Friday, July 31, 2015

Iko & Gibb "Tracy (Slugrave Remix)" Teaser Clip


This is why all those people started going mental at Glasto

Check out the teaser clip of our forthcoming remix of Iko & Gibb’s ‘Tracy’ on tici taci.

tici taci 023 – Iko & Gibb – Tracy

August 21st 2015 release with remixes from daWad , Slugrave, and Duncan Gray

Iko & Gibb "Tracy (Slugrave Remix)" Teaser Clip

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fact Mag - The 50 best trip-hop albums of all time


Fact Mag - The 50 best trip-hop albums of all time

The long lost genre of Trip Hop gets played at lot in the early sets at the OMC alldayers and we love it. So it seems do the good folk over on as they have put together a list of the The 50 best trip-hop albums of all time!!

View the whole The 50 best trip-hop albums of all time over on

Fact Mag - The 50 best trip-hop albums of all time

Dropsteady Freddy - Secret Garden Party 2015



The OMC takeover at The Leisure Centre at this years The Secret Garden Party was mega! Thanks to everyone you came along and partied on down, all the DJs, and everyone who made it happen. Hopefully we will return next year!

All the sets were recorded and they will be uploaded during this week so 1st up we have the awesome Dropsteady Freddy dropping the classic hip hop vibes.

Dropsteady Freddy – Secret Garden Party 2015 by Old Man Corner on Mixcloud

Join us at our next OMC takeover at this years Beautiful Days festival where we will be rocking the silent disco on Saturday night till 5am!

Dropsteady Freddy - Secret Garden Party 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

IKO & GIBB "Tracy (Slugrave Remix)" - Recorded from the Beat Hotel, Glastonbury


Cheeky little teaser of us dropping our new remix of IKO & GIBB’s Tracy, out on Tici Taci, in the Beat Hotel at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Clip to follow on Soundcloud in a day or two. Released 21st August.

IKO & GIBB "Tracy (Slugrave Remix)" - Recorded from the Beat Hotel, Glastonbury

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

JABRU & TK-421 - Sub FM Exclusive Guest Mix


JABRU & TK-421 – Sub FM Exclusive Guest Mix by Foster on Mixcloud

West Country gent Jabru is rapidly becoming the connoisseur’s choice, both as DJ and producer. He’s caught the ear of Will Saul (who signed ‘Church’ exclusively to !K7 for his DJ-Kicks mix), Zed Bias (who asked to remix ‘Church’ the minute he heard it), Joker (who did likewise with his production for Joel Culpepper’s ‘Pilot Light’), Optimo’s JD Twitch (who commissioned a dub track for his Bucky Skank project), Jamie Russell (who signed an EP to Losing Suki / Hypercolour) – it goes on!

With releases already under his belt for the likes of Tom Middleton’s Sound Of The Cosmos, Futureboogie (as Bruh Jackman alongside Hackman), remixes for Crystal Fighters, Chungking, and Roots Manuva, remixes from Adesse Versions, and Hodge on Huxley’s Saints & Sonnets and his own Paradise Club label respectively, and DJ sets for Solid Steel, Hyperdub, Aus, Hyponik, and Rinse FM, Jabru has built a reputation among those who know for finessed and soulful music that packs a hefty soundsystem punch…


  1. Jose Gonzalez ‘This Is How We Walk On The Moon’

  2. Steve Cobby & Trudie Dawn Smith ‘We Start Over (Tuff City Kids Garage Dub)’

  3. Romare ‘Rainbow’

  4. Art Of Tones ‘The Rainbow Song’

  5. Dan Shake & Medlar ‘Walk’

  6. Kerri Chandler ‘Atmosphere (Kerri’s Foundation Dub)’

  7. S-Man ‘Dangerous Thoughts (Kenny Dope Remix)’

  8. Kapibara ‘Triceros’

  9. Jabru ‘Deadlock’

  10. Adesse Versions ‘Pride’

  11. Lando ‘Communication 2′

  12. Whitesquare ‘Someone Else’

  13. Joeski ‘Night Train (Jack The Drums Mix)’

  14. Troy Gunner ‘Playin’

  15. Trumpet & Badman ‘Only U’

  16. Paul Woolford ‘M.D.M.A’

JABRU & TK-421 - Sub FM Exclusive Guest Mix

Monday, July 20, 2015

Secret Garden Party Promo Mix Part 2


Secret Garden Party Promo Mix Part 2 by Slugrave on Mixcloud

Part two of our Secret Garden Party warm up promo mixes.

We slow it down and space it out on this one… early morning sun rise vibes.

Check us out at the Secret Garden Party on Sunday in the Lost Woods, plaing alongside the likes of The Orb, Way Out West, Adam Freeland and Mojo Filter.

If you go down to the woods today… you may find that lost is your new happy place. Venture beyond the trodden path and take a trip into wonderland where our mind-tingling DJs will merge and melt your boundaries, both inside and out. The space is truly alive with ancient spirits. Tap into their deep magic and watch your dreams become reality – but be careful what you wish for.


The Orb | Stimming (Live) | Adam Freeland | Monkey Safari | Throwing Snow | Fake Blood | Olaf Stuut | Applescal | Mojo Filter | TyThe | Zero 7 (DJ) | Head Gardener | Nick Warren | Jody Wisternoff | King Unique | Jimpster | Eagles & Butterflies | Be Svendsen | Holtoug | Barry Ashworth | Max Sedgley | Odjbox | Eddy Temple-Morris | Grant Lazlo | Smooth Sailing | Hungry Man vs. Harkey DJ | Dancitation | David Minns | Slugrave

More info can be found over on the Secret Garden Party website.

Secret Garden Party Promo Mix Part 2

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The OMC Secret Garden Party Takeover


The OMC Secret Garden Party Takeover

OMC continues its season of festival takeovers next week where we head over to the Secret Garden Party! The Leisure Centre crew have let us loose on the Saturday so we will be dropping classics from 90-94 from 5pm till midnight. It will be awesome and mega with a touch of rad so come on over and get loose.


Drop Steady Freddy
Richie Rundle
Benny OMC
King Farmer
Hidden Riddim

Come and enter The Leisure Centre – a hedonistic, halcyon haven where spandex-clad space cadets rub shoulders with jungle jedis, robotic ravers and disco divas…

Having commandeered Marty McFly’s DeLorean DMC-12, the LC’s crack team of Freestyle Leisure Consultants embarked on a deep exploration of the space-time continuum, trawling the parties of past, present and future in search of the ultimate vibe. Touching down with their findings in The Secret Garden Party, The Leisure Centre crew will fulfill your childhood dreams and reboot your adolescent aspirations on a joyride filled with nonstop, nostalgic nonsense.

Join us in a musical marathon driven by the beats that shaped a generation – an audio expedition through the late 20th century, where sleazy power ballads meet acid house anthems, and hip-hop hits collide with bassline bangers and jungle rollers.

Dress code: synthetic ’80s leisurewear and ’90s rave gear as standard.

More info can be found on the Facebook Event Page.

The OMC Secret Garden Party Takeover
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