Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Mighty Jogle

Lex's wife, Tess, is quite frankly insane for she is embarking on a trek from John O’ Groats to Land’s End.. thats one thousand, two hundred and ninety-three miles. Fifty-four consecutive days. Mental!

Anyways shes doing it for a good cause and seeing as its for charity it would be rude not to donate some pennies.

Headover to The Mighty Jogle website for more info and links to the donation section.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Standout / Glade Tickets


I've mentioned before that this weekend is a double gig whammy!!! But I've just been told about some kick ass news regarding the Standout gig...

This will be the last Standout event until the MONSTER line up on Friday 1st October at the Lemmy again. We want to again thank everyone for attending the HUGE Scratch Perverts & Jack Beats gig back in March making it one of the biggest events to hit the city this year.

If you liked that then wait for October, you won`t be disappointed!!!

Standout will also be featuring at this year`s Glastonbury festival, so to celebrate we have got 3 special pairs of tickets to give away at the event this Friday.

We will be giving away the following...

2 x tickets for Rumble in the Jungle (VIP All Day Pass)

2 x tickets for The Glade (VIP Backstage Access)

2 x Tickets for Beautiful Days (VIP Backstage Access)

Pretty damn sweet I reckons :D


Big Beat Reunion

Finally recovered from the awesome Big Beat Reunion in Brighton from the weekend. Proper mash up drunken fun had by all I reckons haha.

Theres a sweet review of the night over on DJ Mag

In Room 2 meanwhile, Pete Jordan from Midlands mega-brand Spectrum drops a rejig of Zinc’s ‘138 Trek’ before south-west beat fiends Ben & Lex step up for some dutty dubstep such as their mix of the Dub Pistols ‘Ganja’.

haha heres some random photos I took as well.. Not the best I've ever taken but hey ho!

and a final note.. never ever, EVER go to the Wimpy services on the way from Brighton to Devon... Its the worst food me and Lex have ever eaten... proper pound land burgers grossness .. blurgh :(


Ends up as...

Not happy bunnies


Friday, April 23, 2010

The SWU Mega Rave | Reggae Special | Download

 The SWU Mega Rave | Reggae Special | Download

Sunny vibes this week as I delve into a whole bunch of Reggae and mellow out on a sunny afternoon.

Upsetters 'Dub and Praise'
Lynn Taitt and The Jetts 'To Sir With Love'
Dave Barker and The Upsetters '
Bongo Herman 'Feel Nice'
Count Prince Miller 'Mule Train'
The Pioneers 'Long Shot Kick De Bucket'
Amiel Moodie and The Dandemites 'Life Line'
Roland Alphonso 'El Torro'
Versatiles 'Trust The Book'
I ROy 'High Jacking'
Al Brown 'Here I Am Baby'
Johnny Clarke 'Enter Into The Gates With Praise'
Toots and The Maytals 'Pressure Drop '72'
The Pioneers 'Jamaica Jerk Off'
Bob Marley and The Wailers 'Lively Up Yourself'
Joya Landis 'Moonlight Lover'
The Upsetters 'Knock Three Times'
Lloydie and The Lowbites 'Birth Control'
The Merrymen 'Big Bamboo'
Sly and The Revolutionaires 'Collie'
Lewis Sisters 'Love On A Two Way Street'
The Heptones 'Cool Rasta'
Silvertones 'Africa Dub'
The Mystic Revealers 'Space and Time'
Inner Circle 'Natty Dread
Selwyn Baptiste 'Mo'Bay'
Slim Smith 'No Honey, No Money'
Drumbago and The Blenders 'The Game Song'
Symarip 'Skinhead Moonstomp'
The Emotions 'Love You Most All'
Cornell Campell 'I Will Never Change'
Derrick Harriot 'Have You Seen Her'
Gregory Isaacs 'Mr Know It All'
Rupie Edwards All Stars 'Great
Gladdy Anderson and Lyn Tatt 'Love Me Forever'
The Heptones 'Mistry Babylon'


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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Mega Rave - Trojan Special


Its sunny out, well it is now, so I'm going to roll with the summery vibes and do a 'Trojan' special :D loads of Dub, Rocksteady, Ska, Reggae and maybe even a bit of Dancehall.

Tune in on SWU Radio from 6pm till 8pm and get in the chat room as well and say hello :D

If your evening is too busy to tune in have no fear as I'll be uploading the archive and updating the podcast on Friday morning and sticking it on my iPod to head down to Brighton for the HUGE Big Beat knees up (Full report on this when I recover)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Freerange Djs 'Back To The Old Jack' Mixmag 'Breaks' Single Of The Month


Kick freaking ASS!!!!!

"Back To The Old Jack" is this months 'Breaks' tune of the month in Mixmag. I reckons this is The Freerange DJs and APE's first tune of the month.. roll on many many more :D


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 19/04/10

Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 19/04/10

Back from my hols and raring to go and as a special treat I have an exclusive Hexidecimal Album Preview Mini Mix for your enjoyment. Plus killer tracks from Si Begg, 2 Bit Thugs, Dreadzone and Herve!

01. 2D 'All That Ska'
02. Eight Ball 'Preconception (Kick Flip Rmx)'
03. Katron 'We Bleed (Future Funk Squad Rmx)'
04. Warrior One 'Bad Like Jimmy Cliff (VIP)'
05. Redux 'Acid Bomb (601 Rmx)'
06. Leftfield 'Not FOrgotten (Timo Garcia and Gus One Rmx)'
07. I.D. and Skinnz 'Shimmy'
08. 2 Bit Thugs 'Been A Long Time'
09. Mars vs Kill Real ft Talina 'Stay With Me (Quadrat Beat Rmx)'
10. The Analogeeks 'Motherfunker (Naizen MILFunker Rmx)'
11. Evolve Or Die 'Wheel'
12. Mr B 'Little Acid People (Drumattic Twins Rmx)'
13. Si Begg 'High Volume (Kanji Kinetic Rmx)'
14. Anarchy Rice 'Return Of The Wang'

** Hexidecimal 'Base 16' Album Preview Mini Mix **

15. Hexidecimal 'Serious Action Ft. Percydread'
16. Hexidecimal 'Dead Moose'
17. Hexidecimal 'Stone Cold Ft. Trudi Mosiamo'
18. Hexidecimal 'Secret Agent'
19. Hexidecimal 'Nuclear Sub'
20. Hexidecimal 'Twisted'
21. Hexidecimal 'Base 16'
22. Hexidecimal 'Syndrome Ft. Katty Heath'

23. Excision and Datsik 'Swagga (Downlink Rmx)'
24. Ribs and IG88 'Monkey Wrench'
24. Elastic Fish ft Daniel Man 'God Save The Breaks (Torqux Rmx)'
25. The Analogeeks 'Lose My Head'
26. Rack n Ruin Vrs Vent 'Its Over'
27. UK Beat Cartel 'Carousel (Rob Focuz and Secureunit's Carrot Hell Rmx)'
28. Freestylers 'Slammer (Affinity Rmx)'
29. Dreadzone 'Gangster (Pyramid Rmx)'
30. Defunt 'Let Me Do My Thing (Ben and Lex Rmx)'
31. Si Begg 'Jump (Gella Rmx)'
32. Herve 'Hot! Drum Attack'
33. Sekklow 'Be Alright'
34. Pablo Decoder and Tim Healey 'Echoes In My Head (Pablo's Rough Mix Edit)'


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Monday, April 19, 2010

SW Drum & Bass Awards Nominations Announced


Looks like were in the running for Best SW DJ, Best Producer and Regular night. Thanks to everyone who voted for us this year fingers crossed we can make it 2 years running for Best SW DJ :D :D

BEST NATIONAL DJ - Stanton Warriors / A-Skillz / Krafty Kuts / Freestylers / Plump DJ's
BEST PRODUCER - Freerange / A-Skillz / Krafty Kuts / Freestylers / Plump DJ's
BEST SW DJ - Ben & Lex / Bossa / Will Streetwise / Freerange / Simian Sounds
BEST PRODUCER - Will Streetwise / Ben & Lex / Freerange / Simian Sounds
BEST SW REGULAR NIGHT - Freerange / Hong Kong Ping Pong / Beatz & Bobz / Simian Sounds / Bassfunk
OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION - To be announced on the night


Defunct 'Let Me Do My Thing' (Ben & Lex Remix)


This release has snuck up... and its a killer :D Whizz down to track 5 to hear our remix. BLAM!

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

As a nice surprise to the world, a new label launched on 4/16/2010 that we think will be one to follow. Ran by BomBeatz Music, Supercool has launched its first release featuring the Noiseporn favorite Defunct! and MC Freeflow. The release is out right now exclusively on Beatport and features a slammin’ original with remix support from Faust & Shortee, Viro & Rob Analyze, Danny Soundz, Ben & Lex, Raydar & Shaolin, The Amp Jackers, Perfect Cell, Hunter Vaughan and last but definitely not least, Dylan Holshausen.

The release is a straight up Electro House stormer with each remixer taking the original into a roller coaster ride that doesn’t ever want to end. From wobbleness to just pounding beats and system crushing basslines, the whole release itself is also complimented by vocal stabs and verses from MC Freeflow who is also apart of the current Noiseporn Remix Contest with Mark Lam. The best part about all of this is that this release is part 1 of 2! That’s right, you get 10 tracks in the first release and more following suit soon! Overall, this is a 5 star release and is available right now exclusively on Beatport! Check out the preview below and look out for more from Supercool!


Friday, April 16, 2010

New Mboy Releases

Now I'm back from my holidays here are 2 tunes I've been working on.

DJ Denise 'New Frequency (Metroboy Remix)' [Erase]

DJ Denise 'New Frequency (Metro Boy Remix)' by metroboy

Eight Ball 'Preconception (Metro Boy Remix)' [Big Square]

Eight Ball 'Preconception (Metro Boy Remix)' [Big Square] by metroboy

Also for all those who have missed the Metro Boy shows on and the podcast well I will be starting them up again this Tuesday :D


Glade 2010


Ohh yes we are returning to Glade again this year after the super mega rave that was Thursday night last year we have been asked again to headline it again. IT WILL BE AWESOME!!!!

Plus for the hardcore out there we will be officially opening the festival with our, now legendary, Main Stage set on Friday morning.

You can also catch us playing at Aeon, Glastonbury and Beautiful Days.


Fusion Project / Standout 30/04/10


2 big raves this month... the week after the Big Beat Reunion Lex and I will be slamming the rave back in Exeter, with our room two closing set (1am-3am).

Full info on this event can be found on Facebook.

Ohh also were playing up in Tiverton for the Fusion Project on the same night 10pm-12am...

Full info on this one is also on Facebook


Big Beat Reunion 23/04/10


Only 1 week away now and I'm so looking forward to it :D Viva Big Beat.

Full info on the event can be found on Facebook


Fool In The Rain

To add to my giant list of things I do I've also started a daily (well daily ish) photo blog called 'Fool In The Rain'

It's sort of a collection of the photos I like best I suppose and a few arty ones thrown in. The main aim of it all tho is to start taking more photos more regularly and its working so far.


Australia 2010

Just encase you were all wondering where i had got to a few weeks ago my wife and I went back to Australia for 3 weeks to visit family and friends.

So here are my Flickr folder of our whirlwind trip to oz in 2010. Various bbq's, drinks, wombats, waterfalls and family and friends. Places visited this time Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and back to Perth plus a whole bunch of the surrounding areas :D


Gak Design


In my pursuit of getting a job based in Exeter I've finally got round to sorting out a portfolio site for my web work.

Now to update my CV and get pestering ;)


Mix for the weekend #2 - Jay Cunning Sub Slayers Mix


Too many good mixes have landed in my drop box today.. so here is mix for the weekend number 2 from proper rave stalwert Jay Cunning.

Jay Cunning - Sub Slayers Mix [02] (CLICK FOR TRACK LIST) by Jay Cunning / Sub Slayers

01: Excision 'System Check' [Rottun]
02: Pyramid VS Wizard 'War Of The Worlds' [Funkatech]
03: Buckfunk 3000 'Jump' (VENT remix) [Hardcore Beats]
04: Pixel Fist 'Speaka Freaka' [Rocstar]
05: Ivory 'Hand Grenade' (Excision & Datsik remix) [Rat Records]
06: Ivory 'Hand Grenade' [Rat Records]
07: I.D. 'Fresh Air' [Sub Slayers]
08: Gella VS Jinx 'Start the Panic' [Sub Slayers]
09: Bubu 'Suicide Girls' [Flextone]
10: Schema 'Rat Bastard' [Sub Slayers]
11: Benga '26 Basslines' (Elite Force Edit) [Unreleased]
12: Jammin 'Uptalkin' [Jammin]
13: I.D. 'Tell Ya' [Sub Slayers]
14: Snarophobe 'Dead Duck' [Sub Slayers]
15: Nero 'Act Like You Know' [Breakbeat Kaos]
16: Skream 'Burning Up' [Digital Soundboy]
17: Gella ft $pyda 'Twinkle' (Pyramids 'Stop The Talkin' Remix) [Sub Slayers]
18: VENT VS Reso 'Rumble' (Breaks Mix) [Unreleased]
19: Felix Stone ft Astra 'Solvent' (Lunar Shift Remix) [Flextone]
20: Schema 'Turn Off The Lights' [Sub Slayers]
21: Elite Force 'Law Of Life' [U&A]
22: Excision & Datsik 'Calypso' [Rottun]
23: Bare Noize 'Plant Food' [Audio Freaks]
24: High Rankin 'Meow Meow' [Cheaper Thrills]
25: Bassbin Twins 'Whistle Choon' [Bassbin Records]
26: Reso 'Beasts In The Basement' [Civil Music]
27: Excision & Noize 'Force' [Rottun]
28: VENT 'Feedback' [Hardcore Beats]
29: Pyramid 'Trouble' [Funkatech]
30: VENT 'Encoded VIP' [Hardcore Beats]


Mix for the weekend - Freerange DJs


Big tunes from the Freerange Djs for this weeks mix of the week

01. FreeRange DJs - Intro
02. Wardian - Pokerfaze - Original Mix - Funn Dark Records
03. Wolfgang Gartner - Undertaker - Kindergarten
04. Javi Gongora - Studio Number 8 - Original Mix - iBreaks Spain
05. FreeRange DJs - Back To The Old Jack - Quadrat Beat Remix - Ape Music
06. DeeRobes, Dustin Holtan, Nikki Carabello - Get Ready - Keith Macenzie and DJ Fixx Remix - Static System
07. Idiot Boys - Crazy Saxo!! - Dopefish Remix - Dopefish Audio
08. Zoo Brazil - Fancy - Popof Remix - Taste/d Music
09. Bassnectar - Basshead - Original Mix - Basshead
10. Ed Rush & Optical - Chubrub - Original Mix - Virus
11. Dirtyphonics - Vandals - Original Mix - Audioporn
12. Noisia - Machine Gun - Original Mix -Vision

BRAP.FM Mixtape - April 2010 by FreerangeOlly


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mixmag Breakbeat Single Of The Month

Mixmag Breakbeat Single Of The Month

All Da Breaks is Mixmag Breakbeat Single Of The Month Funk YEAH!!!!!!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Super Deejay Bobzilla 'I.U.D.D.D. (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Mutate]


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Available from Trackitdown and Beatport

Press Release

A Founding partner of Mutate Records: Super Deejay Bobzilla is quite literally overjoyed to offer out his first full release on his rather spiffing label.

'I Usually Don't Do Dis' or I.U.D.D.D. as we lovingly call it here at Mutate HQ is a mouthwatering package of diverse styles from some of Electronic Dance Music's fostered sons.

The Original Mix takes you into the twisted, broken mind of Super Deejay Bobzilla himself, a purveyor of the jump-up funk since he was in nappies/dypers (delete as applicable). This full release on his beloved Mutate follows the huge success of his track 'Rip Dat Shit' on the highly acclaimed 'Mutations Vol 3' compilation.

Drafted in for remix duties are new additions to the Mutate Family: Perpetual Present who open up the remix package with a solid, tuff tech driven breaks remix, already receiving seriously high acclaim from many evangelists of bass.

Those bastions (or is that basterds?!) of the Breaks scene: Ben & Lex, deliver a big time, twist out breaks remix that, once again, stamps their authority as one of the breaks scene's freshest production teams and deserved Breakspoll winners.

This week: Down 3, at 3, are Unique 3 - Edzy's signature big boom sound transforms the original into a big tent rave offering that just can't wait to be released on the twisted festival crowds this summer.

In at 4 - Disco Assassins with their fresh as you like electro beat bonanza, aimed directly at those big room, prime slot dancefloors.

Adding some serious Sheffield Steel is our favourite closet circuit bender: Kickflip. This full release version is the 28th recording of his mix, such a perfectionist is this man, which is simply why he's one of the most talented producers in the country.

Kicking in the back door is Casual Bill - lifting the middle finger at the breakbeat rulebook, before unleashing the oversized beats is a Texan who is set become a familiar name on the lips of bass lovers worldwide.


SDB 'I Usually Don't (Ben and Lex Remix)' by Ben and Lex