Monday, April 30, 2007

A Few Changes

Just re-designing the look of this site. So if it goes all wrong, bare with me and it will be all back to good working order very soon.


NSB Radio Show / Guest Mix / Competition

Me and Lexy have the 5th Monday this month so we've got something special lined up for our radio show, The Beatz & Bobz Show.

We are very happy to announce that not only have we got a guest mix from Jay Stewart / Refunk (Menu Music / Re:Connect) but were also giving away 2 VIP tickets (worth £25 each) for Breakin' Ground on Friday May 4th

BREAKING GROUND FRIDAY 4TH MAY @ SeOne Club, Weston Street, London Bridge

Main Room: Hybrid / TC Evolution (live) / Elite Force / Tayo / Precision Cuts (live) / K-Swing /
BASSLINE ARENA: Dillinja / Sub Focus / Chase & Status / Noisia / The Qemists / Hosted by MC Rage
BOOTIE BREAKS ARENA: Matt Cantor (Freestylers) / Eddy Temple-Morris / DJ Deekline / Skool Of Thought / Coburn /
VIP ROOM: Hosted by DJ Magazine /

Info go to

All this and more, on the Beatz & Bobz Show with Ben & Lex on on Monday 30th April 9-11pm GMT


Plump DJs

What can I say about Saturday night's mega rave other then it was easily the greatest Beatz & Bobz this year, the Plump DJs totally rocked the Phoenix. Me, Lex and Gilly did a fine job with the warm up but the night was totally owned by the Plumps, even a technical fault at the start of there set didn't stop them from tearing Exeter a new arse.

Big shouts to everyone who made it down, every one I spoke to, and a big hello to Able and Jem for the funk in the bar.

I've got a whole bunch of photos and a video to edit, so I'll get these all up online later this week.

Don't forget me and Lex are supporting Merka and Paul Arnold this Friday at the Cavern for another Beatz & Bobz night.


Finished AT-AT

While everyone else was out side enjoying the sunshine on Saturday I spent the day huddled over the table making the AT-AT.

As you can see its finally finished and looks awesome.

Even Becky, who usually rolls her eyes at my geeky ways, was impressed with this one.

I'm thinking of making the 'Falcon' next and then I'll start designing the Cut-out Ben & Lex's.


Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Freestylers Fun

Ah Friday, easily the best day of the week. And to get through it just that little bit quicker I thought I'd link up the 1998 Essential Mix from The Freestlers.

Bleaden - "Hitchhikers Guide" (Original)
Beenie Man - "Who Am I" (Greensleeves)
Danny Reo - "Room Wize" (Columbia)
Ninja Man/Flourgen - "Zip It Up" (Sure Delight)
Freestylers - "B-Boy Stance" (Freekanova)
Budbrothers - "Do You Wanna" (white label)
Funkzm - "Boogie Butt Sounds" (Reel Vybe)
Eric B And Rakim - "Juice" (Soul/MCA)
Bowser - "I Need More Time" (Freekanova)
Whodini - "Magic's Wand" (white label)
Cut And Paste - "Let's Go Disco" (white label)
artist unknown - "Funky 4 U" (white label)
artist unknown - "Petal" (Indolent)
Bowser - "Operation Hardheat" (Freekanova)
Damage Control - "Da Pumped Up Phunk" (Afro Wax)
Double G - "untitled" (white label)
Pick 'N' Mixed - "Twisted Ska" (white label)
artist unknown - "El Magnfioo" (white label)
Soul Hooligan - "Sweet Pea" (Freekanova)
Wil Shaker - "Made Up Of This And That" (Sophisticuts)
Star And Garter - "Blimey" (Easy DB)
Freestylers - "Drop Tha Boom" (Scratch City)
Freestylers - "Don't Stop The Rock" (Music Specialists)
Freestylers - "Don't Stop" (Scratch City)
Information Society - "Running" (Tommy Boy)
Bowser - "Let Ya Body Funk" (Freekanova)
DJ Funk Roc - "My Beat Box" (white label)
Isunamioe - "Number 43 With" (Fuel)
Freestylers - "Spaced Invader" (Freekanova)
Freestylers - "Check Da Ski" (Freekanova)
The Fall - "Masquerade" (white label)
DJ Poout - "Let The Bass Mix" (white label)
Dance Conspiracy - "Dub War" (Matamorhasis)
Genuwn - "Holler" (white label)
John Williams - "Throne Room From Star Wars" (20th Century)
Public Enemy - "Bring The Noise" (Def Jam)
Chemical Brothers - "Leave Home" (Virgin)
Blapps - "Don't Hold Back" (Tribal Bass)
Godeoo - "Birth Of The Odessy" (BBC)


Viva La Big Beat!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Beautiful Days

It's going to be a summer of festivals again. Not only are Lex and I playing at 2 major festivals this summer but I've just been told we will also be returning to Beautiful Days, easily one of the best festivals I've ever been to.

By the rough line up they've got on the web site it looks like we will be playing with Rennie Pilgrem, Hybrid and The Groove Diggerz, plus a whole host of local DJs.

Best get my tent out soon to make sure its not all mouldy from last year.


Paper Ben & Lex

I've totally gotten into making Paper Toys at the moment and last night while making a few more I had an awesome idea.

I'm basically going to design little Ben & Lex cut out toys with record boxes and decks etc. I'll make these available for everyone to download, once I've designed them.

But I was also thinking that i could tie this up with some sort of competition along the lines of 'Whats The Strangest Place You Can Photograph Cut Out Ben & Lex's' or something. To be honest I haven't totally worked this out yet as I've been taken over by making these paper toys, but thats the general idea of it anyways.




I can't wait to get to grips with this as AT-AT's are possible the greatest vehicle that has ever come out of Star Wars.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Paper Robots

Stayed up late last night waiting for Becky to come home from Gymnastics, and so to amuse myslef I made a couple more paper robots from Readymech.

The cats have had a great time playing with thus one.

I promise I'll tackle Boba Fett soon.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Paper Robot

Now I know I said I was going to make the Cut Out Boba Fett over the weekend, but after looking at all the fiddly little parts I thought I'd warm myself up before I tackled it.

So this evening I've made this little robot...

Theres a whole host of other cool robots to make at Readymechs, I'll have a go at Boba Fett later on this week, hopefully.


New Trainers

Finally found some trainers I like this evening. Funnily enough there the same as my old ones but totally black.

Plus I'm in need of some new trousers so I picked these up as well.

Hopefully they will arrive by Saturday I desperately need the trainers for the Beatz & Bobz 'Plump DJs' gig.


Cheeky Sneaky Promos

Get in quick as these won't be up for long.

APEM006 - Ben & Lex / Will White 'Get On It (Plaza De Funk) / Wait A Minute (Groove Diggerz)'


Monday, April 23, 2007

New T-Shirt

Hmm I seem to be unable to find any decent trainers online to buy, so instead I've just ordered a new t-shirt from Funkrush. I usually get my T-Shirts from Threadless but lately nothings grabbed my attention.

Plus this one is one sale so its only £10. Bargin. Hopefully tho I'll be able to find some trainers online tomorrow.


Jurassic Coast

Just been going over a few of the photos I took from the weekend of the Jurassic Coast and I'm amazed at how beautiful, almost alien, it all is.


Aeon Festival - Tickets on sale

This years Aeon Festival is shaping up very nicely indeed. James Gill from Beatz & Bobz is running the JamTheChannel stage and this year me and Lex have been asked to play on the Saturday night.

The line up for the Saturday is....

15.15-16.00 - Soundhacker
16.00-17.00 - Astronaut
17.00-18.00 - Dave Goebel
18.00-19.00 - The Thujones
19.00-20.00 - Submotion
20.00-21.00 - Squeeze
21.00-22.00 - SoundCheck DJ's / Sheps & Dan
22.00-23.00 - Ben & Lex
23.00-12.30 - Nonom
12.30-02.00 - JamTheChannel / James Gill, Laughinboy & DJJD

The Aeon Festival takes place from the 24th to the 26th August 2007, and is held at Ullacombe Organic Farm near Haytor, on Dartmoor - one of Devon's most popular visitor spots, a stunning location.

The festival organisers are hoping for a "laid back bohemian feel to the event, in the spirit of all the original festivals before commercialism prevailed."

To avoid the stress of queuing, the organisers have set up a communal barbecue and picnic areas under gazebos. The organic farm shop will be open and people will be able to bring their own food and drink.

Camping and parking is included in the ticket price but weekend passes are available to those who don't want to camp.

Tickets are £20 plus a small booking fee. For more information and ticket details check out there website or there myspace page.


My Pink Sock

We'll the new release on functional is doing very well indeed and every time we've dropped it out it totally rocks the dance floor. In fact when Lex played the DJ Quest remix on Friday @ Herbal my legs were wobbling due to the insane amounts off bass.

So it cheered me up when i was sent this today...

It's a much better reason for the name of the tune then the actual reason, i'll leave you to find out that one. But let's just say it isn't pretty and we have Jay Cunning to thank for it.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Goldie Essential Mix


I can't stop playing this. It is without a doubt the best Essential mix so far this year. Proper old skool sounding Metalheadz goodness.

1. ‘Monkey Boy (G Dub RMX)’ Rufige Kru (Metalheadz)
2. ‘Fly Away’ Dillinja (Dubplate)
3. ‘Be True’ Commix (Metalheadz)
4. ‘Cool & Deadly’ Digital & Lutin (Funktion)
5. ‘Untitled’ Photek (White Label)
6. ‘Diablo’ Kiat (Rufige)
7. ‘Drumz 9507′ Doc Scott (31/Metalheadz)
8. ‘Strictly’ Commix (Metalheadz)
9. ‘Malice In Wonderland’ Rufige Kru (Metalheadz)
10. ‘Gatecrasher’ Amit (Metalheadz)
11. ‘Infamous’ Rufige Kru (Metalheadz)
12. ‘Scar’ Rufige Kru (Metalheadz)
13. ‘Grouper’ Rufige Kru (Metalheadz)
14. ‘Everglade’ Sabre & Alix Perez (Metalheadz)
15. ‘Is This Real’ Rufige Kru (Exit)
16. ‘Ever Wanted’ Rufige Kru (Metalheadz)
17. ‘To Shape The Future Remix’ Optical (Metalheadz)
18. ‘Digital Warrior’ Rufige Kru (Metalheadz)
19. ‘Wax’d RMX’ D Kay (Metalheadz)
20. ‘Combination Style’ Break (Metalheadz)
21. ‘No Smoke’ Vapour (Rufige)
22. ‘Ladies Night VIP’ Cease & Demo (Human)
23. ‘Sattelite Type 2′ Commix (Metalheadz)
24. ‘Space Funk Rufige Kru (Dubplate)
25. ‘Warrior Jazz’ Dillinja (Metalheadz)
26. ‘Chainsaw’ Lemon D (Metalheadz)
27. ‘Unofficial Ghost’ Doc Scott (Metalheadz)
28. ‘Paris’ Rufige Kru (Metalheadz)



Day Out

After doing pretty much nothing yesterday I decided to take Becky, my fiance, out for a Sunday walk and we choose to do the Exmouth/Sandy Bay/Budleigh Salterton coastal walk.

To be honest it wasn't the nicest weather but we asked the 'Magic 8 Ball' if we should still go ahead and it said 'Yes'. I've decided to let the 'Magic 8 Ball' do lots of my decision making for a while as so far its seems to be doing alright.

One thing i have now realised is that this week I need to buy some new trainers...

As you can see these are now very wet and full of sand.

Anyways the walk was lovely and the sun popped out for a bit when we walked along Sandy Bay and we had a quick ice cream in Exmouth before we headed back home, so over all it was a very relaxing afternoon out.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

So Sleepy

Phew made it back from London at 5am, got 3 hours sleep and I'm awake again... Hurrah.

Hats off to Stir tho they sure know how to put on a phat event. The breaks room was rammed after we only played one tune so our chilled warm up set went out the window, and we pretty much just banged it out and got the place jumping.

Only stayed for General Midi's set after ours which was brilliant as always, wish i could of stayed for Elite Force's set as that would of been amazing, but alas me and Lex had to drive back to Exeter.

Well worth the journey up tho as we've, fingers crossed (as its 100% confirmed yet), sorted out a monthly residency with the NSBradio parties at Herbal, plus at the end of next month we will be having a guest mix featured on the Rennie Pilgrem show on Galaxy FM., and finally we've been asked to play at a super hush hush party in London on the 25th May (more info on this one as and when).

Picasa SlideshowPicasa Web AlbumsFullscreen

So 3 1/2 hours drive up, stuck in traffic at Trafalgar Square for ages, 3 hours in the club and 3 hours drive home at 5am adds up to one awesome night.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Lick The Remix

Just a quick one before I go up to London.

Got sent this picture...

haha lick the remix.


Damn Dirty Signed

Just got off the phone to Lex and he had some good news...

Following on from our remix of Dekoy & Rob Focuz's 'Chunk The Funk' for Control Breaks we've now signed a tune with them. Damn Dirty, with, fingers crossed, a Jay Stewart remix on the flip.

I'll sort out a clip of the tune later on over the weekend.


Stir @ Heaven in London

Blimey me and Lex are back in London tonight DJing at Heaven for the Glade Festival warmup Stir event. It should be an awesome night as were playing along side General Midi, Radioactive Man, Rennie Pilgrim, plus loads more. The only downer is that we have to leave early to drive all the way back to Exeter.

Also if you can't make it to London for this its being broadcast live on NSBradio from 11pm onwards. Which is just in time as were playing 11-12.

I'll be taking my new digital camera and video camera along so ill post the pictures and some edited footage of the rave over the weekend at some point.

This is going to be one hell of a long day. Plenty of coffee on the way home to keep me awake should do the trick tho.


Cut Out Boba Fett

Woah there.. This Is Awesome...

Now the instructions are all in Japanese so i havent got a clue how it make one but im going to have a damn good try over the weekend.

Head over here for Stormtroppers, Yoda and even Gundam cutouts.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Im A Winner

Yay. Just got home from work to find out I've won a competition I entered the other week. So im now the proud owner of....

The website for it is here
and the track listing looks mightily tasty...

James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli launch their new Musical Concept ; ONE+ONE. The Brand will include compilations, World Tours and a subsequent single. In an homage to Sasha & Digweed's legendary Delta Heavy tour across the States, The UK Duo will be doing a 75 date World tour. 43 of these dates will be across America for an intense leg of the tour.

1. One+One - Rover
2. Deep Dish - Stay Gold
3. Funk D'Void - To Ya Waistline
4. Crazy Penis - The Way We Swing (JZ Edit)
5. Rockers Hi-Fi - Push Push (M.A.N.D.Y.'s Pusher Remix)
6. Compuphonic - Analog Sparkles
7. Di_Indicator - Nothing Like You
8. Carl Finlow - Floating Point
9. Cobblestone Jazz - Dump Truck
10. Simon Baker - Plastik
11. Juergens - Love It
12. James Zabiela - Human (One+One Version)
13. Furry Phreaks Feat. Terra Deva - Soothe (Cyanide Ride - JZ Northern Nod Edit)
14. Fragmente - Think Of Love

1. Shane Berry - SimonSis1
2. The Fix - Being Stoopid
3. Alcatraz - Giv Me Luv
Paul Woolford Presents Bobby Peru - Erotic Discourse (JZ Erotic Luv Mash Up - Vocal Version)
4. Nic Fanciulli - Cat Out Of The Bag (Jim Rivers Cat Nap Mix)
5. Phil Kieran - Pinhole of Light
6. Workidz - Work It
7. Hi-Fi Bugs - Don't Die, Don't Kill Anyone
8. Electroliners - Ghetto Train (Original Mix)
9. R3volve - Netsplit
10. Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin
11. Nic Fanciulli - Scratch n Sniff (One+One Version)
12. ReShuffle - Internal Affairs
13. Mayday - Wiggin (Nick DK Edit)
14. One+One - No Pressure

ill let you know what its like tomorrow.


My New Camera


After a few months of not having a digital camera I've finally got a new one, a Samsung Digimax i6. Im still getting to grips with it but ill post up the best photos I take on this blog.



Ive got quite a few blogs now, all mainly to do with the music side of my life. So i thought I might as well start my own personal one.

The name 'Benny No Pals' comes from a episode of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionare' where the question was, 'Someone with out any friends' and of course 'Benny No Pals' came up :)

Anyways ill post some more random stuff up in here soon.