Friday, February 25, 2011

Slugrave Mixtape #002


Come with us on a journey into the sluggy undergrowth and bear witness to the slugrave.

Slugrave Mixtape #002 - Side A

01. Actress 'Hubble' [Honest Jons Records]
02. Kanding Ray 'Pruitt-Igoe (Rise)' [Raster-Noton]
03. Jon Hopkins 'Vessel (Four Tet Remix)' [Double Six Records]
04. Public Lover 'I Try' [thesongsays]
05. Pantha Du Prince 'Bohemian Forest' [Rough Trade]
06. MMM 'Nouse Sommes 01' [MMM]
07. Aaron-Carl 'Crucified (Kris Wadsworth's Detriot Is Drowning Remix)' [Millions of Moments]
08. Darling Farah 'Berline (Funkineven Remix)' [Civil Music]
09. Caribou 'Sun' [City Slang]

Slugrave Mixtape #002 - Side B

01. DJ Food 'Dark Lady (Skint Mix)' [Ninja Tune]
02. Justin Warfield 'Live From The Opium Den (David Holmes Mix)' [Reprise Records]
03. The Woodshed 'Brainclag' [Cloak And Dagger Records]
04. Mark E 'Special FX' [Merc]
05. Ike and Tina Turner 'Whole Lotta Love' [United Artists Records]
06. Beastie Boys 'Slow and Low' [Def Jam]
07. The XX 'VCR (Four Tet Mix)' [XL]


oooze on and join the vibe ...

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Carl Craig | SWU Sessions #003


Richie Rundle, from the Weatherall Sessions, teams up with Joe Muggs (Mixmag / The Wire / to take over the SWU Sesson mix this week and they have curated an excellent 2 hours of techno from the legendary Carl Craig in honor of Planet-E being 20 years old this year.

Muggs Trax Selection

01 Psyche 'Neurotic Behaviour' [Planet-E]
02. Carl Craig 'Suspiria' [Retroactive]
03. Dorothy Ashby 'Afro-Harping (Carl Craig Remix)' [Verve]
04. Chris and Cosey 'Fantastique (Carl Craig Mix)' [TB]
05. Psyche 'Andromeda' [Transmat]
06. Carl Craig 'Dominas' [Planet-E]
07. Urban Tribe 'Insolitology' [Planet-E]
08. Tony Allen 'Kilode (Carl Craig Mix)' [Honest Jon's Records]
09. Carl Craig and Moritz Von Oswald 'Movement 5' [Deutsche Grammophon]

Rundles Jukebox Selection

10. Carl Craig 'Mind of a Machine' [Blanco Y Negro]
11. Morgan Geist 'Detroit (Carl Craig Remix)' [Environ]
12. Rhythm and Sound 'Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix)' [Rhythm and Sound]
13. Hot Chip 'One Life Stand (Carl Craig PCP Remix)' [Parlophone]
14. Appleblim and Ramadanman 'Void 23 (Carl Craig Remix)' [Aus]
15. Faze Action 'In The Trees (Carl Craig Remix)' [Juno]
16. Paperclip People 'Throw' [Planet-E]
17. Inner City 'Good Life (Carl Craig Remix)' [Vendetta Records]

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Check out the Joe Muggs interview with Carl Craig


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 21/02/11


We pull out all the stops on this show as it will be the last one until April as were off on our hols!

01. Jace Syntax 'Jackin' Around (Rhythmatic Old Trix Mix)' [Mutate]
02. Digibox 'Bass Nation (Lunar Shift Mix)' [Big Square]
03. Lethalness ft. Don Spider 'Sensimina' [APE]
04. Krafty Kuts ft. Sporty O 'Let's Go Let's Ride' [Instant Vibes]
05. Kid Digital ft. Kyla 'Feel It (Destroyers and Aggresivness Remix)' [The Pooty Club]
06. Rack n Ruin 'Territory (BuMp Remix)' [CDR]
07. Prosper and Oldskool Nemo vs. Benjamin Vial feat. MC Runigga 'Bad Bwoys' [APE]
08. Zed's Dead 'Rudeboy (Jordan and Santero Remix)' [CDR]
09. DJ Hook 'Downfall (Freerange DJs Remix)' [Bass Reflections]
10. Tim Healy vs Calvertron 'Rock It Roll It' [Surfer Rosa]
11. Killaflaw 'Happy Daze (Mskr-nt Remix)' [Westway]
12. Viro and Rob Analyze 'Wannu B (Plump Djs Remix)' [Noiseporn]
13. Wanda Jackson 'Whirlpool (Damn Horns Remix)' [Life Support Machine]
14. Dodge and Fuski 'Come Again' [Never Say Die]
15. Bill Posters 'Hold On (Aquasky Remix)' [Passenger]
16. Ben and Lex 'Ruffnecks' [Functional]
17. Whistle 'Just Buggin (Calvertron Bugstep Remix)' [Champion Records]
18. Afghan Headspin 'Acid Signal' [Hardcore Beats]
19. Mike Rigler vs Coppa 'Back For Real (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Proper Nightlife]
20. South Central 'The Day I Die (Baxen Remix)'
21. Rack n Ruin 'Soundclash (Warrior One Remix)' [Black Butter]
22. Pyramid ft. Julie Thompson 'Cruel'[Funkatech]
23. Depone 'Sensi Riddim' [Z-Audio]
24. 601 'White Out' [APE Music]
25. Outlander 'Vamp (Zinc Boot)' [CDR]
26. Queen Latifah ft. Al Green 'Simply Beautiful (Pyramid Remix)' [CDR]
27. Bass Kleph 'Oh Yeah' [Definitive]
28. Umek 'She Never Wants To Come Down' [Toolroom]
29. Cassius 'I <3 U SO (Skream's Made Zdar Fell Like He Was 20 Again Remix)' [Cassius] 30. KLF 'Chill Out (Precision Cuts Booty)' [CDR] DOWNLOAD | Subscribe to the Podcast


Monday, February 21, 2011

Lethalness ft Don Spider ‘Sensimina / 601 Remix)’ [APEM025]


Lethalness ft Don Spider 'Sensimina / 601 Remix' [APEM025] by apemusic


Continuing our kick ass start to 2011, APE Music is proud to bring you a massive party starter from the awesome Lethalness.

'Sensimina' features the wicked dubwise vibed vocals from Don Spider and is a full slab of party breakbeat action and no mistake. Big drums, Big bass, and a wicked breakdown... what more do you need to get your party started right?

On the flip we have Ape fam favourites 601 flipping it on its head and taking us deep... deep into the land of proper ruffneck 140 jungle bizzness.

Big reeses and distorted amens are the order of the day here ladies and gentlemen. Proper heads down action for the raving crew!

DJ Feedback

General Midi : Heavy!
Aquasky : Its all about the amen for me
Pyramid : Loving both tracks, but the ol jungle vibes from 601 just pips it for me, as i feel the vocal works better with the 140 jungle roller tempo. Big tings,would defo play them both out
Jay Cunning : This is rather tasty!
Lady Waks : Good Stuff
Afghan Headspin : BIG TUNES!!!!! APE, what a label, slowly but surely sliding up the greasy poll to the top slot!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Slugrave Mixtape #001


A series of mixtape from various well know DJs and Producers exploring the depths of 'Deep Vibe Slug Music'

Leave your salt on the door please you are now entering the Sluuuuuuuugggg rave...... zzzz

Slugrave Mixtape #001 - Side A

01. Jedi Knights 'Song For M.A.W' [Smugg Records]
02. Duff Disco 'I Need Ya' [Composite Records]
03. Le Sarge En Board 'Through The Robot Chicken Shed (Andrew Weatherall Remix)' [Rotters Golf Club]
04. The 2Bears 'Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum) ' [Southern Fried]
05. Andy Cato 'That Bassline Track' [Get Digital Music]
06. Bonar Bradberry 'Siula Grande (Pete Herbert Remix) ' [Needwant Recordings]
07. Border Crossing 'Outside' [Kartel Creative]
08. Felix Da Housecat 'What Does It Feel Like (Royksopp Return The Sun Remix)' [City Rockers]

Slugrave Mixtape #001 - Side B

01. Sei A 'White Rainbow' [Turbo Recordings]
02. Wax '30003 B' [Wax]
03. Skudge 'Convolution' [Skudge Records]
04. J Phlip and Julio Bashmore 'Midnight At The Aquarium' [Dirtybird]
05. Ramadanman and Midland 'More Than You Know' [Aus Music]
06. Addison Groove 'Footcrab' [Swamp]
07. Luke Abbott 'Whitebox Stereo' [Border Community]
08. Kidkanevil 'The Floating World (Elphino Remix)' [First Word Records]
09. Oni Ayhun 'OAR004 A' [Oni Ayhun Records]
10. Martyn ft. Spaceape 'Is This Insanity (Ben Klock Remix)' [3024]
11. Decimal 'Melody Attack (Sandwell District Remix)' [Soma]
12. Appleblim and Ramadanman 'Void 23 (Carl Craig Re-Edit)' [Aus Music]
13. The Orb 'Slug Dub' [Island]


oooze on and join the vibe ...

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Skream and Benga | The SWU Sessions #002


Skream and Benga are two of the most influential producers and DJ’s the Dubstep scene. So it was about time we gave them a SWU Sessions special.

01. Hatcha and Benga '10 Tones Heavy' [Planet Mu]
02. Benga 'Full Cycle' [Benga Beats]
03. Benga '26 Basslines' [Tempa]
04. Benga 'E Trips' [Tempa]
05. Benga 'Comb 60s' [Planet Mu]
06. Benga 'Bass Beat' [Benga Beats]
07. Benga 'One Million' [Tempa]
08. Benga 'Light Bulb' [Tempa]
09. Benga 'Crunked Up' [Tempa]
10. Benga 'Buzzin' [Tempa]
11. Benga and Coki 'Night' [Tempa]
12. Benga 'Technocal' [Tectonic]
13. Benga and Skream 'Amber' [Big Apple]
14. Benga 'On The Edge' [Sin City]
15. Benga 'Emotions' [Tempa]
16. Benga 'Bengas Off His Head' [Tempa]
17. Skream ft. Warrior Queen 'Sunship' []
18. Skream 'Filth' [Tempa]
19. Skream and Cluekid 'Sandsnake' [Disfigured Dubs]
20. Skream 'The Shinein' [Deep Medi]
21. Skream 'Backwards' [Deep Medi]
22. Skream 'Dubbers Anonymous' [Tempa]
23. Skream 'Trapped In A Dark Bubble' [Tectonic]
24. Skream 'Movin Snares' [Disfigured Dubs]
25. Skream 'The Bug' [Big Apple]
26. Skream 'Midnight Request Line' [Tempa]
27. Skream 'Memories Of 3rd Base' [Digital Soundboy]
28. Distance 'Night Vision (Skream Remix)' [Planet Mu]
29. Skream 'Oskillatah' [Tempa]
30. Digital Mystikz 'Acient Memories (Skream Remx)' [DMZ]
31. Skream 'If You Know' [Tempa]
32. Skream 'Simple City' [Tempa]
33. Skream 'Shake It' [Tempa]
34. Skream 'Morning Blues' [Tempa]
35. Skream 'Wobble That Gut' [Tempa]
36. Skream '0800 Dub' [Tempa]
37. Skream 'Rottan' [Tempa]

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