and Lexys 'Wind It Back' which is out now on Silo Records.


01. Nic Sarno - Work (In The Club)
02. Rene Van Munster - Untitled
03. Damonkenutz - Yellow Pants (Justin Martin Remix)
04. HiJack & Flinch - Sketch Out
05. Jjack Hogan - Devo (Oliver $ Dub)
06. Ben & Lex - Wind It Back (Riva Starr Remix)
07. HiJack & Flinch - Check This
08. Trevor Loveys - After Dark
09. Troydon - I Get So
10. Solid Groove - Unknown

Show some love... Hijack Myspace, Riva Starr Myspace, Silo Myspace.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Twisting The Frame [MZYKN012]


Got a promo copy of this awesome new comp from Myuzyk today... proper wonky, out there, down tempo, hip hop brilliance.

01 Dave Graham - I Have Come To Wound The Autumnal City
02 2econd Class Citizen - For This We'll Find No End ft Reindeer, Honey & Blackbird
03 Herma Puma - Golden Rod
04 Mr Hood - Tin Foil Hat
05 Remdog - The Painter with the Dead Painter
06 sasQwax - Gone Out Back
07 Awkward - Sayin Nathen ft Douchebaggalo
08 Kondor - Petrol Lips
09 2tall - Another Place
10 WrongTom - Take It Down ft Sarah Wayne
11 File With Interpol - Weed Pharma
12 Ambulance Chasers - One
13 English Bore - Broken Heart Beats
14 Buddy Peace - Septuhseemeeuh

Head over to Myuzyk on the 15th December to download your free copy. Its highly recommended.


Synchronicity 27/12/08


I'll be dropping the Xmas bleeps on the 27th December at the Synchronicity for the Bad Robot crew... Full details coming soon


Monday, December 1, 2008

NSB Xmas Party 13/12

NSB Xmas Party 13/12

Continuing the our Xmas party December rave up next weekend were playing up in London at the annual NSB Xmas Bash :)

Dont forget the first Xmas party me and Lex will be playing at is this friday at the Beatz and Bobz Xmas Party




Get ready for the messiness!! The NSB Xmas Party rolls back in to town for a night of debauched debauchery!! We've done the Rhythm Factory, we've done 333, we've done Herbal, and now we "do" it up the Thames - well nearly! We take over the Bar&Co Boat, which is permanently moored at Temple Pier, an intimate floating venue with all the essential ingredients to make a perfect night - breaks, booze, and a big bastard late licence!! We invite NSB forum and radio regulars to provide the soundtrack to the night, plus ample opportunity for anyone to jump up and play with our Lucky Dip special! Tickets are a credit-crunching £5, with drinks onboard at pub prices, so no farkin excuses - but be QUICK, we have limited capacity so this party WILL sell out! Get your ticket now!










Venue : Onbaord the Bar&Co Boat (Permanently Moored), Temple Pier, London, WC2R 2PN, (opp. Temple Tube / Walkabout)
Doors : 5pm - Music starts at 9pm until very late. Pub Price Drinks + Cocktails
Massive Smoking Terrace (overlooking the Thames!)
Tickets: £5 - Very Limited Capacity - This is a ticket only event!! Available from

Face Book Events Page


Dont Stay In

Nuskool Breaks

Also knowing us we will be on last banging out the rave haha :D


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Beatz and Bobz Xmas Party


Ohh the seasons almost upon us for drunken Christmas parties and the first one me and Lex are playing at this year is the early Beatz and Bobz Xmas Party with Hybrid.

Heres the blurb...

Hold Tight Beatz & Bobz Crew

Its the legendary Beatz & Bobz Xmas Party with our jolly guests of justice and all round legends Hybrid.

Plus residents Ben & Lex & James Gill on the warm up :)

We will also be giving away Beatz & Bobz cd's to the first 100 through the door.

Friday 5th December
Beatz & Bobz Xmas Party
Ben & Lex
James Gill
Cavern Club

£6 in adv from Reform Records/Cavern and online

So get your Christmas cheer on a bit early and rave with us down the Cavern :)


Friday, November 21, 2008

The Mega Rave | Old Skool Hip Hop | 20/11/08

The Mega Rave | Old Skool Hip Hop | Download

We've got Jeru The Damaja down in Exeter this weekend so in honor I thought I'd drop some rollin' old Skool Hip Hop on the SWU Mega Rave. Sadly I couldn't find any Jeru... Doh! but theres plenty of other choice tunes in the mix for you all :)

01. Rakim vs Kane 'Follow The Leader / Raw' [DMC Mixes2]
02. Gang Starr 'Who's Gonna Take The Weight' [Columbia]
03. Unknown 'Moving Fingers' [Liberty Grooves]
04. Bomb The Bass 'Beat Dis (Extended Mix)' [Mister Ron]
05. Public Enemy 'Count DOwn To Armageddon / Bring The Noise' [Def Jam]
06. De La Soul and Teenage Fanclub 'Fallin' [Immortal]
07. Naughty By Nature 'O.P.P.' [Tommy Boy]
08. Schooly D 'Put Your Fila's On' [Flame Records]
09. 3rd Bass 'Stymie's Theme' [Def Jam]
10. Fu-Schnickens 'La Schmoove' [Jive]
11. Afrika Bambaattaa and the Soul Sonic Force 'Planet Rock' [Tommy Boy]
12. Cypress Hill 'Real Estate' [Columbia]
13. Grand Master Flas and the Furious Five 'White Lines' [Sugar Hill]
14. Dream Warriors 'Wash Your Face In My Sink' [Island]
15. M. C. Shy-D 'Bonus Beats' [Benz Records]
15. LL Cool J 'Mama Said Know You Out (12" Remix)' [Def Jam]
16. Dr Octagon 'Blue Flowers (Flower Bed Mix 1)' [Mo Wax]
17. Unknown 'Louder Than A Bomb' [DMC Mixes1]
18. Herbie Hancock 'Rockit' [CBS]
19. Gang Starr 'DJ Premier In Deep Concentration' [Columbia]
20. N.W.A. 'Straight Outta Compton (Extended Mix)' [Priority]
21. Ice Cube 'Wicked' [Priority]
22. Digital Underground 'The Humpty Dance (Bonus Hump Mix)' [Tommy Boy]

Back in two weeks time with most likely the Jeff Mills special. Bosh!


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Thursday, November 20, 2008

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 17/11/08 | Download

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 17/11/08 | Download

A right mashup for Dubstep, Wonky House and Breaks for you all this week. Exclusives from me and Lex plus the latest tunes from Stereo:Type, Blue Effect and Elite Force.

01. 2 Live Crew 'Party (2 Bit Thugs Badboy Bmore 2x2 Redub)' [CDR]
02. Rob Le Pitch 'Break and Enter' [777]
03. DZ 'Down' [True Tiger]
04. Stereo:Type 'Balls To The Wall (Stero:Typical Pt. 2)' [Hardcore Beats]
05. The Body Snatchers ft Goldmouf 'I Like What I See (HiJack Remix)' [Passenger]
06. Stanton Warriors 'Blaze (Baobinga and ID Remix)' [Punks]
07. The BPA Ft. Dizzee Rascal and David Byrne 'Toe Jam (Stanton Warriors Remix)' [Southern Fried]
08. TRG 'Oi Killa' [Cool and Deadly]
09. TC 'Wheres My Money (Caspa Remix)' [D-Style]
10. Solid Groove 'This Is Sick (Bass Weazal's Sick Edit)' [CDR]
11. Stereo:Type Ft. Foreign Beggers 'Bangers and Mash' [Hardcore Beats]
12. Elite Force 'Mindfunk (Black Russian and Tom Real Remix)' [U and A]
13. ID 'Mission (ID's House Mix)' [Re:connect]
14. Benjamin Vial 'The Bass The Monkey (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Plasmapool]
15. Sex and Circuitry 'Input (Quest Remix)' [CDR]
16. Timmy Schumacher 'Avondale Crunk' [Pure Filth]
17. Heavy Feet 'We Gettin Crunk' [CDR]
18. Mesmer 'Weird Funk (Dopamine Remix)' [Future Perfect]
19. Hardy Waks 'Shake It (Rico Tubbs Bonus Beats)' [Menu]
20. Ed Solo and Deekline Ft. MC Flips 'Handz Up (Stanton Warriors Remix)' [Hot Cakes]
21. Ben and Lex 'Mugz' [Future Perfect]
22. Chase and Status 'Eastern Jam' [Ram]
23. Cybass 'Shake It (Afghan Headspin Remix)' [Silo]
24. Blue Effect 'Stop' [Functional]
25. DJ Fixx and Keith Mackenzie Ft. Yolanda 'Feelin The Luv (Twocker Remix)' [Illeven]
26. 601 'Dirty North' [Polar Red]
27. Brothers Bud 'The Sting' [Finger Lickin]
28. Oasis 'Falling Down (Chemical Brothers Remix)' [Big Brother]

Download | Mirror

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Metro Boy | | 11/11/08 | Download


2 hours of proper deep bleepy techno for you this week. Loads of new tunes plus a few oldies to get your mnml on.

I've only got one more show for this year now before has its xmas holiday so make sure you tune in on the 6th December. Ohh and if you all lucky I might even do a special little xmas podcast :)

01. Alex Piccini 'Panzer'
02. Oliver Huntemann and Dubfire 'Dois'
03. Marco Dassi 'Varese Ist Leer (Mini Cool Boys Remix)'
04. Gary Beck 'Consumed'
05. Gel Abril 'Spells Of Yoruba'
06. Paul Ritch 'Split'
07. Jhon Doe and M.N.L. 'Blue Berry (Alex Young Tuttti Fruti Remix)'
08. Luetzenkirchen 'All That Jazz (Popof Remix 01)'
09. Series 02 'Series 02'
10. Rejected 'Cliche (Polder Remix)'
11. Alex Young 'Minimalishous'
12. Skoozbot 'Lost Wages'
13. Staffan Linzatti 'Slightly Increased'
14. Perc 'Serious Moonlight'
15. Adem Beyer 'Swedish Silver'
16. Chris Liebing 'D'
17. DIM 'Sysiphos'
18. Gaiser 'Trunkated'


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Void Radio | | Ben and Lex | Download


The weekend sure took its toll on me so I decided to randomly grab a pile of tunes from my shelf and play them in order... haha its all my brain could handle to be honest ;)

Anways 2hours ish of random tunes from the likes of Verve, The Orb, Mr Scruff, 808 State and DJ Sneak... Its like pressing random on your ipod only with records :)

01. Hac[k] The Tab 'I Am Not A Machine (Original Hac[k] The Tab Mix)' [Kracktronik]
02. C.J. Bolland 'Neural Paradox' [R/S]
03. Miss Kitten 'Requim For A Hit' [Novamute]
04. Mr Scruff 'Crisps' [Ninja Tune]
05. Juju 'Zombies' [Phuture Records]
06. Plaid 'Yak' [Clear]
07. 808 State 'Olympic (Flutey Mix)' [ZTT]
08. Dr. Walker Meetz Soulslinger 'Nuthin But An 'E' Thang' [Rising High Records]
09. Kerrier District 'Disclix' [Rephlex]
10. Porn Theatre Ushers 'Me and Him' [Biscuithead]
11. The Verve 'Gravity Grave' [Hut]
12. The Doubtful Guest 'Mind Detergent' [Planet Mu]
13. Nightmares On Wax 'The Sweetest' [Warp]
14. Senor Coconut 'Electrolatino' [New State]
15. The Orb 'Majestic (Millwall Remix)' [Wau! Mr Modo]
16. Model 500 'I Wanna Be There (Wax Doctor Remix)' [R/S]
17. Dj Sneak 'You Can't Hide From Your Bud' [Classic]
18. Patrick Pulsinger 'City Lights (City Of Starsigns) [R/S]
19. Spiritualized 'I Think I'm In Love (Chemical Brothers Vocal Remix)' [Dedicated]
20. Gang Starr 'Full Clip' [Virgin]



Friday, November 7, 2008

The Mega Rave | Bingo Beats Special | Download

The Mega Rave | Bingo Beats Special | Download

I was all set to do a 2 hour show of proper shoe gazing indie, had all my tunes sorted, but alas I couldn't find Verve 'She's A Superstar' so I thought bugger this.. lets rinse it instead :)

So this week I present to you 2 hours of rinsing DnB and bassline heavy breaks from the man like Dj Zinc's pioneering record label... Bingo Beats.

Once I go through all my records and find the Verve track then I'll do the indie show. So maybe next time or maybe I'll do the Jeff Mills special instead.. haha who knows.

01. Redeyes and Sweed 'Breakable' [Bingo 066]
02. Shy FX 'Plastic Soul' [Bingo 033]
03. Q Project 'In For A Penny In For A Pound' [Bingo 22]
04. Zinc 'Fairfight (Friction Remix)' [Bingo 035]
05. Zinc Feat. MC Eksman 'Drive By Car' [Bingo 023]
06. Redeyes 'Pusherman' [Bingo 050]
07. XRS 'A Mosca' [Bingo 024]
08. Chase and Status 'The Druids' [Bingo 039]
09. Krust and Zinc 'New Territory' [Bingo 032]
10. Jammin 'Go DJ' [Bingo 003]
11. Jammin 'Hello' [Bingo 006]
12. Jammin 'Kinda Funky (Wookie Remix)'[Bingo 004]
13. B side [Bingo 007]
14. B Side [Bingo 021]
15. Wizzbit 'Breakdown VIP' [Bingo 018]
16. Jammin 'Round Trees' [Bingo 036]
17. Jammin 'Go Dj (Dj ZInc Remix)' [Bingo 019]
18. Zinc 'Steppin Stones (Zinc and Friction Remix)' [Bingo 041]
19. Total Science 'Millenium Lady' [Bingo 046]
20. Dkay and Eksman 'Energy' [Bingo 060]
21. Zinc 'Funny' [Bingo 045]
22. Dkay 'Mova Ya'll' [Bingo 038]
23. Raf and Ill Logic 'Syracuse' [Bingo 065]
24. DJ Zinc 'Departure (D-Bridge Remix)' [Bingo 016]
25. Audio - Unit 'Palis Royal' [Bingo 061]
26. D kay 'Galaxy' [Bingo 051]
27. Stakka 'Griffin' [Bingo 051]
28. Zinc 'Uptalking' [Bingo 030]
29. Chase and Status 'Wise Up' [Bingo 026]
30. Eksman 'Roll Slow' [Bingo 044]
31. Sonic 'Jigsaw' [Bingo 059]
32. Mood II Swing 'I Got Love (Chase and Status Remix)' [Bingo 027]


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The Mega Rave | Bristol DnB Special | 23/10/08
The Mega Rave | Aphex Twin Special | 09/10/08
The Mega Rave | Boards Of Canada Special | 28/08/08
The Mega Rave | Beautiful Days Warmup | 14/08/08
The Mega Rave | Autechre Special | 31/07/08
The Mega Rave | Random Selcta II | 03/07/08
The Mega Rave | Random Selecta | 19/06/08
The Mega Rave | Deep House Sessions | 05/06/08
The Mega Rave | Techno Sessions | 22/05/08
The Mega Rave | Drum and Bass Sessions | 08/05/08
The Mega Rave | Mash-Up Jackin Sessions | 24/04/08

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ben and Lex 'Wind It Back (Riva Star Remix)' [Silo]


Distribution: Z Audio (
Release Date: Monday 3RD November 2008
A: Ben & Lex – Wind It Back (Riva Starr Remix)
AA: Cybass – Shake It (Afghan Headspin Remix)

Continuing its return to the fray after a 2-year-too-long hiatus, Silo is back and making up for lost time with this second set of heavyweight remixes!

First up this time it’s west-country meets the med as party starters Ben & Lex (Funtional/Ape) come face to face with Riva Starr (Dirty Bird/Southern Fried). What we get is a truly massive piece of solid fidget house, bumping and shuffling its way though bongo rhythms and supa-funky horn edits with the wobble factor cranked up to 11. Hotness not to be missed!

Over on the flip things get a bit more dark and deadly as Cybass (Under Construction) meets tech-edged breaks outfit Afghan Headspin (Mechanoise/Ape)… aka Resonant Evil (Renegade Hardware/Gain). The previously unreleased ultra-funky ‘Shake It’ gets a deeper twist-up here, with the Afghan boys turning in a bombshell full of their signature tight cybernetic drums and basslines, injected with more than just a hint of old skool rave-up flavours. White gloves at the ready...brockout!

Top remix from the man like Riva Starr on our tune :) getting plays from the likes of D.Ramirez, Simply Jeff, Trevor Loveys, Plaza De Funk, Sokolov, Dopamine, General Midi,Micky Slim and many many more


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Drop Beats Not Bombs


Double rave weekend again coming up. Friday were at the Beatz and Bobz 11th Birthday and on Saturday were going up north for a bit of Drop Beats Not Bombs.

Drop Beats Not Bombs will be returning to Birmingham's Rainbow Warehouse for one night of musical mayhem.

With more than 50 acts spread over 5 stages across the Rainbow Public House, Rainbow Warehouse and Beach, plus the closure of Adderley Street, this promises to be an event like no other.

As per usual we have aquired the best in up and coming tallent to provide you with more than enough beats and bass to keep you guys jumping till sunrise.

The 8th of November will be a night you are certain never to forget... so bring you dancing shoe's ... bring your friends... bring the noise!

We're playing in the room...

* Nu Skool Breaks
* Napt & MC Incyte
* Baobingas
* Tom Real
* Subsource (live)
* Beat Assassins
* Ben & Lex
* Richie Balboa
* Rcaine & Doc Vin
* Visuals By VJ Air
* Broadcast live on

No idea about set times or anything yet but either way its going to be freaking awesome :)


Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 03/11/08 | Download

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 03/11/08 | Download

No lexy this week as he has the man flu so I Layed down the funk for the first 20 mins or so on this weeks Beatz and Bobz show. But have no fear it goes off all rave after that :)

01. Aldo vanucci and Featurecast 'Walk Like A Man'
02. A Skillz Feat. Beardy Man 'Beardy Man (Bonus)'
03. A Skillz Feat Krafty Kuts 'Hapiness'
04. Calagad 13 'Get On Down'
05. Nick Fonkynson 'Rock Da Spot'
06. Bingo Players 'Get Up (Diplo Remix)'
07. Rusko 'Cockney Thug'
08. Spikers 'Jesus Scrapbook'
09. ID 'Mission'
10. Natty Jack 'Jackin Da Garage (HiJack Remix)'
11. Jagged Slap '10 Pence Short (Wrongstars Remix)'
12. QUASI (Plaza Da Funk Remix) ??
13. Smash Hi Fi 'Everything You Need'
14. Diplo Feat. Rye Rye 'Wassup Wassup (Crookers Happy Remix)'
15. Rob Le Pitch 'Sticky Fingers (Tom Real and The Rogue Element Mix)'
16. Break The Box 'Prostitutes and Video Games (Rektchordz Remix)'
17. Lee Coombs 'Future Sound Of Retro (Lee Coombs Remix)'
18. Ben and Lex 'Wind It Back (Riva Starr Remix)'
19. Ed Solo, Deekline and Mc Flips 'Handz Up (Stanton Warriors Remix)'
20. Stanton Warriors 'Blaze (Baobinga and ID Remix)'
21. Diplo 'Blow Your Head'
22. Cybass 'Shake It (Afghan Headspin Remix)'
23. Backdraft 'Revolution (Affinity Remix)'
24. Zodiax Cartel 'Klappyn'
25. Soul Of Man 'Dizzy Heights'
26. Justice 'We Are Your Freinds (DV Remix)'
28. Stanton Warriors 'Still Here (Baron Remix)'
29. Juke 'Swing City'

Download | Mirror

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Beatz and Bobz 11th Brithday | 07/11/08


We've been going for 11 bloody years this weekend... who would of thought it haha

To celebrate we take over the Exeter Phoenix for a proper knees up.

Friday 7th November

Room 1: Dreadzone - Full Live Band
plus very special guests

Room 2: Beatz and Bobz Residents
Ben and Lex, James Gill, Andromeda

Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street.
9.00 - 2am
Tickets - Box office 01392 667080 | |

more info on the facebook page


The Good Living Remix EP


This release snuck out the other week or so.. haha I didn't even know is was due out till lexy gave me the slab of vinyl :)

The 12" features our collaboration with Aldo Vanucci with 'Ravers Party' while the digital release also features our remix of 'Naive'

New four track ep from those good looking fellas at Good Living.First up Kidda remixes one of the fav tracks from Aldo Vanucci's Straight Lift album "Holla Down".

The beat was originally scheduled for Jay Z's Blueprint 3 but after the Jiggaman nicked Kidda's Monster Munch at Glastonbury, the Brighton Soul Breaks Maestro offered it up.Then comes our Mexican friend with a leftfield take that grows on you more and more with each listen, so far we are up 3,427.

The B side sees label honcho Scott Whyte step out from Vanucci's shadow and show us where the Vanucci sound should have been going. More to come from this man, hurrah!

To give us all a happy finish Plymouths 14th best dj team up with Exeter pin up producers Ben and Lex for a reggae breaks track that though outside of Good Living's comfort sound has been receiving such attention it just had to be committed to vinyl.

(Plus 2 digital only bonus remixes from Ben & Lex and Scott Whyte).

Not 100% sure where its available yet but you can buy it from DanceTracks or for more info check out the Good Living Records Myspace


Egerton House & Swan Lake Weekend


Couple of weekends ago Me and my wife went to London for a posh weekend staying in the Egerton House Hotel and went to see Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House.

I'm too lazy to write it all up but Swan Lake was ace and the hotel was mega posh, in fact this is a photo of our room :)

To save my lazyness here is the review that Becky wrote for the local paper :)

WHEN my parents-in-law bought me tickets to see the Royal Ballet for my birthday, I vowed that this time I would do London in style.

And style is certainly a word you would use to describe the Egerton House Hotel. This five-star boutique hotel nestles unobtrusively in the heart of Knightsbridge, just a short stroll from some of the city’s most popular attractions including the Natural History Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The Egerton is a member of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection, winner of the AA small hotel group of the year 2007-2008 accolade. Originally two grand townhouses, it has been sympathetically refurbished and upgraded with fine fabrics and antique Italian furnishings.

It is also home to a collection of original artworks by artists such as Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec and Matisse.

Slightly flustered on arrival (why anyone in London would bother owning a car, I don’t know), the hotel staff couldn’t have been more obliging. Our car was driven off to be parked, while we were shown to our room and served a welcome cup of tea.

There are 29 rooms in the Egerton, all different but all offering the same level of luxury, including hand-stitched mattresses, down pillows and duvets or 16-thread Egyptian cotton sheets, a well-stocked minibar, an iPod docking station, Wi-Fi, cable TV and air conditioning.

Lovely touches included the personalised welcome card from hotel manager Sandra Anido, fresh fruit, complimentary bottled water and some rather decadent chocolates.

Our room had a glorious four-poster bed, a huge flat-screen television and en-suite with the most inviting bathtub I have seen for some time.

After a luxurious soak, my husband and I wandered down to the intimate dining room for a pre-ballet cocktail and light meal.

Head barman Antonio Pizzuto is reputed to make the best martinis in London, served with a theatrical Italian flourish, so it seemed churlish not to indulge as we waited for our food.

I ordered the glazed goat’s cheese on a bed of sauteed vegetables with basil sauce while my husband decided on crispy calamari with homemade chilli sauce. Both were excellent.

Declining the staff’s offer to order us a taxi, we sallied off to the Royal Opera House — just a short tube ride away — dressed in all our finery for the evening’s performance of Swan Lake, a truly magical experience.

On arrival back at the hotel, we were impressed to find the bedcovers turned down, chocolates on the pillow, slippers laid out beside the bed and a candle lit beside the bathtub. There was even a card with the next day’s weather forecast for our information.

Declining Antonio’s tempting offer of another martini, we settled on a bottle of champagne in our room and reluctantly decided that ordering anything from the extensive night menu might be an overindulgence too far.

Consequently we both had a good appetite for breakfast the next morning, after perusing the Sunday papers.

Served in the delightful breakfast room, we had a choice of continental breakfast or an a la carte meal. I opted for the continental, which included cereal, fruit, yoghurt, toast and pastries, while my husband made short work of a full English breakfast with all the trimmings.

It was with real regret that we checked out of this home from home, but I sincerely hope to visit again soon.

Details: 020 7589 2412,

Copyright Express and Echo 2008


Metro Boy | | Download

Metro Boy | | 28/10/08

Bit late on the archive for this one I'm afraid. But its worth the wait :). Slight glitch with the internet/archive at the start so you miss out on the first tune :( and then during the show my laptop wigs out a bit haha but its all good.

01. Metro Boy 'Untitled (Drone3)'
02. Staffan Linzatti 'Slightly Increased'
03. Christian Smith and John Selway 'Transit Time (Dubfire Remix)'
04. Radio Slave 'Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix)'
05. Benjamin Vial 'The Bass The Monkey (Metro Boy's More Monkey Mix)'
06. Skoozbot 'Reud Reckoning'
07. John Largora 'Get Down'
08. Skoozbot 'Lost Wages'
09. Delete aka Sergio Munoz and Ilario Alicante 'Rolling Cookie'
10. Butch 'Earth (823's Crackpots In The Field Remix)'
11. Gaiser 'Trunkated'
12. The Advent 'War Cry'
13. Christian Smith and John Selway 'Total Departure (Cirez D Remix)'
14. System 7 'Space Bird (Dubfire Deep Space Remix)'
15. Norman 'Ich Bin Was Ich Bin (Andromat 3000 Remix)'
16. Nitzer Ebb 'Control Im Here (Dubfires Arrowhead Dub'
17. DJ Rush 'Motherfuckingbass (Popof Remix 2)'
18. Luetzenkirchen 'All That Jazz (Popof Remix 01)'
19. Rejected 'Cliche (Polder Remix)'
20. Metro Boy 'Untitled (Drone4)'


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Back Again With A Double Helping Of Myuzyk


Hurrah. I have a slight amount of spare time again ;) last week was possible the most stressful I've had in ages and thus no posts :( Loads happened as well so this week should be a double bumper of mindless posting.

Stressful? all due to the complete incompetence of the marketing department at work. But I can't even be arsed to waste my breath ranting about them so while I collect all of last weeks raves, radio shows, new releases and flyers for this week I'll leave you with a double helping of new releases on the awesome Myuzyk label.

Falls & Regis - Done Up Like A Vicar

F&R have stepped forward from the shadows and delivered a collection of seven tracks ranging in tempo and character. Several of the compositions show their love for beats that operate on certain dancefloors, elsewhere are contemplative moments and downtempo. Amongst the MPC beats, samples and bass lurks a comic darkness which influences the overall sound in this release, which in places seems to translate real life experiences into music and words. The opening track, 'Congratulations You've Made It', is lead by a mantra that the listener will find themselves repeating - "Don't do drugs, Keep your nose clean. Go to work, do a good job."


dep - Nothing To Undo : Nothing To Redo

Danny Peck has combined field recordings of his immediate surroundings as well as programmed beats and instrumentation to create a personal and involving album. There are experiments and more traditional approaches to electronica in this album that show an open minded and mature artist at work. 'Nothing To Undo : Nothing To Redo' cohesively houses explorations into techno and downtempo with attributes of glitch, distortion, loud and quiet, artificial and real altogether across thirteen tracks. At times it sounds like a film soundtrack, other places it sounds like an audio diary. This engaging artist album is a very welcome addition to the Myuzyk catalogue and we hope you enjoy it time and again.



Friday, October 24, 2008

Sneak Peek


Ooooh I'm so excited about a new project me and Lex are working on. It's all a bit top secret at the moment but as soon as I get more designers on board and the new site is up and ready I'll be telling the world so you wont miss out :)

Fingers crossed I'm thinking about a Jan/Feb launch so keep some Christmas money handy for some spending.

The design shown is from Falmouth based graphic artist Morphosis, more designs from him come launch day.


The Mega Rave | Bristol DnB Special | Download

The Mega Rave | Bristol DnB Special | Download

This is more like it... The Sound Of Bristol... 2 hours of proper Drum and Bass from the likes of Krust, Die, Suv, Roni Size from back in the day on Full Cycle, V Recordings and Dope Dragon. Classic stuff indeed, not like the rubbish you get now-a-days ;)

01. Scorpio ft Leonie 'Breakbeat Era' [Full Cycle]
02. Reprazent 'Trust Me' [Talking Loud]
03. DJ DIe 'Reincarnations' [Full Cycle]
04. Roni Size 'Fashion' [V Recordings]
05. Roni Size 'Fresh (Mask Remix)' [V Recordings]
06. Gang Related and Mask ft Dynamite 'Oh My Gosh!' [Dope Dragon]
07. DJ Krust 'Jazz Note II' [V Recordings]
08. Tali 'Lyric On My Lip (DJ Marky and XRS Remix)' [Full Cycle]
09. Die and Clipz 'Good Old Days' [Full Cycle]
10. Die 'Autumn (Commix Remix)' [Liquid V]
11. Roni Size 'Dayz' [V Recordings]
12. Mask 'Reese' [Dope Dragon]
13. Suv 'Parklands' [Full Cycle]
14. Krust 'Set Speed (Krust Remix)' [V Recordings]
15. DJ Krust 'Warhead (TC Remix)' [V Recordings]
16. Roni Size 'Phizical (Ray Keith Remix)' [V Recordings]
17. Lemon D 'I Can't Stop' [V Recordings]
18. Krust 'Guess' [V Recordings]
19. DJ Krust 'Angles' [V Recordings]
20. DJ Krust 'Quiz Show' [Full Cycle]
21. Heist 'Jazz Time' [Full Cycle]
22. Roni Size 'Its Jazzy (Felix Road Remix)' [V Recordings]
23. DJ Die 'Live and Direct' [Full Cycle]
24. Roni Size 'Snapshot' [Full Cycle]
25. Roni Size and DJ Die 'It's A Big Up Ting (Utah Jazz Remix)' [V Records UK]
26. Gang Related and Mask 'Sky' [Dope Dragon]
27. D Bridge 'China Cup' [Liquid V]
28. DJ Die and Roni Size '11.55 (Gangsta Mix)' [Full Cycle]
29. Die 'Jitta Bug' [Full Cycle]
30. Roni Size 'Fassy Hole' [V Recordings]
31. Reprazent 'Out Of The Game' [Talking Loud]
32. Mask 'Square Off (Roni Size Remix)' [Dope Dragon]


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Back on the 6th November with most likely and old skool indie show gaze session :D

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The Mega Rave | Aphex Twin Special | 09/10/08
The Mega Rave | Boards Of Canada Special | 28/08/08
The Mega Rave | Beautiful Days Warmup | 14/08/08
The Mega Rave | Autechre Special | 31/07/08
The Mega Rave | Random Selcta II | 03/07/08
The Mega Rave | Random Selecta | 19/06/08
The Mega Rave | Deep House Sessions | 05/06/08
The Mega Rave | Techno Sessions | 22/05/08
The Mega Rave | Drum and Bass Sessions | 08/05/08
The Mega Rave | Mash-Up Jackin Sessions | 24/04/08


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Robert Henke workshop on Live 7



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 20/10/08 | Download

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 20/10/08 | Download

Blimey Its all gone wrong this week... not only did I lose every damn tune ever when my external hard drive crashed :( (BACK UP EVERY THINGS NOW!!!!) but 10 mins before we were due on air my sound card packs up... argh!!!!

Anyways we got there in the end. Mixed bag of tunes this week.. basically its every new promo I got sent over the weekend haha so expect Techno along side Dubstep with a giant dollop of breaks sprinkled all over the top.

01. Mad EP 'Acid Jig' [Mutate Records]
02. Ed Solo, Deekline and MC Flips 'Handz Up (Stanton Warriors Remix)' [Hot Cakes]
03. Stanton Warriors 'Blaze (Baobinga and ID Remix)' [Punks]
04. Chase and Status 'Eastern Jam' [Ram]
05. Scrap '2CI (Fifties Remix) [CDR]
06. Wrexx 'Caught Twisted' [En:Vision]
07. Deekline and Wizard vs Stereo:Type 'Baila Baila' [Against The Grain]
08. 601 'Punch The Clown' [Polar Red]
09. Digital Filth 'Go Watch Your Mind (Arrow Remix)' [Erase Records]
10. Journeyman vs Barcode 'Can't Let Go' [CDR]
11. Dj Rush 'MotherfuckingBass (Popof Remix 2)' [T Classixx]
12. Deekline and Wizard 'Angels (NAPT Remix)' [Against The Grain]
13. Luetzenkirchen 'All The Jazz (Popof Remix)' [Great Stuff Records]
14. Kickflip 'Ropeshaker (Cut La Rock 'Frozen' Remix)' [Brighton Breaks]
15. M.I.A 'Paper Planes (Atomic Hooligan Remix)' [CDR]
16. Jinx In Dub '10 Tonne Riddim' [Against The Grain ]
17. Ben and Lex 'Wind It Back (Riva Starr Remix)' [Silo]
18. Zodiac Cartel 'Robots' [Used and Abused]
19. Parker 'Calling You (White Papoo Remix)' [Rocstar Recordings]
20. Rob Le Pitch 'Sticky Fingers (Baobinga and ID Remix)' [Passenger]
21. Lee Coombs 'Future Sound Of Retro (Lee Coombs Remix)' [Finger Lickin]
22. LBJ vs Break The Box 'No Rules (Hektagon Remix)' [Big Square]
23. Backdraft 'Revolution (DKS is SIC Remix)' [Bassrock]
24. The Phat Riderz and Xim n Bass 'I Have A Mission' [Standard]
25. The Killers 'Mr Brightside (Bass Weazal vs Mickey Hook Remix)' [CDR]

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

i Haz Made Drone


Something I've been working on for a while using field recordings from my good friend Ollie Hall (Bad_Sector). 4 tracks of drone...

I'm going to link up each track via Soundcloud but for now visit my Virb page to hear them all.

Untitled [Drone1]

Untitled [Drone2]

Untitled [Drone3]

Untitled [Drone4]


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

iPhone RjDj


One of the many reasons I want a iPhone :)


The Mega Rave | Aphex Twin Special | Download

The Mega Rave | Aphex Twin Special | Download

Bit late on the upload I'm afraid.. been a bit slack recently. Anyways instead of banging out the classics, Come To Daddy, Window Licker etc I thought I'd go the more obscure route for this show so hopefully unless your a mega Aphex fan then some of these tunes might be new to you.

Also before you all email in and call me a fool Nanobot put me right about the Universal Indicator releases as they are in fact Mike Dread ... Doh!

Aphex Twin 'Milk Man' [Warp]
taken from 'Girl/Boy EP' 12"
Aphex Twin 'Heliosphan' [R and S]
taken from 'Selected Ambient Works 85-92' LP
Aphex Twin 'Girl Boy (£18 Snare Rush Mix)' [Warp Records]
taken from 'Girl/Boy' 12"
AFX 'Analogue Bubblebath' [TVT Records]
taken from 'Analogue Bubblebath' 12"
Universal Indicator 'Wayne's Tantrum' [Rephlex]
taken from 'Universal Indicator Yellow' 12"
Universal Indicator 'TSA' [Rephlex]
taken from 'Universal Indicator Blue' 12"
AFX '.55278037732581' [Rephlex]
taken from 'Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 3' 12"
Curve 'Falling Free (Aphex Twin Remix)' [Warp]
taken from '26 Mixes For Cash' CD
AFX '2 Analogue Talks' [Rephlex]
taken from 'Analord 06' 12"
Aphex Twin 'Fingerbib' [Warp]
taken from 'Richard D.James' LP
Polygon Window 'Supremacy II' [Warp]
taken from 'Surfing On Sine Waves' LP
Aphex Twin 'Goon Gumpas' [Warp]
taken from 'Richard D.James' LP
AFX 'Sloth' [Rephlex]
taken from 'Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 4' 12"
Aphex Twin 'CD2 Track 4 - Grey Stripe' [Warp]
taken from 'Selected Ambient Works Volume II' LP
Aphex Twin 'Ventolin (Crowsmengegus Mix)' [Warp]
taken from 'Ventolin' 12"
Aphex Twin 'Inkey$' [Warp Records]
taken from 'Girl/Boy' E.P
Mescalinum United 'We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin TTQ Mix)' [R and S]
taken from 'Classics' LP
Aphex Twin 'Bbydhyonchord' [Warp]
taken from 'Drukqs' LP
AFX '*Not Too Sure I'm Afraid' [Rephlex]
taken from 'Analord 06' 12"
Aphex Twin 'Girl Boy (Redruth Mix)' [Warp]
taken from 'Girl/Boy' E.P
Gavin Bryars 'Raising The Titanic (Big Drum Mix)' [Warp]
taken from '26 Mixes For Cash' CD
Aphex Twin 'Beskhu3epnm' [Warp]
taken from 'Drukqs' LP
Aphex Twin 'My Saint Michel Mix+St Michaels Mount' [Warp]
taken from 'Drukqs' LP
AFX 'Backdoor.Spybooter.A' [Rephlex]
taken from 'Analord 08' 12"
AFX 'Custodian Discount' [Warp]
taken from 'Hangable Auto Bulb EP
Aphex Twin 'Meltphace 6' [Warp]
taken from 'Drukqs' LP
Aphex Twin 'Little Funny Man' [Warp]
taken from 'Come To Daddy EP'
Power Pill 'Pac-Man' [FFRR]
taken from 'Pac-Man' 12"


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Back on the 23rd October where I feel a D&B rinse coming on :D

Past Shows

The Mega Rave | Boards Of Canada Special | 28/08/08
The Mega Rave | Beautiful Days Warmup | 14/08/08
The Mega Rave | Autechre Special | 31/07/08
The Mega Rave | Random Selcta II | 03/07/08
The Mega Rave | Random Selecta | 19/06/08
The Mega Rave | Deep House Sessions | 05/06/08
The Mega Rave | Techno Sessions | 22/05/08
The Mega Rave | Drum and Bass Sessions | 08/05/08
The Mega Rave | Mash-Up Jackin Sessions | 24/04/08


Metro Boy | | Download

Metro Boy | | 14/10/08

01. Monolake 'Cern LHC' []
02. Butch 'Earth 'Doppelschicht's Flushy Excursion Remix)' [Trapez Ltd]
03. Skoozbot 'Subtension' [Plus 8 Records]
04. Benjamin Vial 'The Bass The Monkey (Metro Boy's More Monkey Mix)' [Plasmapool]
05. Alex Young 'Minimalishous' [Sleaze Records]
06. Minilogue 'Snake Charmer' [Wagon Repair]
07. Elia 'Saran Warp' [Splitsound Records]
08. Brian Sanhajo 'Cortosis (Chris Liebing Remix)' [CLR]
09. Giash and Til Yali 'My Little Lady Birds (Remix)' [SCI + TEC Digital Audio]
10. Tony Rohr 'Tre' [Drumcode]
11. Phil Kieran 'Boxes Of Black' [Flying Cabbage]
12. Alex Young 'Minimal It' [Strike Records]
13. Norman 'Ich Bin Was Ich Bin (Andromat 3000 Remix)' [Snork Enterprise]
14. Steve Mac 'Gotta Have Some Fun' [SCI + TEC Digital Audio]
15. Uto Karem 'Trentatre' [SCI + TEC Digital Audio]
16. Format B 'Edding 850' [Highgrade Records]
17. Guy J 'Mikro' [Bedrock Records]
18. Matt Nordstrom 'Lucky Drawis' [Saved Records]
19. Benjamin Vial 'Dim Light' [Plasmapool]


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Metro Boy | | Tonight 6-8pm (GMT)


It's seems like forever since I was on so I've gone off and bought a bunch new tunes for tonights little bleep fest.

Usual time and place (6-8pm (GMT) on so remember to tune in. But if you do miss the live show have no fear as the archive will be available to download on Wednesday.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aphex Twin special on the SWU Mega Rave tonight


Its been a while, maybe even a month, since I've done a show on SWU so I thought i'd continue the 'Special' series and this week its the turn of......


Ill be playing tunes from his many different guises, AFX, Q-Chastic, Polygon Window, GAK, Caustic Window etc etc from the Ambient to down right scare-core :)

So join me from 6pm till 8pm this evening on SWU Radio for 2 hours of music from the man who has been described as "the most inventive and influential figure in contemporary electronic music"

To listen to the rest of the 'Special' series so far... including, Boards of Canada and Autechre pop over to the SWU Mega Rave blog :)


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beatz and Bobz | Hyper | 03/10


Constantly at the cutting edge of dance music since the turn of the millennium, Hyper is a DJ in world-wide demand. From the Far East to Australia, across the breadth of the United States and throughout Europe, hissets are never less than perfect, blending blistering beats and ripping bass with a panache that is the envy of the dance world.

His second album SUICIDE TUESDAY is released in the summer of 2008 and marks the next stage of Hyper the band.

The album, coming out on Hyper’s KILOWATT RECORINGS label features the ever-present talents of Hyper and Jim Davies (guitar/Vox) but adds the fresh and exciting vocal talents of Axe-girl and Odessi. 5 months pre –release, the albums tracks have been heard on CSI and Ugly Betty TV shows and as of April ‘08 first single CENTRE ATTRACTION is receiving huge acclaim even before any promotional campaign begins. It’s going to be a great 18 months for the band that oozes pop sensibilities, punk energy and electronic style. Catch ‘em while you can.

Ignore all that tho as me and Lex will be djing for 3 hours this Friday... epic warm up tomfollery from us then ;)

Friday 3rd October
Beatz and Bobz
Ben & Lex
Cavern Club
9.00 -2.00
Tickets £6.00 Available From Reform Records & Online


'Mugz' Signed

Just a quick one to say that our tune 'Mugz' has been signed up by Future Perfect, release date is looking like jan/feb next year. :D :D :D

Other release news... the new APE release should be popping up in digital shops this month but I'll blog that good an proper once it is so you won't miss out. Also my 'Metro Boy' remix of Benjamin Vial has been approved by the artist and label so as soon as I get release dates for that I'll post it up here as well :D


Simian Sounds Pres... Ben and Lex | 10/10 . Falmouth


Giggety giggety goo! The mighty south west heroes that are Ben + Lex return after waaaaaaaaay to long, my fault for not booking them I know, but it's high time we put that right! Sure fire crowd pleasers, residents @ Beatz n Bobz in Exeter (the longest running breaks night in the UK) and regularly found gracing the decks all over the place including the main stage @ Glade Festival.

Friday, October 10, 2008
9:00pm - 12:45am
The Watermans, 28 Market St, Falmouth



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Metro Boy | | 23/09/08 | Download

Metro Boy | | 23/09/08

Top thumping show for you this week. Less bleep more chunk.

All the usual tracks from M_nus, Get Physical, Toolroom etc plus a worldwide exclusive play of my new remix of Benjamin Vial's 'The Bass The Monkey' tune which is forthcoming on Plasmapool.

01. Alex E Criaturas De La Noche (Rene Sandovai Remix)' [Beat Manics]
02. Brunski 'Skip Tha (SLG Remix)' [Morris Audio]
03. Kate Lawler 'Screw You' [Toolroom]
04. Leeks 'Crooked' [Freaks Culture Remix]
05. Greg Kobe 'Extravaganza (DJ Vitamin D Remix)'[Re:Cutz]
06. Benjamin Vial 'The Bass The Monkey (Metro Boy's More Monkey Mix)' [Plasmapool]
07. Marco Carola 'Swingback' [Plus 8]
08. Perc 'Serious Moonlight' [CLR]
09. Dubfire 'Roadkill' [Toolroom]
10. Marlow 'So Mellow, So Sweet' [Moon Harbour]
11. Adem Beyer 'Swedish Silver' [Drumcode]
12. DJ Simi 'Errore Di Sistema' [Sci+Tech Digital Audio]
13. Meat vs. Einzelkind 'Freebase Night @ Robert-Johnson' [Get Physical]
14. Rekorder 'Rekorder 10.1' [Rekorder]
15. Zoo Brazil 'Technik' [Gung Ho!]
16. Patrice Baumel 'Roar' [Get Physical]
17. Stephan Bodzin 'Mondfahrt' [Herzblut Recordings]
18. Gui Boratto 'Mr Decay (Robert Babicz Universum Disco Mix)' [Circle Music]
19. Series 02 'Series 02' [Series 02]
20. Lemon 8 'Model 8' [Plus 8]
21. Chris Liebing 'Puckelbop' [CLR]
22. Tadeo 'Eclipse' [Apnea]
23. Nathan Fake 'Outhouse (Valentino Kanzyani Remix)' [Recycled Loops]


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Monday, September 22, 2008

Freerange / Streetwise Music Boat Party


This Friday me and Lex will be making a quick trip down to Falmouth to get our sea legs working and our rave on :)


Drop Beats Not Bombs Birmingham


Its still a while till this event but I thought I'd give you all heads up so you can get tickets in ;)

RAVE are extremely proud to be involved with another Drop Beats Not Bombs event, as we take over the outside Railway Arch at the Rainbow Complex - half archway / half marquee hybrid arena filled to the max with top-end Soundsystem and your favourite DJs

Saturday 8th November 2008 - 9pm-6am

@ The Rainbow Public House and Yard
Rainbow Warehouse and Beach
plus Adderley Street (Road closure)
B12 0LD

Once again, Drop Beats Not Bombs will be closing off Adderley street in Digbeth to put together the latest exciting installment of Birmingham's much loved political protest party.

Taking over The Rainbow Public House and Backyard, The Rainbow Warehouse and Beach (soon to be something other than a beach actually!!), plus the full road closure of Adderly Street for an experience like no other. - Breaks Beats Bass
NAPT & MC Incyte
Tom Real
Subsource (LIVE)
Beat Assassins (4 DECKS)
Ben & Lex
Richie Balboa
RCaine & Doc Vin

Visuals by VJ Air

Essence - Drum & Bass
Vicious Circle
Universal Project
Cause For Concern
Rolz & Roscoe
TNT & Vytol
Phase 2 & Escape
Pace & Aries

Big Dirty & 2nd Drop - Dubstep
Sully Shanks
Komonasmuk + White Boi
Boogie Dave & Daddy Freddy
Adamn Noize & N4Tism
Bobby Bangerman Vs Timmy Mace

Loafers Lounge & Custom Made - Eclectic & Live
Lone (LIVE)
Biggabush (LIVE)
Laura B (LIVE)
The Shadow Orchestra (LIVE)
Manu Delago (LIVE)
The Correspondents (LIVE)
MC Xander (LIVE)
Rich Batsford (LIVE)

To keep yourself updated please sign up for the newsletter at



More Info : 07773379603

This is quite frankly going to be HUGE!!!! If your anywhere near Birmingham that weekend get your ass there