Saturday, January 31, 2009

Matt Joyce Canvas

Last week or so on Twitter I noticed a tweet from themeekshall where he was giving away a few canvases... so I bang off a reply and et voila :)

I must admit i had no idea what this was when i picked it up from the post office

holy crap its a free canvas from themeekshall and stickers :D yay

My kick ass canvas from themeekshall


and a lil note from matt as well... :)


Friday, January 30, 2009

The Mega Rave | The Orb Special | 29/01/09

The Mega Rave | The Orb Special | 29/01/09

Its been a long time coming but this week on the SWU Mega rave I present to you 2 dubby, chilled out hours of The Orb. Relax chill out and have a snooze :)

01. The Orb 'Earth (Gaia)'
02. The Orb 'Tower Twenty Three (Spud V Kreature Mix)'
03. The Orb 'Assassin (Oasis Of Rhythms Mix)'
04. The Orb 'Blue Room (Part 1)'
05. Front 242 'Crapage (The Turd Mix By The Orb)'
06. The Orb 'Towers Of Dub
07. The Orb 'Toxygene'
08. The Orb 'O.O.B.E'
09. The Orb 'A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld (Loving You)'
10. The Orb 'Majestic (Millwall Mix)'
11. The Orb 'Back Side Of The Moon (Tranquility Lunar Orbit)'
12. The Orb 'Outlands'
13. The Orb 'Outro'


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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Metro Boy | | Download

Metro Boy | | 27/01/09

Brap time again with 2 hours of proper loopy, bleepy, minimal techno with the odd dash of weird prog rock esq stuff thrown in for you to listen to.

01. Butane 'From The Beginning' [Alphahouse]
02. Angel Alanis and Foursquare 'Drama Club' [Klientele]
03. Umek 'Spare Good For Me' [Hell Yeah]
04. Tony Rohr 'Foundhaus Ltd' [Clink]
05. JPLS 'Spooked' [Minus]
06. Click 'Box Sugar Pain' [Minus]
07. Umek 'Take A Look' [Audiomatique Recordings]
08. Stimming 'The Anger' [Liebe Detail]
09. Butch 'Earth (823's Crackpot In The Field Remix)' [Trapex Ltd]
10. Marc Houle 'Selection 12' [Minus]
11. Benjamin Vial 'The Bass and The Monkey (Metro Boy's More Bleep Remix)' [Plasmapool]
12. Daniele Papini 'Church Of Nonsense' [Alchemy]
13. Kobbe and Kevin Brown ft Mar C 'Voodoo Doctor' [Land Of Voodoo Recordings]
14. Anja Schneider 'Little Red Riding Hood' [Mobilee Records]
15. The Dolphin 'Haze Hard' [SCI+TEC Digital]
16. Tony Rohr 'Tre' [Drumcode]
17. A.Mochi 'Harvester' [Figure]
18. Lee Curtiss 'Trim' [Dumb Unit]
19. Mathew Jonson and Adam Beyer 'Marionette (Adam Beyer Remix)' [Wagon Repair]



Monday, January 26, 2009

Breakspoll Voting Has Opened


Hurrah its Breakspoll time yet again, when every man women and dog up for an award spams there mailing lists haha and were no exception.

This year me and Lex gave been nominated in two categories... Best DJ and Best Radio Show

Freaking rad :D

So yeah if you can spare a few mins pop over to and vote:

Best DJ - Ben and Lex
Best Radio Show - The Beatz and Bobz show with Ben and Lex

If you follow me on twitter, facebook, myspace etc have no fear as you'll be getting this mail there as well... time to roll out the spam train ;)


Benjamin Vial 'The Bass & The Monkey' [Plasmapool]

Benjamin Vial 'The Bass & The Monkey' [Plasmapool]

Following the acclaimed Locked In and Train EPs, from Benjamin Vial here is The Bass & The Monkey, his third EP on Plasmapool, to be released on February 12th. It comes with Metro Boy and Ben & Lex remixes.

Released by: Plasmapool (plasmadigi041) Feb 12, 2009


Ben & Lex - Tha Bizness (Benjamin Vial Remix)

It was a busy weekend in the APE Music office, remixes to sort out, tunes to write etc so we were pleasantly surprised, while on a quick break, to find this down right dirty techno remix from Benjamin Vial of our forthcoming tune 'Tha Bizness' in our inbox.

With other remixes coming from 2 Bit Thugs and Metro Boy its going to be a stormer :)

Release date... March ish


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Akai APC40 Video

The other week or so I posted up about the new Akai APC40 Ableton controller.

Well they have recently announced that its going to go on sale in May retailing at $399 (no price for the UK yet) plus I found this video of the controller in action.



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Beatz and Bobz Show | Mr No Hands | Download

The Beatz and Bobz Show | Mr No Hands | 19/01/09

We havent had a guest mix on the Beatz and Bobz Show for a while now so I was extremely happy when Mr No Hands popped up with a spanking x-rated mix for us to play. Chock full of killer tunes and cheeky re-edits Mr No Hands certainly drops the funk for us.

Also in this weeks show hot promo action from Far Too Loud, TCR, Rektchordz, Benjamin Vial and The Body Snatchers.

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 19/01/09

Ben and Lex

01. Bassbin Twins 'Ruffest' [Bassbin Records]
02. DB3 'Baader (Dreadzone Mix)' [Functional]
03. Koma and Bones 'Morphosis (Koma and Bones White Rabbit Mix)' [TCR]
04. Rektchordz 'Feed Your Head' (Elite Force Remix)' [U/A]
05. Splitloop 'Method V.I.P.' [Against The Grain]
06. Project Baseline 'Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats Remix)' [Cheap Thrills]
07. Unknown 'Come Dancing' [TCR]
08. Blue Effect 'Stop' [Functional]

Mr No Hands

09. Unknown 'CookingbytheBooklilBiggerMix' [white]
10. The Rolling Stones 'Satisfaction (DiscoTech Remix)' [white]
11. DrumAttic Twins 'Dont Be So Fuckin DrumAttic' [Finger Lickin]
12. Peace Division 'Club Therapy (Stanton Warriors Remix)' [NRK]
13. X-Press 2 'Smoke Machine (James Talk Remix)' [Global Underground]
14. Mr No Hands 'Chuggy' [No Handed Music]
15. Justin Martin 'The Water Song' [Buzzin Fly]
16. Plump DJs 'System Addict (Mr No Hands... 'Remix'?)' [white]
17. The Prodigy 'Invaders Must Die (Splitloop Remix)' [white]
18. Friendly 'It's The Weekend (Mr No Hands Krafty Kuts)' [white]
19. Dekoy 'Cadillac Crash' [Diverted Traffic]
20. Mr No Hands 'Button Down (Groove Diggerz Remix)' [No Handed Music]
21. NoHanded1 Vs A.Williams 'Music To Rock Girls Thighs' [white]

Ben and Lex

22. Blue Effect 'Stop (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Functional]
23. Deadmau5 'Reward is More Cheese' [Rising Music]
24. Benjamin Vial 'Temporize' [CDR]
25. The Body Snatchers 'Club Beat Internationale' [Passenger]
26. Marcus Rombo 'Bringing (Peo De Pitte Remix)' [Flat Out]
27. DJ Kool 'Let Me Clear My Throat (Unknown Remix)' [CDR]
28. Human Resource 'Dominator (Herve Remix)' [R/S]
29. Diplo 'Blow Your Head' [Mad Decent]
30. Far Too Loud 'All Is Machine (Specimen A Remix)' [Funkatech]

Back in two weeks time with a truck load of spam to throw at your for it is indeed Breakspoll time again :)


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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beatz and Bobz 2009


Hello People

Beatz & Bobz roll into the 12th year of breakin on the streets with some tasty gigs of all styles for the masses.

We have everything from breaks, dubstep, reggae, hip hop + more

And if you have 5 minutes please vote for us at the South West Drum & Bass & Breaks Awards -

please vote

Ben & Lex for best south west breaks dj's

Beatz & Bobz for best night

And vote for Biff in the outstanding contribution award as he has been pushing the breaks scene for 12 years with Beatz & Bobz aswell as taking the sound to Glastonbury, Glade & the rest

Also in the D & B Awards please vote for the Rinseout Family, Reform Records for best record shop and for best website


Beatz & Bobz Crew


Friday 13th Feb
Ben & Lex/James Gill
9-2 Cavern Club
£7 + bf

Sat 14th Feb
Ben & Lex/First Aid
8.30 - 1 Exeter Phoenix
£12 + bf

Friday 6th March
Joe Rebel/Sketchy
9-1 Cavern
£6 + bf in adv

Friday 13th March
Joint Pres Hospitality/Cool & Deadly
MC Wrec/MC Script
Mystery/Ben & Lex
9-2 Lemon Grove
£12 + bf in adv

Ticket for all shows available from Reform Records, Phoenix, &


Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Akai APC40 Is As Sexy As Hell


How sexy is this..... mmmm I so want one, best get saving my pennies then I reckons.

More info on the Akai site


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free Delivery on APE Hoddies n' Tees


Just got word from Fly Beat that Spreadshirt are doing free delivery till thursday :)

Order until Thursday and get free-delivery! To get the delivery charges knocked off, simply enter the NOCOSTPOST voucher code when going through checkout.

Get your APE goodies here


Metro Boy | | 13/01/09 | Download

Metro Boy | | 13/01/09

1st show of the new year and its wham straight into 2 hours of proper loopy bleep minimal techno for you to listen to. Also in the show I play my final remix of Benjamin Vials 'The Bass The Monkey' plus the lost remix ;)

01. The Inventors Of Aircraft 'It's Calmer Outside' [Serein]
02. Marion Krupa 'Bershka' [Empedo Records]
03. Richard Dinsdale 'She Wants Me Re-Wired (Chris Barratt Remix)' [Spin Out]
04. Laidback Luke 'Break Down The House (Hardwell Rehab Remix)' [Mix Mash]
05. Benjamin Vial 'The Bass The Monkey (Metro Boy's More Monkey Mix)' [Plasmapool]
06. Paco Osuna 'Alarm' [Plus8]
07. Dubfire 'Roadkill' [Toolroom]
08. DJ Simi 'Errore di Sistema' [Sci+Tec Digital]
09. Popof 'The Chomper (LSD Version)' [Turbo Recordings]
10. Benjamin Vial 'The Bass The Monkey (Metro Boy's More Bleep Remix)' [Plasmapool]
11. Popof 'Tempered Dance' [Turbo Recordings]
12. Perc 'Cylinder Swing' [CLR]
13. JPLS 'Combination 03' [Minus]
14. Marco Carola 'Swingback' [Plus8]
15. Perc and Fractal 'Up' [Kompakt]
16. Chris Liebing 'Puckelbop' [CLR]
17. Adam Beyer 'Swedish Silver' [Drumcode]
18. Miro Pajic 'Help I'm In Berlin' [Klickhaus]


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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Void Radio | | Ben and Lex | Archive


Huzzah. a top show of random tunage last night . big shouts to all that tuned in and came into the chat room Smiley was much fun indeed.

01. Shogun 'Wind Dancer (Remix)' [R/S]
02. Amen Andrews vs Spa Hand Luke 'Amen Andrews' [Rephlex]
03. Radioactive Man 'Sight and SOund' [Rotters Golf Club]
04. Dee Kline, Nu Breed, Ransom, Phil K 'bushpig' [Super Charged]
05. Digital Underground 'The Humpty Dance' [Tommy Boy]
06. Baobinga 'Russian Roulette' [Fustrax]
07. Tango 'War For 94 (Badman Remix)' [IQ Records]
08. Search and Destroy 'Brain Teaser' [Texture]
09. Juju 'Zombie' [Phuture Records]
10. Who Is Who 'Spot The Difference' [Electrix Records]
11. S.I. Futures 'Eurostar (Tipper Remix 2)' [Novamute]
12. Cristian Vogel 'Contentment Bison' [Tresor]
13. DJ Rap 'Spiritual Aura (Freestylers Remix)' [Proper Talent]
14. MMM 'J-Beez' [MMM]
15. LFO 'Pathfinder' [Warp]
16. Brothers Love Dub 'Mighty Ming (Plump DJs Remix)' [Decode]
17. Underworld 'Bruce Lee (Micronauts Remix)' [JBO]
18. Massive Attack vs Mad Professor 'Three (Trinity Dub)' [Wild Bunch Records]
19. Skream 'Movin Snares' [Disfigured Dubs]
20. DJ Zinc 'Tuned Air' [Running]
21. Eat Static 'Gulf Breeze' [Planet Dog]
22. Laurent Garnier '022' [F Communication]



Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Painting

Ahh Sundays a day for snoozing on the sofa and painting on canvas.

Today I finished the second of my paintings for the front room. Simple style but they both fit well together :)

Still a bit wet ;)

Both together in the front room.

I have no idea what im going to paint next. In fact I should probably concentrate on my secret project ;)


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Littlesouth DJ Of The Year - Morphosis


Having DJ'd with Jack 'Morphosis' many a time he has never failed to blow me away with his tight mixing skills so congratulations on winning the Littlesouth DJ Of The Year :)

"Cor blimey! Where do you start...? I am of course massively chuffed Littlesouthto have won this accolade, and when you look at the competition it means even more, there are some seriously talented individuals within the Littlesouth Fold, which I'm sure you'll agree bodes well for the South West party scene in 2009!...

Read more over at Littlesouth


Wi-fi in Exeter Guide


View Larger Map

I've spent the past few days looking up on the web for a reliable guide to wi-fi hot spots in Exeter and the only ones I found were horribly outdated so after having a chat with my friend Neil Cocker on Twitter he set up and so off the back of that I've followed suit and set up

The Google map is fully open to the public to add venues, comments and suggestions.

When adding a venue please stipulate whether the wi-fi is free or paid. Also, if you can add details such as size, atmosphere, prices etc it would be useful for people who don't know the area/venue.

Pease make free wi-fi GREEN, and paid wi-fi BLUE. Please feel free to suggest other categories. :)

If you're signed into Google then just click on "Edit" and it should be simple from there, or search for the venue and add to map

So spread the word about and lets get this guide full up so the people of Exeter will never be without the internet :)

Huge thanks to and Neil Cocker for the initial idea and support. Also check out

Ohh and any idea to make this better etc send them to


Friday, January 9, 2009

Benjamin Vial 'The Bass The Monkey' - The Remixes

Me and Lex were asked to remix the new Benjamin Vial release for Plasmapool a while back and after the trauma of my hard drive crashing, losing a remix, and numerous mishaps both remixes are now finished and have been sent off to Plasmapool for release :)

So as a sneak peek here are the unmastered tunes for you to listen to... enjoy

Benjamin Vial 'The Bass The Monkey (Ben and Lex's Wonkey Monkey Remix)'

Benjamin Vial 'The Bass The Monkey (Metro Boy's Monkey Bleep Mix)'


Ben and Lex 'Haterz'

Ez all, just a quick post up of a new tune me and Lex are working on...

Proper chuffed that its already been signed, I think, or its in the process anyways. So fingers crossed this will be released as soon as weve finished it off :)


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

THE! New Years Party - Videos

Bit late I know but just a quick post to say thanks to everyone who came along to this years THE! New Years Party in Exeter. All of the rooms were rammed and everyone one seems to have a right royal rave up :)

Heres some crappy footage...

Maxxi P having a rinse

Ben and Lex playing... The Killers 'Mr Brightside (Bass Weazal vs Mikey Hook Killer Dub)'

Theres a bunch of photos over on flickr as well :)

Also I'm working on getting the recording of me and lexys set... haha should be interesting as I cant seem to remember any tunes we played.. hmm did I drink that many cocktails ;)


The Beatz and Bobz Show | 05/01/09 | Download

The Beatz and Bobz Show | 05/01/09

Seems like ages since weve done a show on NSB... and due to the holiday ups and downs the much anticipated 'Round up of 2008' has be postponed till the 19th January I'm afraid but fear not as this show is jam packed with fresh new tunes for 2009 :)

Worldwide exclusive play of our new tune 'Haterz' as well as new stuff from Against The Grain, Functional, Silo plus fresh dubs from the likes of AC Slater, 2 Bit Thugs and Freq Nasty.

01. Elite Force 'Here Come The Flow (Gella Mix)' [UA]
02. LDV VS Boonos 'Heated'
03. Bassbin Twins 'Ruffest' [Bassbin Records]
04. Takomo 'Departure' [Polar Red]
05. Dekor vs Rob Focuz 'Bob Hopeless' [Diverted Traffic]
06. Noisia 'Seven Stitches' [Diversion Recordings]
07. Splitloop 'Party People (Rico Tubbs and Will Power Remix)' [Against The Grain]
08. Nadastrom 'Pussy' [Dubsided]
09. Dilemn '1st Class' [Silo]
10. Reso 'If Ya Can't Beat Em' [Civil Music]
11. Splitloop 'Method One V.I.P' [Against The Grain]
12. Drop The Lime 'I Love NY (Baobinga's Fuck Up Like Woah Remix)'
13. 2 Live Crew 'Party (2 Bit Thugs Badboy Bmore 2x2 Remix)'
14. Deadmau5 'Reward Is More Cheese' [Rising Music]
15. Plump DJs 'Beat Myself Up' [Finger Lickin]
16. Blue Effect 'Stop (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Functional]
17. Jay Stewart 'The Shuffle (Mr No Hands Remix)' [Breakin Even]
18. Calvertron vs Banga 'Whoop (NAPT Remix)' [Destination?]
19. Ben and Lex 'Haterz'
20. Deekline and Wizard 'Back Up (AC Slater Dub Remix)' [Supercharged]
21. Hostage 'Ain't No Man' [Nightshifters]
22. Human Resource 'Dominator (Herv Remix)' [RS]
23. Jaimie Fanatic and DJ Rockid 'Move and Mingle' [We Are All Kidz]
24. Muse ' Knights Of Cydonia (FFS Remix)'
25. Freq Nasty vs Propa Tingz 'Peacemaker (Dub)'
26. Dizze Rascal 'Sirens (Chase and Staus Remix)'

Download | Mirror

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting fit...


Tis too cold in the mornings to get up and go for as swim.. brr . So in the mean time I might try the 100 push up challange. I don't think I can even do 1 push up haha so this might be interesting :)


Blue Effect - Stop [Ben & Lex Remix] - Review


Looks like the remix me and Lex have done for Blue Effects 'Stop' is out and about promo wise. Know I've tried to translate this via Yahoo!s bablefish but it made no sense... anyways I reckons its a good review... I hope haha ;)

Dan Cahill e Phil Licinio, in arte Blue Effect, direttamente da Exeter, patria di Beatz & Bobz, sotto l'imprinting della Functional danno vita ad un incisione dai bassi assai profondi, pregna d'influssi dub e potenti sciabolate elettroniche, condita d'umori anche east-orientali, a 138 bpm, fascinosa e suggestiva espressione breaks indotta, assai efficace per atmosfere ed enfasi nell'original version. Ci pensano i soliti Ben & Lex ad apparecchiare un remix più congruo per i dancefloor, abbassando le battute a 133 per minuto ma non perderdo in energia, con un andamento che infine risulta anche più mosso, ben corroborato e ondivago nelle sequenze, grasse a sufficienza e stradaiole. Sicuro l'effetto ma solo per gli amanti più puristi del suono breakbeat.

Aurelio Cianciotta

Review Link
Blue Effect Myspace


Saturday, January 3, 2009

R.I.P lil Miggs


You will be missed :(