Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Metro Boy | | 11/11/08 | Download


2 hours of proper deep bleepy techno for you this week. Loads of new tunes plus a few oldies to get your mnml on.

I've only got one more show for this year now before has its xmas holiday so make sure you tune in on the 6th December. Ohh and if you all lucky I might even do a special little xmas podcast :)

01. Alex Piccini 'Panzer'
02. Oliver Huntemann and Dubfire 'Dois'
03. Marco Dassi 'Varese Ist Leer (Mini Cool Boys Remix)'
04. Gary Beck 'Consumed'
05. Gel Abril 'Spells Of Yoruba'
06. Paul Ritch 'Split'
07. Jhon Doe and M.N.L. 'Blue Berry (Alex Young Tuttti Fruti Remix)'
08. Luetzenkirchen 'All That Jazz (Popof Remix 01)'
09. Series 02 'Series 02'
10. Rejected 'Cliche (Polder Remix)'
11. Alex Young 'Minimalishous'
12. Skoozbot 'Lost Wages'
13. Staffan Linzatti 'Slightly Increased'
14. Perc 'Serious Moonlight'
15. Adem Beyer 'Swedish Silver'
16. Chris Liebing 'D'
17. DIM 'Sysiphos'
18. Gaiser 'Trunkated'


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