Monday, November 3, 2008

Back Again With A Double Helping Of Myuzyk


Hurrah. I have a slight amount of spare time again ;) last week was possible the most stressful I've had in ages and thus no posts :( Loads happened as well so this week should be a double bumper of mindless posting.

Stressful? all due to the complete incompetence of the marketing department at work. But I can't even be arsed to waste my breath ranting about them so while I collect all of last weeks raves, radio shows, new releases and flyers for this week I'll leave you with a double helping of new releases on the awesome Myuzyk label.

Falls & Regis - Done Up Like A Vicar

F&R have stepped forward from the shadows and delivered a collection of seven tracks ranging in tempo and character. Several of the compositions show their love for beats that operate on certain dancefloors, elsewhere are contemplative moments and downtempo. Amongst the MPC beats, samples and bass lurks a comic darkness which influences the overall sound in this release, which in places seems to translate real life experiences into music and words. The opening track, 'Congratulations You've Made It', is lead by a mantra that the listener will find themselves repeating - "Don't do drugs, Keep your nose clean. Go to work, do a good job."


dep - Nothing To Undo : Nothing To Redo

Danny Peck has combined field recordings of his immediate surroundings as well as programmed beats and instrumentation to create a personal and involving album. There are experiments and more traditional approaches to electronica in this album that show an open minded and mature artist at work. 'Nothing To Undo : Nothing To Redo' cohesively houses explorations into techno and downtempo with attributes of glitch, distortion, loud and quiet, artificial and real altogether across thirteen tracks. At times it sounds like a film soundtrack, other places it sounds like an audio diary. This engaging artist album is a very welcome addition to the Myuzyk catalogue and we hope you enjoy it time and again.