Saturday, June 30, 2007

New Metro Boy Mix

Hurrah its almost July and so that can only mean one thing... a new Metro Boy mix.

01. Booka Shade 'Platypus' [Get Physical]
02. Marcin Czubala 'Consigliere' [Mobilee Records]
03. JPLS 'Green 01 (Skoozbot Remix)' [Minus]
04. Marc Anthony & Anthony Coll 'Sharks' [Micro Fibres]
05. Lee Curtis '3 Fingers' [Dumbunit]
06. Ambivalent 'R U Ok' [Minus]
07. Troy Pierce '25 Bitches (Gaiser's Too Many Bitches Makeover)' [Minus]
08. Trentemoller & Buba 'Gamma (Perc Remix)' [Kickin]
09. Magda '48 Hour Crack In Your Bass' [Minus]
10. Chris Liebing 'D' [CLR]
11. Miro Pajic 'Help I'm In Berlin' [Klickhaus]

Don't forget to visit the Metro Boy blog for more mixes.


Friday, June 29, 2007

The Tuss


Popped into Reform Records on my way home yesterday and was given a copy of The Tuss 'Rushup Edge' on Rephlex and after a bit of searching on the internet i discover this...

Probably not quite the best kept secret in electronic music after all, it seems that those rumours have all but been confirmed - what you have in front of you here is quite possibly a brand new album from Richard D James, this time under his latest incarnation - "The Tuss".

Yes, for all intents and purposes this is the new Aphex Twin album we all thought we'd have to wait some years for, all brand new material with some "mysterious" contributors (Drexciyan DJ Stingray aka Sherard Ingram among others, apparently) to keep you on your toes.

NEW APHEX TWIN!!!!!!!! oh yes indeed.

Annoyingly I haven't had a chance to have a listen to it yet but it's going to go straight onto my record player as soon as I get home.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Mondays Are Back

The Happy Mondays
They're back.........

And there giving away a free download of 'DR Dick' here


Midsumer Nights Dream

Now I know its sold out (well theres 50 tickets held on the door) but I thought I'd let you all know what I'm up to this weekend...

After catching both Radioactive Man and Freq Nasty last weekend I know for a fact that this is going to be heavy.


Im Back

What a weekend. so muddy and yet so much fun. I must of fell over so many times and got covered in mud, yet it didn't matter as yet again Glastonbury proves why it is the grand daddy of all festivals.

Didn't catch as many acts as I wanted but I did see Bloc Party, The Bees, Chas N Dave, Shitmat, Vex'd, Radioactive Man, Freqnasty and a whole bunch more that I've forgotten..

Below are 3 videos from the most amazing Drum & Bass set I've ever heard. Andy C is the man.

Andy C . Headlining the G Stage @ Glastonbury 2007
from benny

Andy C headlining the G Stage @ Glastonbury 2007 . Part 2
from benny

Andy C Headlining the G Stage @ Glastonbury Festival 2007 . Part 3
from benny

and a couple of Bonga Ra...

The only downer was that it took me pretty much 24 hours to get all my clothes mud free.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Tallis Scholars


It's my last evening in Exeter, before I head of to the Glastonbury Festival, so Becky is taking me out to see the Tallis Scholars.

The Tallis Scholars have established themselves as leading exponents of Renaissance sacred music through world-class recordings and concert performances. Their exploration of the depth and variety of this repertoire has reached a world-wide audience. Peter Phillips has worked with the ensemble to create, through good tuning and blend, the purity and clarity of sound which he feels best serves the Renaissance repertoire, allowing every detail of the musical lines to be heard. It is the resulting beauty of sound for which The Tallis Scholars have become renowned.

Should be interesting but to be honest my mind is on the weekend, but hopefully I can calm my excitement and enjoy it.

If I get time before I head off tomorrow I'll post up a review. If not and your going to Glastonbury come along and see me and Lex DJ'ing on the G-Stage 12-1 on Friday.


Kiss FM Guest Mix


Yay last night Jay Cunning played our Functional guest mix on Kiss FM, I've only go the tracklisting so far but as soon as the archives up till post it on here

Elroy & Tom Piper Feat Gabriella Abela - Point N Clap (Nick Thayer Mix) - Bambam Muzik
General Midi - F.U.N.K. - Distinctive
Soul Of Man - Killa Brea (Def Inc Mix) - Fingerlickin'
Rob Reng & Thief - Dope Pope - West
Minuit - Except You (Lbj Mix) - Dollhouse
Splitloop - Tweaked Out - Against The Grain
Noisia - Yellow Brick - Division
Dilemn - Daylight - Bombtraxx
Ed209 - Biscuits & Gravy - Hardcore Beats
Unbalanced Jack - Fresh Air - Broke
Unique 3 - Rock The Bass (Si Begg Mix) - Fat Records
Dropworx - One Ton - Weapons Grade
Rob Smith - Loveage - Functional
Ben & Lex - Sound Gal - Functional
Dreadzone - Straight To A Soundboy - Functional
Ben & Lex - Damn Dirty (Jay Stewart Mix) - Control Breaks
Ben & Lex - Get On It (Plaza De Funk Mix) - Ape
Unberzone - Satisfaction - Functional
Ben & Lex - Meat House - Cdr
Ben & Lex - Sound Gal (Baobinga & I.D. Presents Big Monster Mix) - Functional
Spoon Wizard - Shoe Monkey (Tom Real Vs Rogue Element Mix) - Functional
Ben & Lex - Space Docking - Ape
Ben & Lex - My Pink Sock - Functional

Shopliftas - Freak Out - Vacation
Breakfastaz Feat Ivory - Girls, Money, Drink And Drugs - Breakfast Club
Hyper - No Rockstars - Kilowatt
Merka - The Rising Sky - Fat Records
Klaus Heavyweight Hill - Bubblegum - Mob Records


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Beatz & Bobz Show Archive Now Up

The archive for last nights Beatz & Bobz Show is now available to download.

Woo Hoo this show is Hot... absolutely tonnes of tunes in the mix this week, promos, exclusives, remixes and releases galore. Also Ben & Lex road tested some cheeky re-edits and mashups in preparation for their set at this years Glastonbury Festival. Plus theres a competition to win a pair of tickets, 12"'s and cds from Botchit (competition open till Midnight Tuesday). So get downloading...

The Beatz & Bobz Show Track listing

01. Rob Smith 'Loveage' [Functional]
02. Uberzone 'Satisfaction' [Functional]
03. Jammin 'Thats The Way' [Bingo]
04. Nu Boy '2 Little Faith' [Beatz]
05. Skool Of Thought 'Tug Nut' [Against The Grain]
06. Justice 'D.A.N.C.E (Plus Move Pirate Remix)' [CDR]
07. Antiserum 'Bang The Drumz' [Breaks FM]
08. Carbon Community 'Shot Tub' [Re:Connect]
09. Brothers Bud VS THC 'Yap Yap' [Finger Lickin]
10. Elite Force 'Hearts Of Darkness (Dylan Rhymes Remix)' [Adrift]
11. Dom Arnold 'Twisted ft Brandy' [Pure Filth]
12. Dylan Rhymes 'Muzika (The Rogue Element Remix)' [Lot 49]
13. Freestylers 'Electrified (Sam La More Remix)' [Against The Grain]
14. D-Ranged 'Out Funked' [Basstard]
15. Mobius 'Thugs' [APE]
16. Ben & Lex 'Meat House' [APE]
17. Backdraft 'Off The Wall' [Botchit & Scarper]
18. DJ Mutiny 'Soul Runner (Super Style Deluxe Remix)' [Botchit Breaks]
19. DJ Mutiny 'Soul Runner' [Botchit Breaks]
20. Backdraft 'Nicotine' [Botchit & Scarper]
21. Groove Armada 'Get Down (Elite Force Remix)' [Sony]
22. Porno Breaks 'Hasheater (JHz Remix)' [Fat!]
23. Soul Of Man 'Dirty Waltzer (Trouble Soup Remix)' [Finger Lickin]
24. Spoon Wizard 'Shoe Monkey (Tom Real Vs The Rouge Element Remix)' [Functional]
25. Ben & Lex 'Damn Dirty (Jay Stewart Remix)' [Control Breaks]
26. Sam Hell 'Stay Out All Night' [Sinister]
27. Daft Punk 'Da Funk' [Virgin]
28. Chemical Brothers 'Three Little Birdies Down Beats' [Freestyle Dust]
29. Chemical Brothers 'Song For A Siren' [Freestyle Dust]
30. Unknown 'Daft Skunk' [Crisp Biscuit]
31. Soul Of Man 'Killa Brew (Def Inc Remix)' [Finger Lickin]
32. Rektchordz 'Stereofreeks' [Mechanoise]
33. The Breakfastaz 'The Cheech' [Breakfast Club]
34. Ben & Lex 'Wet Sack' [NSB]
35. Soul Of Man 'Shake 'Em Down (Nick Thayer Remix)' [Finger Lickin]
36. Rob Fokuz & Dekoy 'Chunk The Funk (Ben & Lex Remix)' [Control Breaks]
37. Soul Of Man 'Scatterbox (Mowgli Remix)' [Finger Lickin]
38. Freestylers 'Security (Ctrl-Z Remix)' [Against The Grain]
39. Splitloop 'Tweaked Out' [Supercharged]
40. Ed209 'Tijuana Fever Ft Earl 16' [Hardcore Beats]
41. Slyde 'Get This Good' [Finger Lickin]
42. Pyramid 'Watts Funkin' [Unstable]
43. Liz Melody 'Forgot U (Merka Remix)' [Re:Connect]
44. D-Ranged 'Sins Of Claire (Lawgiverz Remix)' [Unstable]
45. Agent Alvin & Timmy Schumacher 'Willy The Pimp' [APE]



The Drop on Brap.FM Download

For all of you who might of missed the live show on Saturday our guest mix for The Drop with 601 on has now been uploaded.


601 present "The Drop" 16th june feat Ben & Lex mix

1. Nine Lives the Cat – le roc (hot to trot)
2.Peo de pitte feat Nine lives the cat - Funkyfingers (Peo de pitte extended mix)
3.601 - Payoff (Hot to trot)
4.Bodysnatchers - Homicide (Vertical sound)
5.Rennie Pilgrem - Eraser (TCR)
6.Access Denied – Game of survival (Polar red)
7.10 rapid - Master system (Koma and bones mix) (Burrito)
8.Rob reng – Keep on pushing (ruff dog)
9.Deekline & Wizard vs Infinti feat Dj assault -Make your girl feel the bass (Rat records)

Ben & Lex Guest Mix

01. Sante Fe 'Lado Ve (Ben & Lex Remix)' [Sango]
02. Ben & Lex 'Turn It Around (Kovacs Remix)' [Wut Eva]
03. Ninjinskis 'Love Story' [CDR]
04. Ben & Lex 'Get On It (Metro Boy Remix)' [CDR]
05. Ben & Lex 'Get On It (Plaza De FUnk Remix)' [APE]
06. Ben & Lex 'Monkey Business (Neztic Remix)' [APE]
07. Ben & Lex 'Mr Goodkat' [CDR]
08. Dekoy & Rob Fokuz 'Chunk The FUnk (Ben & Lex Remix)' [Control Breaks]
09. Lightshapers 'On The Rocks' [APE]
10. 601 'Grymee (2007 V.I.P Remix)' [APE]
11. Ben & Lex 'Meathouse' [APE]
12. Ben & Lex 'Space Docking' [[APE]
13. Ben & Lex Ft Mc Spee 'Le Chunk (Vocal V.I.P Mix)' [Drum & Breaks]
14. Ben & Lex 'Damn Dirty' [Control Breaks]
15. Unknown 'Unknown' [CDR]
16. Ben & Lex 'Soundgal (Baobinga & I.D. Presents Big Monster Remix)' [Functional]
17. Ben & Lex 'Wet Sack'[NSB]
18. Ninja Comandos 'Fat Yourself Go (Ben & Lex Remix)' [NSB]
19. Ben & Lex 'My Pink Sock' [Functional]
20. Ben & Lex 'Big Bastardos (Entity Remix)' [APE]
21. Rektchordz 'The Brute' [APE]


1.Lightshapers - Still got Love (Polar Red)
12.Hard-fi Hard to beat (malpractice remix)
13.Peo de pitte - Dis shire (Move ya and Steve lavers mix) (Brighton breaks)
14.Kickflip - Pirate signal (Fat!)
15.Brothers bud vs THC - Feel like dancin (Micky slims extra wrong mix)(Finger lickin)



Monday, June 18, 2007

Skream Essential Mix


I'm getting more and more into the dubstep seen, thanks to Mary Anne Hobbs Radio show, and this is just brilliant

We present the young UK ambassador for dubstep, Skream. He’s only 21 but he’s already one of the most respected and influential DJ/producers on the dubstep scene - check out Skream’s heavy mix.

Tracklisting to follow...

You can get the mix from this fantastic site Newmixes

Dubstep at its best.


Botchit Competitons Galore

Thats right, on tonights show we've gone Botchit mental...
Not only are we giving away a pair of tickets to....

Bandog Grooves @ Gramaphone - Saturday 23rd June (see map)
The launch party of 3 releases on world's leading breakbeat labels: Botchit & Scarper and Botchit Breaks.

Bandog Grooves offers you a chance to hear Backdraft, Mutiny and Superstyle Deluxe live in a small venue with one of the best sondsystems in East London. Yes, the Gramaphone has a 14K rig! As a health & safety precaution we do recommend wearing earplugs. The 3 supreme artists will be supported by Botchit & Scarper's Mister Sushi and Eastern European talents from Poland - Konrad, Mikro and Madness. Second room is dedicated to a lighter shade of music, filled with electro house and minimal tech-house featuring: Luke Fish, Carpe Diem, Qbizi and Kingsley Lunt.

60-62 Commercial St
London, E1 6LT
3 min walk from Brick Lane & Aldgate East tube
5 min walk from Liverpol Street tube

Start: 8pm Finish: 3:30am
Entry: £7 or £5 guest list / with flyer

but were also giving away a copy of....

Off the wall / Nicotine (Single)

Lets face it Backdraft really do not need an introduction, first gracing Botchit & Scarper with 'Manic' back in 2001 they have since gone on to release countless dance floor beasts on both Botchit and Aquasky's unstoppable imprint Passenger. On the remix front the word busy doesn't even cut it! Flexing their individual sound on Bassrock, Fusetrax, Selecta Breaks and other bass bothering labels. Having recently dropped the monstrous 'Don't Stop' on Eddy TM's LP 'Dance Rocks' with dropping jaws Botchit welcomes them back to the fold once again for this double A-Side stomper! Taking the bull firmly by the horns 'Off the Wall' busts through the speakers at breakneck speed, soaked with commanding hip hop vox, filthy guitar stabs and rotten as you like bass hooks. One for the grimy late night floors no doubt! Flip over and its a whole different story with the rocking roller that is 'Nicotine', here Backdraft show off their funky strips taking you on a groove led journey but don't go thinking this is an easy ride as per the Northern bass shakers hit the low notes...

and a copy of...

Soul Runner [Original] / [Superstyle Deluxe RMX] (Single)

After countless whispers on the scene of DJ Mutiny's eclectic and genre pushing releases on Sub Frequency Funk, being for ever searching and craving something a little different we thought if was worth giving the chap a ring. By joe we're glad we did! Injecting heavy dose of soulful sounds and distinctive vocal hooks, DJ Mutiny has cunningly crafted his own musical corner within breakbeat. For his first release on Botchit Breaks we've got the rolling funk shaker that is 'Soul Runner', laced with chopped hip hop vocal snippets, funky ass stabs and one beastly bass line! On the flip side with non other than Superstyle Deluxe who upon hearing the track voluntarily demanded remix duty, its safe to say they have well and truly come up with the goodies! Turning the original track on its head and taking it on a completely different journey, soaked with pounding drums, twisted acid lines and bass so low it could bring a rugby team to their knees!

Plus 2 copies of...

Back2Back Botchit (Album)

My my they have gone to town; Backdraft got a free run on Botchit's catalogue for their debut mix CD and crammed in over 30 tracks into 70 minute mix - you could never call them lazy! Featuring exclusive cuts from their good selves plus recent dance floor shakers and a healthy slice of Botchit classics from
the likes of Freq Nasty, Atomic Hooligan, T-Power, Aquasky, Jason Sparks and many more. Back2Back Botchit pushes the listeners to a whole new level and takes the mix CD rulebook to the cleaners! From Backdraft's rowdy reworking of Cantankerous'es 'F*ck off P*ss off' through the classic haunting vibes of Shara Nelson and Kasha's timeless 'U' and the recent stomper 'Woah' from Deekline & Wizard this mix is packed with Botchit boomers past, present and future. If that wasn't enough to wet your whistle 'Back2Back Botchit' comes with a second unmixed CD featuring exclusives from Jason Sparks and DJ Mutiny alongside classics and recent cuts from SOTO, LBJ, Def Inc. and Lawgiverz.

Freeking awesome....

So tune in tonight on from 9pm-11pm and answer a bunch of super easy questions to be in with a chance to win these goodies


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Becky Does The Trapeze



Brap.FM Tonight


Don't forget to tune into our guest mix on The Drop with 601 today on You can tune in live from 8-11pm or check out The Drop archives.

As a sneek preview heres the track listing for our mix...

01. Sante Fe 'Lado Ve (Ben & Lex Remix)' [Sango]
02. Ben & Lex 'Turn It Around (Kovacs Remix)' [Wut Eva]
03. Ninjinskis 'Love Story' [CDR]
04. Ben & Lex 'Get On It (Metro Boy Remix)' [CDR]
05. Ben & Lex 'Get On It (Plaza De FUnk Remix)' [APE]
06. Ben & Lex 'Monkey Business (Neztic Remix)' [APE]
07. Ben & Lex 'Mr Goodkat' [CDR]
08. Dekoy & Rob Fokuz 'Chunk The FUnk (Ben & Lex Remix)' [Control Breaks]
09. Lightshapers 'On The Rocks' [APE]
10. 601 'Grymee (2007 V.I.P Remix)' [APE]
11. Ben & Lex 'Meathouse' [APE]
12. Ben & Lex 'Space Docking' [[APE]
13. Ben & Lex Ft Mc Spee 'Le Chunk (Vocal V.I.P Mix)' [Drum & Breaks]
14. Ben & Lex 'Damn Dirty' [Control Breaks]
15. Unknown 'Unknown' [CDR]
16. Ben & Lex 'Soundgal (Baobinga & I.D. Presents Big Monster Remix)' [Functional]
17. Ben & Lex 'Wet Sack'[NSB]
18. Ninja Comandos 'Fat Yourself Go (Ben & Lex Remix)' [NSB]
19. Ben & Lex 'My Pink Sock' [Functional]
20. Ben & Lex 'Big Bastardos (Entity Remix)' [APE]
21. Rektchordz 'The Brute' [APE]

Also I'm just confirming a competition for Mondays Beatz & Bobz show with Botchit breaks, so hopefully I'll be able to wang some free records and tickets to parties extra for you all. I'll post up the details when I get them