Friday, October 24, 2008

The Mega Rave | Bristol DnB Special | Download

The Mega Rave | Bristol DnB Special | Download

This is more like it... The Sound Of Bristol... 2 hours of proper Drum and Bass from the likes of Krust, Die, Suv, Roni Size from back in the day on Full Cycle, V Recordings and Dope Dragon. Classic stuff indeed, not like the rubbish you get now-a-days ;)

01. Scorpio ft Leonie 'Breakbeat Era' [Full Cycle]
02. Reprazent 'Trust Me' [Talking Loud]
03. DJ DIe 'Reincarnations' [Full Cycle]
04. Roni Size 'Fashion' [V Recordings]
05. Roni Size 'Fresh (Mask Remix)' [V Recordings]
06. Gang Related and Mask ft Dynamite 'Oh My Gosh!' [Dope Dragon]
07. DJ Krust 'Jazz Note II' [V Recordings]
08. Tali 'Lyric On My Lip (DJ Marky and XRS Remix)' [Full Cycle]
09. Die and Clipz 'Good Old Days' [Full Cycle]
10. Die 'Autumn (Commix Remix)' [Liquid V]
11. Roni Size 'Dayz' [V Recordings]
12. Mask 'Reese' [Dope Dragon]
13. Suv 'Parklands' [Full Cycle]
14. Krust 'Set Speed (Krust Remix)' [V Recordings]
15. DJ Krust 'Warhead (TC Remix)' [V Recordings]
16. Roni Size 'Phizical (Ray Keith Remix)' [V Recordings]
17. Lemon D 'I Can't Stop' [V Recordings]
18. Krust 'Guess' [V Recordings]
19. DJ Krust 'Angles' [V Recordings]
20. DJ Krust 'Quiz Show' [Full Cycle]
21. Heist 'Jazz Time' [Full Cycle]
22. Roni Size 'Its Jazzy (Felix Road Remix)' [V Recordings]
23. DJ Die 'Live and Direct' [Full Cycle]
24. Roni Size 'Snapshot' [Full Cycle]
25. Roni Size and DJ Die 'It's A Big Up Ting (Utah Jazz Remix)' [V Records UK]
26. Gang Related and Mask 'Sky' [Dope Dragon]
27. D Bridge 'China Cup' [Liquid V]
28. DJ Die and Roni Size '11.55 (Gangsta Mix)' [Full Cycle]
29. Die 'Jitta Bug' [Full Cycle]
30. Roni Size 'Fassy Hole' [V Recordings]
31. Reprazent 'Out Of The Game' [Talking Loud]
32. Mask 'Square Off (Roni Size Remix)' [Dope Dragon]


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Back on the 6th November with most likely and old skool indie show gaze session :D

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