Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Yay the station, and more importantly our show, returns this year on 106.8 Phonic.FM broadcasting from 7am till 12am for a month from Feb 15th, and then after that the station will carry on full time after between 6 & 12 every night.

I believe our slot has changed from last year and were now on Wednesday nights from 8-10pm but it will still be the same format as ever; Me and Lex talking bollocks and playing choice tunes. In fact you can check out all of our shows from last year on my, soon to be renamed, vibraphonic blog.

Other wicked shows worth checking out include...

14.00 - 16.00 Pharma
20.00-22.00 Spider

18.00 - 20.00 Rinseout
20.00 - 22.00 Breaksphere

18.00 - 20.00 JamTheChannel

Hopefully after the four week festival shows we will return with a new day, Thursday 8-10 fingers crossed, and either fortnightly or monthly but I'll let you know as soon as anything is confirmed.



Woo hoo today is indeed a good day.

Because I'm am an Autechre uber geek I have just downloaded the Digital release and pre-ordered the vinyl and limited edition cd.

The links on the image don't work so click here for all the details and working links

*edit haha in fact the image is so small none of the info shows at all.. you'd best click the link


Metro Boy | | 29/01/08 | Archive


Back on brap again with the Metro Boy show yesterday.. 2 hours of bleep techno lushness ;)


Void Radio


Well its taken me too long to post up about this mix but after one of the funniest and probably most drunken weekends I've had in a very long time its understandable haha. BIN MAN!!!!

Anyways on Monday I guest hosted the Void Radio show on and as you can see from the track listing below it was a right mash up.

01. ??
02. A Tribe Called Quest 'I Left My Wallet in El Segundo'
03. Plaid '?'
04. Radioactiveman 'Uranium'
05. Metro Area 'Muria'
06. The Prodigy 'Charley (Trip Into Drum & Bass Version)'
07. Rob Hawk & My Soul 'So Shockin'
08. High Contrast 'Racing Green'
09. Kasabian 'Club Foot'
10. Battles 'Atlas'
11. KLF 'Pulling Out Of Ricardo & The Dusk Is Falling Fast'
12. Antichristus 'Final World War'
13. Shitmat 'More Flew ('93 Ting Mix)'
14. Billie Holiday 'Spreadin Rhythm Around (Lady Bug Vs Lady Day Remix)'
15. London Funk Allstars 'Junkies Bad Trip'
16. Portishead 'Strangers'
17. Public Enemy 'Don't Belive The Hype'
18. Beastie Boys 'Son Of Neckbone'
19. Elastica 'Stutter'
20. Charlatans 'Weirdo'
21. Blur 'Slow Down'
22. Schneider TM 'The Light 3000'
23. Plastikman 'Plasticene'
24. Jaydee 'Plastic Dreams (Laidback Luke Boot)'
25. Daft Punk 'Da Funk (Armand Van Helden's 'Ten Minutes Of Funk' Mix)'
26. Nifty 'Northern Clubz'
27. Thom Yorke 'And It Rained All Night (Burial Remix)'
28. The Body Snatchers 'Freaky Ho'
29. M.I.A. 'Paper Planes (Original Chorus Mix)'
30. Rage Against The Machine 'Killing In The Name (Sebastians Late Night Laptop Edit)'

*tracklisting is as complete as i can make it.. i think track one is boom bip but im not too sure. I was hungover ok ;)


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

South West Drum and Bass Awards


If your in the Newquay area come and check out me and Lex at this years South West Drum and Bass Awards. Exeter will be in full effect with Mr Nice, Maxxi P and all the Rinseout crew coming down for the rave.




Benny-topia is doing quite well since i created it the other week. So far I've got a population of 32 :) yay


Tuna on Kiss.FM


Hurrah, good ole Jay Cunning dropped the 601 remix of Tuna last night on

Dj Mutiny - Turning Point (Far Too Loud Remix) - Funkatech
Future Funk Squad - The Mothership - En Vision
Ben & Lex - Tuna (601 Remix) - Polar Red
Dopamine - Brave New World - Title Fight
Pendulum - Granite (Breakfastaz Remix) - Breakbeat Kaos
Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought - When I Was A Yout (Krafty Kuts Remix) - Against The Grain
Mesmer Feat. Edge2narst - Karate Kuts (Def Inc. Remix) - Bombtraxx
Vapouriser - Bass Sick Instinct - Cdr
General Electrik - On The Run - Diverted Traffic
Projectiles - Strange Dream - High Grade Recordings
Unknown - Done It Again - Cut N Run
Hyperion - Acid Grind - Dead Famous Records
Shut Up And Dance - Glory Days - Shut Up And Dance
Anti Science, Suko & Viper - Control - Waveshape
Alex Metric Vs The Rapture - Unknown - White Label
Steve Sicknote - Landmines - Cdr
Cj Bolland - Sugar Daddy Bootlegs - Cdr
Dilemn - Check My Beat - Cyber Funk
Quest Ft Odissi - Propaganda - Botchit And Cyberfunk
Ben Westbeach - Dance With Me (Switch Remix) - Brownswood
Beat Assassins - Play The Game - Mofo
Quest And Eskmo - Speakers Corner (Dilemn Remix) - Cyber Funk
Quest Ft Odissi - Break Me (Quest And Pyramid Remix) - Botchit And Scarper
Quest And Odissi - Fear - Botchit And Cyberfunk
Johnny L - Back To Your Roots (Quest Remix) - Shogun Audio
Jinx In Dub - Warrior Dub - Bassrock
Nogoodnik - Fite Nite (Nogoodnik 08 Mix) - Kube Recordings
Mulder - Devil Inside - 2 Fresh 005
Sike - Cut Dem Down - Knightforce
Jnr Hacksaw - Hoffman - Subatomik
Quest - Gravel Muncher - Cyber Funk

You can listen again to this show, with DJ Quest on the guest mix, from here


Ben & Lex 'Tuna / Tuna (601 Remix)' Clips


As promised I've finally got round to uploading the forthcoming release on Polar Red from me and Lex 'Tuna'

Ben & Lex 'Tuna' 96kbps

Ben & Lex 'Tuna (601 Remix)' 96kbps

Sounding awesome I reckons and if you come down to Beatz & Bobz on Friday I'll be most likely playing them at some point.


Metro Boy | | 15/01/08 | Archvive


The new show is now available to download

Back again after the Christmas break and what a show to return with. 2 hours of very trippy lost it bleepy Techno for a very cold and wet tuesday evening. Plus I sneaked in the first play ever of my Wrongstar Society remix, which went down extremely well with the chat room.

I also, finally, plugged in my Pioneer EFX500 and had a play with that. I think that juggling between my laptop, Trigger Finger and EFX500 might take some getting used to mind but I think it went ok. I don't think I made any obvious mistakes with it live on air so I'll be definitely using it again on my next show.

Finally I rounded off the show with and absolute classic remix from Plastikman with his Acid House Mix of System 7's 'Alphawave' Huge indeed.

Metro Boy | | 15/01/08

01. Pan Pot 'Moving Space' [Mobilee Records]
02. Shurone 'Cardo' [Autist Records]
03. Format B 'Bad Beat' [Opossum Recordings]
04. Rico Casazza and Suso Flores 'Fog In The Brain' [Blurred Vision]
05. Rekorder 'Rekorder 10.1' [Rekorder]
06. Ekala 'Zombie' [KULT]
07. Shoxy '24 Items' [Minisketch]
08. Skoozbot 'Next To Monchhichi (Paco Osuna Remix)' [Plus 8]
09. The Wrongstar Society 'Drink Till She Is Beautiful (Metro Boy Remix)' [Unstable]
10. Chris Liebing 'Puckelbop' [CLR]
11. D.I.M. 'Is You' [BoyzNoize Records]
12. Sanriago and Bushido 'Head Trick' [Potty Mouth Music]
13. Par Grindvik 'Continue In My Words' [Spectral Sounds]
14. Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann 'Blank Scenario' [Ostgut Ton]
15. Plastikman 'Spastik (Dubfire Remix)' [M_nus]
16. Chris Liebing 'D' [CLR]
17. Per and Fractal 'Up' [M_nus]
18. System 7 'Alphawave (Plastikmans Acid House Mix)' [Butterfly Records]
19. Yoshimoto 'Du What U Du (Paul Woolford Remix)' [Alphabet City]


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jimmy Mofo on Breakspoll


Breakthrough DJ

I’d love to say Jimmy Mofo — well I was 21 last year, but let’s be realistic here. LOL.

This category usually gets won by whoever has the biggest mailing list, unfortunately.

Taking that aside, I’d say Flore, Plaza De Funk, Ben & Lex or Def Inc. could all be in with a big chance.

All those artists deserve to win.

Yay nice be mentioned on this, I think we came 9th or 10th last year so it would be nice to move up a few notches ;)

You can read the rest of the article here


Monday, January 14, 2008

New Myuzyk Release


The brand new release from the awesome net label Myuzyk is now available for download.

Buben - Primogeniture

Left of centre rhythms and the sound of music coming undone is the thread that runs through this release. The opener, 'How Did This Century Begin?', cuts through a sea of interference with oddball rhythms. 'Our Own World' appears as galloping beats being ridden by gentle synth tones. 'Solar Seas' features back-forward elements pushing and pulling each other into a writhing mass of strange. The closing scene is 'The Intertaction' which is the kind of music that wouldn't be out of place in a David Lynch film, a presence of something disturbing lurks amongst the beats and saxophone.

Sleeve design by Casual Fiend
Mastering by Ochre

Dont forget to check out the Myuzyk website for more releases.


Beatz & Bobz Residents Night


We should of all recovered from the mega rave that was NYE so its time to get your shimmy on for FREE (well before 10pm) and rave to the sounds of your Beatz & Bobz Residents.

Ben & Lex
James Gill

Free before 10pm - £5 after

So get down early.. drink loads of booze (responsibily of course unless its Sambuca . hurrah) and forget about the January blues

Facebook | Myspace | Podcast


Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Mini City


I found this site the other day and made my own lil mini city... Its like simcity but your city builds depending on how many people visit you city, mines Benny-Topia and its pretty crappy at the moment haha, so if your bored give my city a visit and lets make it grow :)


Friday, January 11, 2008



While bumbling around the nuskoolbreaks website I noticed this rather fetching banner advertising the new release, on Polar Red, from me and Lex. I have no idea of the release date or what the 601 remix sounds like mind but I bet its a freaking stomper of a tune.

If you want to hear our 'Tuna' there is a clip up on our myspace page and at some point this weekend I'll find out more info, release date and hopefully I'll be able to post up a clip of the 601 remix.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Me Want


How sweet is this, but at $199.99 (which is roughly about £100) i reckon Becky would kill me haha :)


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Beatz & Bobz Show | 2007 Roundup


The new shows now available to download :)


Breakspoll .. Get Ya Votes In


I hate to spam but if you can spare 5 mins of your time to vote for us in this years annual Break Beat award ceremony, Breakspoll, we would be mega happy



Heres a few suggestions if your stuck but we would like it if you could specially vote for Breakthrough DJ : Ben & Lex, Best Small Club / Event : Beatz & Bobz and Best Radio Show : The Beatz & Bobz Show on


Best Album : Uberzone 'Ideology' [Functional]

Best Single : Uberzone '4 Bit' [Functional]

Best Remix : Spoon Wizard 'Show Monkey (Tom Real Vs Rogue Element Remix)' [Functional]

Best Label : Functional

Best Live Act : Uberzone

Best Producer : Baobinga & ID

Breakthrough Producer : Ben & Lex

Breakthrough Label : APE

Breakthrough DJ : Ben & Lex

Best Large Club / Event : Glade Festival

Best Small Club / Event : Beatz & Bobz

Best Radio Station : NSBRadio

Best Radio Show : The Beatz & Bobz Show on

Best Website :


Thanks again for your times and fingers crossed we might be in with a chance of winning :D

VOTE NOW!! Breakspoll


New Years Resolutions


For once I've actually made a few... and bizarrely I'm keeping to them so far. There not life changing ones I must admit but there things I've been meaning to do for years.

1. Learn Flash

Now this has been on my list for aeons. I use Flash quite often with work, but to be honesty I have no idea what I'm doing haha. Ive got a whole bunch of books on my shelf which ive never looked at, but not this year. I've all ready started going thru them so in theory i should be a flash wizard by the end of the year.

2. Play Every Final Fantasy Game

Ive played them all to some degree. Completed a few along the way and only played a couple once or twice. So this year I'm going to play them all, in order starting with Final Fantasy 1. Its going to be a long, long slog but well worth it I reckons.

3. Learn php,, pearl, ajax etc

Hmm I should learn this asap but i cant be arsed.. haha hopefully tho this year ;)

Well thats about it really theres a few more like getting a Metro Boy release out, push Ben and Lex more, start my badge/tshirt company... the list goes on. If I can do the main three ones tho I'll be happy :)


Thursday, January 3, 2008

The New Year


Yay survived another month of Birthday/Christmas/NYE parties and I've just about recovered... just.

Quick recap and thanks.... Massive thanks to everyone who came to the Beatz & Bobz Xmas Party, the NSB Xmas bash up in London and the uber :megarave: that was up the Phoenix Center this year... Without a doubt one of the most enjoyable sets I've played this year by far... Plastikman 'Spaztik (Dubfire Remix)' on a big, big rig!!! F**k Yeah.

So what does this year hold. Well I'm going to start one of my many 'Get Rich Quick' Schemes and this year its going to be in Badges. Mainly after the success of the lil Ben & Lex Santa ones I made and at how cheap they were to make. Once I've set up a website for it I'll post up designs as and when on here :)

Hopefully as well I'll be getting some more Metro Boy tunes finished, latest rough remix here. and pushing Ben & Lex onto bigger and better thing.. world domination ahoy