Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beatz and Bobz | Hyper | 03/10


Constantly at the cutting edge of dance music since the turn of the millennium, Hyper is a DJ in world-wide demand. From the Far East to Australia, across the breadth of the United States and throughout Europe, hissets are never less than perfect, blending blistering beats and ripping bass with a panache that is the envy of the dance world.

His second album SUICIDE TUESDAY is released in the summer of 2008 and marks the next stage of Hyper the band.

The album, coming out on Hyper’s KILOWATT RECORINGS label features the ever-present talents of Hyper and Jim Davies (guitar/Vox) but adds the fresh and exciting vocal talents of Axe-girl and Odessi. 5 months pre –release, the albums tracks have been heard on CSI and Ugly Betty TV shows and as of April ‘08 first single CENTRE ATTRACTION is receiving huge acclaim even before any promotional campaign begins. It’s going to be a great 18 months for the band that oozes pop sensibilities, punk energy and electronic style. Catch ‘em while you can.

Ignore all that tho as me and Lex will be djing for 3 hours this Friday... epic warm up tomfollery from us then ;)

Friday 3rd October
Beatz and Bobz
Ben & Lex
Cavern Club
9.00 -2.00
Tickets £6.00 Available From Reform Records & Online