Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ben and Lex 'Exclusive' guest mix for Lady Waks


Check out our recent guest mix for 'Radio Records presents Lady Waks'

01. Ben and Lex ‘Intro’
02. Bass Nectar ‘Here We Go (Ben and Lex Edit)’
03. Stanton Warriors 'Raw Meat'
04. Jason Sparks 'Gangsters (Flores Club Remix)'
05. Uffie 'MCs Can Kiss (Far Too Loud Refix)'
06. Foamo 'Movin It Over Here (Will Bailey Simma Remix)'
07. 601 'Shifter (Breaks Version)'
08. Shy Fx ft Kano, Donae'o and Roses Gabor 'Raver (MJ Cole Remix)'
09. Splitloop ft RoxXxanne 'Badman'
10. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool 'Dance The Way I Feel (Krafty Kuts vs Armand Van Helden)'
11. Big Daddy Kane 'Raw (Stanton Warriors Mix)'
12. Hardfloor vs Elite Force 'Hard Flaw Acperience 2010 (Elite Force Revamp)'
13. Herve 'Hot Drum Attack'
14. Pyramid 'Trouble'
15. The Freestylers 'Say Yes'
16. Bassnectar 'Wildstyle Method'
17. Sinden and The Count 'Hardcore Girls (Project Bassline Remix)'
18. Rico Tubbs 'The Party (Splitloop Remix)'
19. Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner 'Animal Rights (Bridee Retweet)'
20. Virus Syndicate 'Bust The One'
21. Foamo 'Centavo (Warrior One Remix)'
22. Ninjinskis 'Feelin Kinda Dementia' [CDR]
23. Cee Lo Freen 'FU (NAPT Remix)'
24. Ben and Lex 'Makaton (2010 VIP)'
25. Crookers 'Cooler Coulear (AC Slater Remix)'
26. Noisia 'Alpha Centaru (Excision and Datsik Remix)'
27. The Freestylers vs CTRL Z ft Navigator 'Ruffneck 09'
28. Atomic Hooligan 'Is It Real (Pyramid Remix)'
29. Redlight 'Feel So Good (Wine Up Yr Body)'

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

DJ Yoda Is AWESOME!!!!

 Lex and I had the pleasure of warming up for DJ Yoda last night in Exeter for his 'Stop, Look and Listen' Tour and even though I have seen Yoda a whole bunch of times last night was next level.

I filmed a bunch of it, annoyingly not on my flip just on my camera so the quality is a bit poor.

Now to sort out some CD's as were doing it all again in Plymouth tonight and this time I'll remember to pack my flip ;)


Friday, November 19, 2010

Plastikman Special | SWU Mega Rave | 18/11/10



01. Plastikman 'Mind In Rewind' [Taken from the Closer LP]
02. Plastikman 'Disconnect' [Taken from the Closer LP]
03. Plastikman 'Ovokx' [Taken from the Sheet One LP]
04. Plastikman 'Panikattack' [Taken from the Sickness EP]
05. Plastikman 'Konstant' [Taken from the Kontakt EP]
06. Plastikman 'Ask Yourself' [Taken from the Closer LP]
07. Plastikman 'Rekall' [Taken from the Artefakts [BC] LP]
08. Plastikman 'Goo' [Taken from the Musik LP]
09. Plastikman 'Fuk' [Taken from the Musik LP]
10. Plastikman 'Locomotion' [Taken from the Consumed LP]
11. Plastikman 'Consume' [Taken from the Consumed LP]
12. Plastikman 'Passage (in)' [Taken from the Consumed LP]
13. Plastikman 'Korridor' [Taken from the Artefakts [BC] LP]
14. Plastikman 'Panikattack (Second Attack Remix)' [Taken from the Nostalgik.3 EP]
15. Plastikman 'Consumed' [Taken from the Consumed LP]
16. Plastikman 'Helikopter' [Taken from the Sheet One LP]
17. Plastikman 'PK Ambient' [Taken from the PK EP]
18. Plastikman 'Smak' [Taken from the Sheet One LP]

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DJ Yoda Devon Double

Over the next two nights me and Lex will be dropping some beat as we are warming up for the man like DJ Yoda as hes tours the South West with his new 'Stop, Look and Listen' tour. If its anything like last time he came to the area its going to be a road block!!!

If you have never heard of DJ Yoda before this is what you can expect...

This hip hop turntablist utilises obscure samples to create a unique, cartoony style. Renowned for his mix tapes and CDs plus his prowess on the decks as a scratch DJ, he has been described as ‘DJ Shadow with a sense of humour’.

Friday | The Phoenix, Exeter

Saturday | The White Rabbit , Plymouth


You Can Keep Your Black-Ops!!!


Bored the other night I was browsing through the Xbox Market place where I discovered DOOM Freaking II!!!! How could I of missed this, I love Doom. I've been playing the original since the dawn of time on my very first PC bought from the Computer Shopper Show in London many moons ago.

Bought it, Downloaded it, Played it and its awesome.

Behold the might of Doom II

If any of my Xbox friends wants to get it as well we can deathmatch haha :)

Doom II on Xbox Market Place


Thursday, November 18, 2010

601 'White Off' [APEM023] OUT NOW!!!


601 'White Off' [APEM023] by apemusic

Out now exclusive to Beatport

For our next release we at Ape Towers are very pleased to welcome back the northern monkeys branch of the Ape fam, the mighty 601!

Fresh from the start of their new label 'We do Bass' the boys have brought the Ape some proper badass bass heavy breaks action to our doorstep and we are so nice that here it is for you too!!

'White Off' does exactly what it says on the tin. Tried and tested this summer it does indeed make any club, go 'White off PROPA'!!!

Badboy jungle drums get things going followed by a drop into some bowel-shaking poo -making bass that will mash ya swede from the inside. The immortal title hook line by someone 'so cockney it hurts' leads you into sweet ass dubstep basses, mental edits and old skool vocal synths make this a non stop rollercoaster of a dancefloor KILLER!!

The EP is rounded off by 2 remixes that were due to be on the fellas LP, Dirty North's remix album but never found their way to see the light of day and we at Ape and the 601 thought that was a damn shame, so here there are especially for you (as Kylie and Jason would say)

First up the nutbag Wrongstars take 'Punch The Clown' and twist it into a 'woo yeah' bass driven relentless stomper with some wicked old skool treats in store.

Next up Ape head honchos Ben & Lex take on the Aretha monster 'RKSTDY' and turn in a straight up rolling breakbeat banger for the party crew and no mistake!!

Ladies & Gentle folk, we invite you to go 'WHITE OFF PROPA innit bredblud bruvva n ting !!!


The Complete SWU Radio 'Full Cycle Record' Lessons


I thought seeing as these sessions were so spread apart that I'll do one post with them all in... so here it is the complete SWU Radio 'Full Cycle Record' lessons.

Full Cycle History Lesson Part 1 - 1995-1998

01. DJ Die and Roni Size '11:55 (Gangsta Mix)' [FCY 001]
02. Roni Size 'Daylight' [FCY 002]
03. DJ Krust 'Touch' [FCY 002]
04. DJ Krust 'Quiz Show' [FCY 003]
05. DJ Krust 'Future Talk' [FCY 003]
06. DJ Die 'Nasty' [FCY 004]
07. Bill Riley 'Future Funk' [FCY 005]
08. Bill Riley 'The Chill' [FCY 005]
09. DJ Die 'Live and Direct' [FCY 006]
10. DJ Die 'Hydroponics' [FCY 006]
11. DJ Krust 'Memories' [FCY 007]
12. Scorpio 'Mellow Song' [FCY 008]
13. Roni Size 'Secrets' [FCY 009]
14. DJ Die 'Reincarnations' [FCY 010]
15. DJ Die 'Stoned Groove' [FCY 010]
16. DJ Krust 'Breaking Point' [FCY 011]
17. J-raq 'Digitize' [FCY 012]
18. DJ Die 'Reincarnation (The Remix)' [FCY 013]
19. DJ Krust 'Soul In Motion' [FCY 014]
20. Suv 'Everybody Plays The Same' [FCY 015]

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Full Cycle History Lesson Part 2 - 1998-2001

01. Die and Suv 'Mankind' [FCY 016]
02. J Raq 'Waiting For The Bass' [FCY 017]
03. Die and Suv 'Music First' [FCY 016]
04. Bill Riley 'Closing In' [FCY 018]
05. Die 'Clear Skyz' [FCY 019]
06. Roni Size '26 Bass' [FCY 020]
07. Die 'Reminisce' [FCY 019]
08. Die 'Drop Bear' [FCY 021]
09. D Product 'Space Horn' [FCY 022]
10. Die 'Poison Ivy' [FCY 021]
11. Krust 'Break Ya neck' [FCY 023]
12. Suv 'Parklands' [FCY 024]
13. Die 'Running Out' [FCY 025]
14. Suv 'Dark Angel' [FCY 024]
15. Die 'Jitta Bug' [FCY 025]
16. Suv 'Rip Curl' [FCY 026]
17. Roni Size 'On Point' [FCY 027]
18. Reel Time 'Mine' [FCY 026]
19. Krust 'Kloakin Device (Vocal Mix)' [FCY 028]
20. Suv 'Continuum' [FCY 029]
21. D Product 'Written Off' [FCY 030]
22. Suv ft Marta 'Alfombra Magica' [FCY 029]
23. D Product 'Telemetry' [FCY 030]
24. Surge 'Working Out' [FCY 031]
25. Surge ft Mel 'Set It Up' [FCY 031]
26. Surge 'Soul Searching' [FCY 031]
27. Surge ft Mel 'Studio Abuse' [FCY 031]

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Full Cycle History Session Part 3 - 2001-2003

01. Die 'Roller Ball' [FCY 032]
02. Die 'Synthetix' [FCY 032]
03. Die 'Stop' [FCY 032]
04. Die 'To Step' [FCY 032]
05. Roni Size 'Snapshot 3' [FCY 033]
06. Roni Size 'Snapshot (Krust's The Last Break Remix)' [FCY 034]
07. I Kamanchi 'Hey DJ' [FCY 035]
08. D Product 'Crimes Against Technology' [FCY 037]
09. Surge 'Sunrize' [FCY 040]
10. Krust 'Kloakin' King' [FCY 041]
11. Tali 'Lyric On My Lip' [FCY 042]
12. D Product' Running Scared' [FCY 043]
13. Roni Size 'Sound Advice' [FCY 044]
14. Roni Size 'Playtime' [FCY 045]
15. Roni Size 'Scrambled Egg' [FCY 046]
16. Reeltime 'Essential' [FCY 047]
17. Roni Size 'Move Up' [FCY 048]
18. I Kamanchi 'Disaster Must Fall' [FCY 049]
19. Various 'Full Cycle Mega Mix Part 1' [FCY 050]
20. Clipz 'Sound Boy' [FCY 051]
21. I Kamanchi 'Soul Beat Calling' [FCY 052]
22. I Kamanchi 'Ultimate' [FCY 053]
22. Roni Size 'Siren Sounds (Ray Keith Remix)' [FCY 054]
23. Tali 'Lyric On My Lip (Markey and XRS Mix)' [FCY 055]
24. Roni Size 'Forget me Knots (Bailey Remix)' [FCY 056]
25. Die '100 Miles and Runnin' [FCY 057]
26. I Kamanchi 'Movin Fast' [FCY 058]
27. Tali 'Blazin' (Dillinja Remix)' [FCY 059X]
28. Tali 'Gonna Catch Ya' [FCY 059Y]
29. Third Face 'Read You My Soul' [FCY 038]

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Full Cycle History Lesson Part 4 - 2003-2007

01. 3 Way 'Appreciation' [FCY 060]
02. Tali 'High Hopes (All Over Now)' [FCY 061]
03. Clipz 'Trumpet' [FCY 062]
04. Clipz 'Saigonkiller' [FCY 063]
05. Clipz ft MC Sweetpea 'Jiggy' [FCY 064]
06. Tali 'Lyric On My Lip (Krust and Clipz Remix)' [FCY 065X]
07. Tali 'Lyric On My Lip (Markey Remix)' [FCY 065Y]
08. D Product 'Made The Switch' [FCY 066]
09. Surge and Clipz 'Anything For Know' [FCY 067]
10. Die and Clipz 'Monorail (We Got The Funk)' [FCY 068]
11. Tali 'Airport Lounge (Artificial Intelligence Remix)' [FCY 069]
12. Krust 'Paper Monster' [FCY 070]
13. Clipz 'Funk Physics VIP' [FCY 072]
14. DJ Surge 'Chess Boxing' [FCY 073]
15. Photek and Die ft Hollie G 'Thunder' [FCY 074]
16. Clipz 'Nasty Breaks' [FCY 075]
17. Krust 'Malice' [FCY 076]
18. Die and Clipz 'Channel Rock' [FCY 077]
19. Krust and Die 'It's A Trap (Clipz Remix)' [FCY 078]
20. Clipz ft Hollie G 'Test' [FCY 079]
21. Roni Size and Die 'Flip Da Script' [FCY 080]
22. Clipz 'Hold Tight' [FCY 081]
23. Clipz ft MC Dynamite 'Start The Car' [FCY 082]
24. Clipz 'Thinking Forward' [FCY 083]
25. D Product 'Mandolin' [FCY 085]
26. Roni Size 'Bite The Bullet' [FCY 086]
27. Die and Clipz 'Good Old Days' [FCY 087]
28. DJ Krust 'Belief System' [FCY 088]
29. Clipz ft MC Sweetpea 'Smash' [FCY 089]
30. Die and Clipz 'Number 1' [FCY 090]
31. Agent Alvin 'Pick Me Up' [FCY 091]
32. Die and Clipz 'Work It Out (Dub)' [FCY 092]
33. Heist 'Jazz Time' [FCY 093]

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kidd Linus and DJ Lexani Guest Mixes | Beatz and Bobz Show | DOWNLOAD


Double guest mix whammy on this weeks Beatz and Bobz Show. First up all the way from Baltimore we have Kidd Linus who drops one hell of a party rocking set and continuing or In Beat We Trust Sessions we have the excellent DJ Lexani taking over the second half.

Kidd Linus

Scratchin', Breakin', Rappin'. Kidd Linus will stop at nothin' to get the crowd jumpin'. Emerging from the east coast as one of Baltimore's best kept secrets, this 12 year veteran has played along side some of the industries finest such as Richard Vission, Bad Boy Bill, Andy C. & Rabbit In The Moon just to name a few. In 2000 Kidd Linus teamed up with Bassbin Twins and toured the states as lead MC, B-boy, & DJ for the live show. Kidd Linus continued to tour under the Bassbin moniker until the end of 2003.

DJ Lexani

Despite his humble and modest persona DJ Lexani can bravely claim to be a most upstanding DJ with his sunny personality moving even the most stubborn of dancefloor hearts and minds. Being the resident of Russia's most popular breaks promo group Lexani is always striving for the next level and focusing on perfecting his art as a skilled dj practitioner from the East. Having started off his career in his homeland Russia his admirable talents now see him frequent night spots around the world with his highly anticipated and captivating sets always gathering new fans. As well as rocking these crowds on a regular basis he helps with the smooth running and organisation of the epic Breaks Arena festival and is also regularly found hosting the In Beat We Trust parties at the world famous Kazantip festival. Once you check him out, you too will not be sorry to witness the unique atmosphere he always manages to create with his magnificent sets!


01. 601 'White Off' [APE Music]
02. The Freestylers 'Say Yes' [Freestylers Records]

/* Kidd Linus Guest Mix */

03. Kidd Intro Vox 1
04. Nick Thayer 'Ten Acre Dust'
05. Tim Healy and Deekline 'The Mexican (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)'
06. Flore ft. MC. Chickaboo 'Do It (DJ Version)'
07. Flore ft. Shunda K 'Feel Me (Peo De Pitte Remix)'
08. Boomrock Saints ft. Syd Grys 'Who Are You (Kidd Linus Lyrical Assassin Remix)
09. Gella Feat MC $pyda 'Twinkle (Pyramid's 'Stop The Talking' Remix)'
10. NAPT ft. Louise Marshall 'Make My Day'
11. Atomic Hooligan 'Smoke and Mirrors (Ben and Lex Remix)'
12. Double 99 'RIP Groove (Run Riot Remix)'
13. Loops Of Fury 'Flick A Switch (DJ Dan and Mike Balance Remix)'
14. Figure 'Lover Of The Broken'
15. Atomic Hooligan 'Is It Real'
16. Sliploop 'Electricity'
17. Tim Healy 'Ghetto Blaster (Krafty Kuts Remix)'
18. Where's Huey Ft. Andrea Britton 'Stay'

19. Shy Fx ft Kano, Donaeo and Roses Gabor 'Raver (MJ Cole Remix)'

/* In Beat We Trust Sessions | DJ Lexani Guest Mix */

20. Hardy Hard ft. Africa Islam 'Laptopsneak'
21. Kid Kenobi, Mc Shurechock 'Safe Sound (RackNRuin Remix)'
22. Defkline and Red Polo 'As We Enter'
23. Double C feat. Blizz 'Back It Up (Dustin Hulton Mix)'
24. Baymont Bross and Mutant Breakz ft. MC Bestbasstard 'Drop The Bass (Original Mix)'
25. Stanton Warriors ft. Too Short 'Raw Meat'
26. Lady Waks and Golitcin ft. Valerie M, Pro-Zeiko, Shiftee, Scratchbusters 'Shake It Down (Baymont Bross Remix)'
27. Kultur Colombo 'Stronger To My Beat'
28. Man Like Me 'London Town (Foamo Remix) Deekline and Dustin Hulton Breaks Edit'
29. Daft Punk 'Too Long (NAPT N-Funk Remix)'
30. Skibadee, Tony Anthem, Axl Ender, Darry Dee 'Life (Specimen A Remix)'
31. Deekline and Wizard, DJ Assault 'Night Moves (Original Miami Bass Mix)'
32. HeavyFeet, Serocee 'Parking Meter (Club Mix)'
33. Shaolin 'We Get's Down (Breaks Mix)'
34. Freestylers ft. Belle Humble 'Cracks (Ctrl-Z Remix)'

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

601 | APE Music Podcast #15


601 wheel up the heavy block party slammers for this month APE Music podcast featuring the 2 tracks from their forthcoming 'White Off' ep on APE Music.


01. Home Alone 'Chameleons (601 Remix)' [Big Square]
02. Red Light 'What You Talking About (Roska Remix)' [MTA]
03. Jason Sparks 'Gangsters (Flores Club Mix)' [Botchit and Scarper]
04. Pyramid 'Trouble (Others Dub Mix)' [Funkatech]
05. High Rankin 'Don't Act Like A Rude Boy When Your Daddy's Got A Yacht' [Suicide Dub]
06. 601 'White Off' [APE Music]
07. Gunjack 'Murda' [Consume]
08. Ramadanman 'Work Them' [Swamp 81]
09. Dreadzone 'Yeah Man (Warrior One Mix)' [Dubwiser]
10. Marco del Horno vs Swerve 'Ho! Riddim' [Black Butter]
11. 601 'Shifter (Bass Version)' [We Do Bass]
12. Ill Blu 'Bellion' [Hyperdub]
13. Nas and Damian Marley 'As We Enter (Foamo Remix)' [CDR]
14. 601 'Punch The Clown (Wrongstars Remix)' [APE Music]
15. Santero ft Credit To The Nation 'Drop The Bomb' [Sugarbeat]
16. Droptop 'Machete' [Suicide Dub]
17. Parker Vs Black Sabbath 'Ironmandem' [CDR]

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Life Support Machine Podcast #5 – Ben & Lex


Our exclusive podcast mix for Life Support Machine is now available to download :)

At Life Support Machine, we love broken things. Breaks, bruises and bassline fractures are among our middle names, alongside wonk, wobble and Geoff. It is therefore with huge pleasure and immense pain that we reveal the first of our guest podcasts. It’s none other than wonky-funk maestros, Ben & Lex, who have cut, scratched and amputated an all out turntable assault exclusively for Life Support Machine podcast subscribers!

Hold on to your hats, your boots and your motor homes, Ben & Lex are are in the ward!

Ben & Lex Present... Life Support Machine Podcast #5 by lifesupportmachine.co.uk

Download all the latest episodes with iTunes and hook yourself up for audio intensive care.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Weatherall Special Part 2 | SWU Mega Rave | 04/11/10


If part 1 of this mix left you any doubt that Andrew Weatherall's remixing career was overloaded with stone cold classics, watch those doubts get trampled into the dirt as part 2 looms over the horizon. From Boys Own days to brand spanking newness, from underground industrialists like Meat Beat Manifesto and Scorn to mainstream mavericks the Manic Street Preachers and Chemical (née Dust) Brothers, and from shadowy darkness to blazing bliss, get ready to witness a maestro at the top of his game for two full decades...

01. Sabres of Paradise 'Haunted Dancefloor'
02. Sabres of Paradise 'Smokebelch 2 (David Holmes mix)'
03. The Future Sound of London 'Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall mix)'
04. Sabres of Paradise 'The Theme'
05. Meat Beat Manifesto 'Psyche Out (Sex skank stripdown)'
06. Scorn 'Exodus (Sabres of Paradise mix)'
07. The Grid 'Flotation (Sonic swing mix)'
08. Radikal Majik 'Spread the Hot Potato (Andrew Weatherall mix)'
09. Detachments 'H.A.L (Andrew Weatherall disco dub mix)'
10. Manic Street Preachers 'Peeled Apples (Andrew Weatherall mix)'
11. Leftfield 'Open Up (Sabres of Paradise mix)'
12. Stereo Mcs 'Deep Down and Dirty (Two Lone Swordsmen mix)'
13. The Dust Brothers 'Song of the Siren (Sabres of Paradise mix)'
14. Battant 'Kevin (Andrew Weatherall Stadium Dub)'
15. Andrew Weatherall 'Feathers'
16. Peace Together 'Be Still (Andrew Weatherall mix)'
17. Primal Scream 'Come Together'

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Ventures... Gak Design


Since I left my last job way back at the start of the summer I have been setting up my own Web Design agency, Gak Design.

We specialise in web design and WordPress development. With this we can design and host a brand new wesbite for you as well as register your domain and do the inital search engine optimisation on your site to get you started. We can also help you with your email campaigns and print design needs all to a high standard at an affordable price.

So far its been going very well, got a good bunch of core clients and I seem to be getting new clients all the time so fingers crossed this could all work out for the best :)

So if you or anyone you know needs a website or any help setting up a website etc then please send them over to me at Gak Design


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lady Waks Guest Mix | The Beatz and Bobz Show | 01/11/10


We have a very special November lined up for you on the Beatz and Bobz show as we have linked up with In Beat We Trust to bring you 3 guest mixes, one each show, from their highly talented residents. Plus we have the EXCLUSIVE first play of Dub Pistols 'Soldiers (Ben and Lex Remix)' which is forthcoming on Sunday Best.

First up on the guest mix form 'In Beat We Trust' we have the Lady Waks

"Lady Waks is a one woman industry. Promoter, Producer (best breakthrough producer, Breakspoll 2009), DJ (nominated Best Breakthrough DJ at Breakspoll awards 09, best international act SBA 09), Pioneering Graffiti Artist, Designer & Label owner. She is an all round modern media phenomenon. Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, Waks has been pushing her ideologies in music for a decade."

Ben & Lex

01. Dub Pistols 'Soldiers (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Sunday Best]
02. Hedflux 'Revolve' [Broken Robot]
03. Benjamin Vial 'Empire (Vandal Remix)' [APE]
04. Special A 'Apache (A Dominant Species Remix)' [STFU]
05. High Rankin 'Don't Carry On Like A Rude Boy When Daddys Got A Yacht' [Suicide Dub]
06. Bassbin Twins '001' [CDR]
07. Ben and Lex 'Rolla' [APE]
08. Mike Hulme 'Sweet Inspiration' [UA]
09. Atomic Hooligan 'Is It Real (Pyramid Remix)' [Functional]
10. Cakeboy 'Blues Baker' [Embeats]
11. Top Of The Jam 'Autoerotique (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)' [CDR]
12. Ben and Lex 'Damage' [APE]
13. Pyramid 'Gunman' [CDR]
14. Cutline 'Let Me Go' [Not Safe For Work]

Lady Waks

*Sadly we have no tracklisting for this :(

15. Magnetic Men ft Angela Hunte 'I Need Air' [Sony]

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As we continue the 'In Beat We Trust Sessions' dont miss out on the next show, on the 15th November, where we have a guest mix from Lexani and on the 29th November Quest drops us the guest mix

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