Thursday, May 29, 2008

[label freebie] midnightminustwo mix


Quick plug for a new net label run by my good friend Clodhoppa and because the 'mini mix' label sampler has my all time favorite James Fox tune on it 'Imagine That' :)

midnightminustwo (or mmii for short) was born at the arse end of 2007 when Phil Clodhoppa lost his job and spent far too much time in a record shop with Alexander Church, head honcho of Midnight Recordings. As Midnight’s roster was increasing, its scope of music was in danger of becoming too diluted, and it wanted to return to its roots of deep driving house. midnightminustwo was created as a sister label to release all forms of electronica and more, focusing less on singles and the vinyl market (which midnight recordings still pushes) in favour of concentrating on albums, eps and solid releases in the digital domain.

Yes, we have a manifesto. It makes us feel all important and stuff.

It’s the digital age, there’s no getting away from it. It’s egalitarian, it’s liberating, it’s opened the floodgates, along with technology that turned the spare bedroom in every 3rd house into a studio. In the age of free downloads, p2p sharing and the whole social networking thing, where everyone can be the next Lily Allen, we still believe that there is room for a traditional ‘record’ company to exist, so long as it follows some basic rules. So, we use modern media and classic ideas. Releasing in digital, but making sure that the listener gets the same feeling you get unwrapping a new cd; cohesive releases spanning genres, quality artwork to print and keep, stringent quality control and sticking to our guns when it comes to what we want to release. We know it when we hear it. So will you.

Any label’s lifeblood is (or at least should be) its artists. Apart from the obvious fact that without them you’d have nothing to release, artist development and involvement is crucial at this grass roots level. It’s as much about attitude as it is chord progression, good music always has been. Put it this way, if you’d rather listen to Johnny Cash playing one chord, or a whole Katie Melua concert, which would you pick? (by the way, if the answer’s a Katie Melua concert, sorry for wasting your time, you can probably stop reading now). We sign people we believe in, people with passion, and people who believe in our passion too.

Patience is a virtue, and we’re not in the business of providing you with fast food. mmii’s main concern is releases with longevity, releases you want to phone people up and talk about, releases that you pick up again in a year and hear new things for the first time.

We’re working with James Fox on a 6 track follow up to his debut release on Myuzyk. Full of northern promise, this mancunian is currently on a cultural exchange in London. Also known as Strategy he’s trod a steady path through years of graft on the dj circuit that’s led him to this, an e.p. chock full of depth, groove, atmosphere and a definite individual style. Having enjoyed his dj sets and radio shows it’s a joy to be able to show him off a bit on the label.

OG is a new kid to releasing tunes, but it doesn’t really show. Merging beats, rhythms and melodies from dance music that was around a long time before he was, with influences of broken beat, glitch, ragga and the huge heaviness of old school dub sound systems this ep is going to seriously mash up some heads.

Label owner Phil Clodhoppa’s finally putting his money where his mouth is and releasing the Clodhoppa album ‘Looking for the Exit’ on mmii. Having seen releases under the guises of ebb and kovacs (breakbeat) and koro inu (dub based house business), and radio shows on, breaks fm and now and dj sets up and down the country, Clodhoppa now presents a full album of dub, jazz and drum and bass inspired broken beat. With tentative steps onto the circuit already made, the live band will be out in force to support this release.

the free stuff

click here to grab the half hour mix of six tunes, two each from james fox, og and clodhoppa

click here to get the artwork with full credits and info for your cd.


Phonic.FM update and New Tune


Looks like we maybe returning to, but not for 6 months odd. Basically due to the station only running from 6pm-12pm weekdays and all over the weekend they didn't have room to fit us in at the time and day we wanted :( but its not the end of the world as in 6 months time they will be reviewing the station and doing a bit of shuffling with the shows etc and we've been given first dibs this time. Hurrah... so hopefully we will have the summer off and then return to in the winter.

So to brighten up our day I've uploaded a very very sneak peek of the new Ben and Lex tune, its not 100% finished or titled etc yet but heres the work in progress.


Riva Starr, Goodread, and more


Hello, its been a while since I rambled on instead of promoting radio shows and such so I thought share some new stuff with you all.

I've just been txt'd by Lex about our show, and by the looks of it our show is no more :( we were pretty strict on the day and time we could do, Thursdays 8-10pm, and I suppose thats the reason why we cant have a show anymore on the station. Ah well fingers crossed we will return to the local airwaves at some point and as soon as I've spoken to Lex to get the full story I'll let you know.

But some good news. Riva Starr has remixed 'Wind It Back' which came out on Silo Records the other year. Silo are having a re-launch this year and they have got some big names on board like Afghan Headspin, Deep Groove and Dilemn to give there back cat a re-lick.

Finally some programs and websites I'm loving at the moment. Digsby rocks my world. All my social sites and msn/gmail/aim etc all in one place. I'm sure I've mentioned it before on this blog but its worth mentioning again.

Twhirl is my Twitter client of choice at the moment. Simple and easy to use with all the features I need. You can follow me on Twitter here

Goodreads is a site i found yesterday and I've only just signed up but it will be interesting to see what books I have been reading and what my friends are reading at the moment as well.

Thats it for now, I'll be plugging The Beatz and Bobz Show laters this week as weve got NASS and Air tickets to give away and news about APE 10 which is out on Monday.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Metro Boy | Podcast | June


Bah I had mucho troubles with the stream on Tuesdays show, buffering, disconnections etc. So I thought instead of mashin together all the little bits of the archive I'd rather do a quick mix instead.

So for this week I give you a sweet mix of all the new tunes I have just bought. No talking just an hour and a half of tuneage.


01. Lee Van Dowski and Agnes 'Louder Elvis'
02. Anja Scchneider 'Little Red Riding Hood'
03. Kevin Gorman 'SevenEightNine'
04. Kate Lawler 'Screw You'
05. Rekorder 'Rekorder 00'
06. Prec 'Cylinder Swing'
07. Alex Bau 'Halifax Funk'
08. Chris Liebing 'Bangbop'
09. Matthew Jonson and Adam Beyer 'Big Dipper'
10. Perc 'Serious Moonlight'
11. Matthew Jonson and Adam Beyer 'Marionette (Adam Beyer Remix)'
12. Chris Liebing 'B'
13. Butch '1000 Lords (Popof Remix)'
14. Alex Bau 'Summer In Moncton'
15. Christian Smith and John Selway 'Total Departure'


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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Metro Boy | | 27/05/08


Its cold and wet outside but have no fear as I return to this week with 2 hours of proper bleep-tastic minimal techno to get you warmed up and grooving.

Quite a few new tunes to play this week, tracks from Wagon Repair, CLR and Drumcode. So tune in from 6pm till 8pm (gmt) on, don't forget to come in the chat room and say hello as well.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

APE Music Coming To Beats Digital


While I'm sorting out the uploads for APE 10 I thought I'd let you all know that it will be available on the Beats Digital site as well as Beatport, DJ Download, Trackitdown, Additech, Breakbeatonline etc.

Also I've noticed that a few sites arent up to date with all th releases so it looks like I'll be sorting that out as well :D


APE Music 10.... Coming soon


Ok I know its been a while, but real life sometimes gets in the way.. anyways me and Lexy have brought our APE back out of its cage and going digital.

After a short hiatus, Ben and Lex’s APE Label roars back into the forefront of the Break beat scene with a pounding Triple A-side release from the head honcho’s themselves.

Meathouse does exactly what it says on the tin. its meaty and its house... the biggest kick drum alive being beaten by the heavy ass wobble bass for 7 mins of heads down chugging action.

Space Docking is a rollin' dance floor monster with a massive synth riff, classic chopped up breaks and a whole lotta bounce for the ounce. Big with Rennie Pilgrem

Wet Sack is a huge whomping bass beast with stupid fat beats, lil rave vocal stabs which deliver on every level

Release date is penciled in for June 2nd... promo's going out this weekend/monday so keep an eye on your inbox :)


Mega Rave | Techno Sessions


The Mega Rave returns and its Techno.

Just over two hours of badly mixed Techno for your listening pleasure this week. This show highlighted that fact that my ancient 16+ year old mixer is in need of an upgrade, but I am to poor to afford one ;) Anyways listening back its not that bad over all, the tunes are proper 100% vinyl pounding techno with a few acid cuts thrown in for good measure so turn it up and get your stomp on

01. Patrick Pulsinger 'Construction Tool' [R&S]
02. TJR 'Time Bomb' [ToraToraTora]
03. Rototype 'Emulator' [Planet Rhythm]
04. Green Velvet 'Shake & Pop' [Relief Records]
05. Steve Poindexter 'Work That Mutha' [Dance Mania]
06. Adam Beyer 'Drumcode 2.1' [Drumcode]
07. DJ Rush 'Freaks On Hubbard (Dave Clarke Mix)' [Pro-Jex]
08. JB 'Forklift (Luke Slater's Filtered Remix)' [Novamute]
09. Mauro Picotto & Riccardo Ferri 'New Time New Place (Eric Sneo Remix)' [T:Classixx]
10. Jeff Mills 'Phase 4' [Tresor]
11. Adam Beyer 'Drumcode 21.5' [Drumcode]
12. Clone 4 'Clone 4' [Clone]
13. Wink 'Evil Acid' [Ovum]
14. Minus Orange 'Track A' [Minus]
15. Plantery Assualt System 'In From The Night' [Peacefrog]
16. Devilfish 'Man Alive (Past)' [Bush]
17. Clone 5 'Clone 5' [Clone]
18. Joey Beltram 'Ball Park' [Tresor]
19. Unknown 'That Fuct Camera' [White Label]
20. Gaetek 'Untitled' [Tortured]
21. Grudge 'Liar' [Tortured]
22. John Starlight 'Blood Angles' [Superstar DJ]
23. JB 'Beliver' [Novamute]
24. Ben Long '12 Inchz' [Tortured]
25. Johannes Heil 'Paranoid Dancer' [Kanzleramt]
26. Laurent Garnier 'Crispy Bacon' [F Communication]
27. Vitalic 'Pony Part 1' [Gigalo Records]
28. Jeff Mills 'Changing Life' [Tresor]


Back in two weeks time with either a deep/funky house show or a old skool jungle techno Mega Rave, I think I'll see how sunny it is before i decide but in the mean time join the Facebook Group and Subscribe to the Podcast to be kept up to date with Mega Rave happenings.

Past Shows
The Mega Rave | Drum and Bass Sessions | 08/05/08
The Mega Rave | Mash-Up Jackin Sessions | 24/04/08


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Techno Mega Rave on SWU Radio


Its Thursday again and its time for the Mega Rave on SWU Radio. Its all about the Techno this week as i dust off more vinyl and see in what condition my old records are in haha.

Tune in tonight on from 6-8pm (gmt) and pop in the chat room to say hello


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ben & Lex 'Tuna (601 Remix / Si Begg Re-Edit)'


Hurrah... Finally the Si Begg Re-edit of the 601 Remix of me and Lex's tune 'Tuna' is now available to download :)

Polar Red has been rocked this week by an act of sonic vandalism! The culprit, a Mr Si Begg, has taken apart 601's remix of Tuna by Ben & Lex, rearranged it to suit his own ends and sent us it back after it's thorough kicking! We here at Polar Red thought that you lot would want to own this sonic shoeing or, Re-edit as it is known, and so Si has agreed to let us release the offending article.

Ben & Lex-Tuna (601 remix) Begged! is now available exclusively at Beatport You can listen and buy it here

Also if your feeling the Begg-ness check out the Beatz and Bobz Show with Si Begg on the guest mix


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NASS Festival


Got some more info on the forthcoming NASS festival at Shepton Mallet, Bath and West Showgrounds this June :)


The only and best place in the UK to see top action sports, pro competitions, with a chance to try your luck on the pro courses for one weekend only

We will be focusing on skate, bmx, inline and FMX. Every aspect will be improved from courses and set ups to prize money and visibility. We’re bringing in the best athletes in each discipline to make sure you get value for money.

This year’s NASS music line-up is the best to date bringing in some big names in everything from rock to dance. PENDULUM will be headlining on Friday night keeping the dance heads entertained and Saturday will see LESS THAN JAKE do their only UK date of the summer supported by rock heavyweights, THE SUBWAYS and DOES IT OFFEND YOU YEAH? We have now confirmed plenty more acts so why not check out our music section to see who else will playing at Relentless NASS 08!

Don't miss it...

Relentless Bar - Hosted By Streetwise Music In association with NSB Radio

Relentless will be having a few live acoustic sets played on the band stand so keep checking back here for more info, meanwhile the lineup to perform at the bar is looking like this:

"Streetwise has been pushing the cutting edge sounds of Breakbeat for the best part of 10 years. Our releases are always well upfront and our selection is impeccable and as one of the UK's Coolcut Retailers we have played a significant part in shaping the music played by Djs around the world. To showcase this we have invited some close friends down to show what Streetwise is all about." /



NSB Radio started as an off-shoot of the award winning website, and has grown so large since its inception 4 years ago that it now boasts a near 24/7 live radio experience featuring over a hundred DJs from all around the World. NSB Radio was voted Best Radio Station at the 2008 Breakspoll Awards. Saturday will be broadcast live all day on NSB Radio, Check their site for more details. /


The Beatz and Bobz Show | Rico Tubb | Archive


Rave extreme!! A slightly extended show for you all this week. The Rico Tubb's guest mix is proper wonk, showcaseing new stuff from his forthcoming 'Knuckle Sandwich' album on Menu Music.

Also we give a peak at the new forthcoming APE release and details of our NASS competition which will be happening during out next show on the 2nd June.

01. Si Begg 'Are You A Big Boy DJ' [Noodles]
02. Ben and Lex 'Meat House' [APE]
03. Strider 'Tokyo Landing (Brothers Bud Remix)' [Splank!]
04. Refunk 'Mr Mole (Rektchordz Remix)' [Re:connect]
05. Rennie Pilgrem 'Drumma (Zodiac Cartel Remix)' [TCR]
06. Freq Nasty vs Bassnectar 'Viva Tibet (East and West Mix)' []
07. Jay Stewart 'Rico Tubbs Dub)' [Menu]
08. Dom Almond 'Your Addiction' [Pure Filth]
09. The Wrongstar Society 'Drink Till She Is Beutiful (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Unstable]
10. Brothers Bud 'The Sting' [Finger Lickin]
11. House Of Pain 'Jump Around 2007 (Micky Slim Remix)' [White]
12. Mars and The Phat Riderz 'Communistic Funky Beat (Afghan Headspin Remix)' [XSSR]
13. Hostage 'Stab Up' [CDR]
14. Shodan 'Big Sound' [Downbeat]

Rico Tubbs Guest Mix | Start

15. Wu-Tang Clan 'The Jump Off (Bird Peterson Remix)' [CDR]
16. The Count and Sinden 'Beeper (Fake Blood Remix)' [Domino]
17. Rico Tubbs 'It Gets No Better' [Menu]
18. Superstyle Deluxe 'Make It Rough' [Payback Project]
19. Rico Tubbs 'Ghetto Funk Baby' [Menu]
20. Young MC 'Know How (Aaron LaCrate and Debonair Samir Remix)' [CDR]
21. Rico Tubbs 'The Party' [Menu]
22. Aquasky feat Ragga Twins 'Give It up VIP (Rico Tubbs Edit)' [Passenger / CDR]
23. Jaimie Fanatic 'Breack Ya Neck' [PBR Recordings]
24. High Eight 'Coming To (Blazerflame remix)' [Re:connect]
25. JS23 'Stomp To My Boot' [CDR]
26. Krome and Time 'This Sound Is For The Underground (Rico Tubbs Edit)' [Suburban Base / CDR]

Rico Tubbs Guest Mix | End

27. ACDC 'Thunderstruck (Crookers Remix)' [CDR]
28. The Prodigy 'Poison (Calverton and Will Bailey Remix)' [CDR]
29. Plump DJs 'Rocket Soul' [Finger Lickin]
30. The Body Snatchers 'Call Me (Blende Mix)' [Passenger]
31. Parker 'Western Soul (Miles Dyson Remix)' [Rocstar Records]


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Monday, May 19, 2008

Plump DJs = RAVE


Quite frankly Friday night was RAVE. in fact beyond rave.

The Plumps tore the freaking roof off the place and Gilly, Andromeda and of course me and Lex did a top notch job in support.

Big ups to the Beatz and Bobz crew for this one... Rennie Pilgrem next month :)

more photos can be found on flickr


The Beatz & Bobz Show | RICO TUBBS | Tonight 9-11pm


Tonights the night............

To celebrate the release of Rico Tubb's new album 'Knuckle Sandwich' we got a super exclusive mix from the man himself.... judging by the tracklisting this mix is going to be :MEGARAVE:

Plus you get some tunes and random bollocks from me and lexy as well :D

so tune in tonight from 9-11pm (GMT) on NSB Radio


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Metro Boy | | 13/05/08


Hurrah. Back on with a slightly extended show of full on techno bleepy madness. Finally worked out how to get the loop function working via my Tigger Finger so it loopy bleepy tastic this week haha.


01. Leeks 'Crooked' [Freaks Culture Records]
02. Paco Osuna 'Alarm' [Plus 8]
03. Shonky 'Time Zero (Paul Ritch Remix) [Freak N Chic]
04. DIM 'Sysiphos' [Turbo Recordings]
05. The Dolphins 'Haze Hard' [SCI+Tec Digital Audio]
06. Perc and Fractal 'Up' [Kompakt]
07. Marco Carola 'Swing Back' [Plus 8]
08. D.Ramirez 'With Me Or Against Me (Tocadisco's Carnival In Rio Mix' [Toolroom]
09. Plastikman 'Spastik (Dubfire Rework)' [Minus]
10. Series 02 'Series 02' [Series 02]
11. SIDE B 'Tempura' [WC Recordings]
12. Superflu 'Elite Beat Agents' [Herzblut Recordings]
13. Stephan Bodzin 'Mondfahrt' [Herzblut Recordings]
14. JPLS 'Green01 (Skoozbot Remix)' [Minus]
15. Perc 'Work Harder' [Perc Trax]
16. Marco Bailey and Tom Hades 'Blast' [MB Electronics]
17. Riva Starr 'WTF' [Dirty Bird]
18. Popof 'The Chomper (LSD Version)' [Turbo Recordings]
19. Adem Beyer 'Swedish Silver' [Drumcode]
20. Fergie 'Senderon' [Excentric Muzik]
21. Popof 'Tempered Dance' [Turbo Recordings]
22. Shin Nishimura 'Ying Yang' [Mexxotino]
23. Paolo Mojo 'Home' [OOSH Music]
24. Paco Osuna 'Orbeat' [Plus 8]
25. Chris Liebing 'D' [CLR]
26. Maetrik 'Kamtron' [Treibstaff]
27. Chris Liebing 'Puckelbop' [CLR]
28. Dubfire 'Roadkill' [Toolroom]
29. Popof 'The Chomper (LSD Version)' [Turbo Recordings]
30. Phil Kieran 'Missp' [Cocoon Recordings]


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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beatz and Bobz | Plump DJs | 16/05/08


This is going to be BIG.

Beatz and Bobz returns this Friday for perhaps one of the most eagerly awaited returns of the Breakbeat Gods.. The Plump DJs. They've got a new album out which is set to be another award winning smasher for them so we are delighted that they have come back to play for us.

Not only have we got the Plump DJs but me and Lex are in support along side DJ Andromeda and birthday boy James Gill.

There are very few ticket left for this event so try Reform Records (01392 435577), Solo (01392 425 307), The Guild 01392 263 518) or try wegottickets.

See you at the front :)


Monday, May 12, 2008

Metro Boy | | 13/05/08


After the problems with the Brap.FM server last week I'm back with another 2 hours of super bleepy techno.

Due to buying GTA 4 and the sunny weather I still haven't finished the 'Unofficial' remix of Ami J but fingers crossed I'll have it done soon.

So tune in on Brap.FM 6-8pm (gmt) and trip out and get in the chat to say hello.


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Rico Tubbs Guest Mix


OOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooh look what we've got for your listening pleasure. Its only man of the moment 'Rico Tubbs' :)

To celebrate the release of his new album 'Knuckle Sandwich' on Menu Music we've got an exclusive mix from Rico Tubbs plus we shall be rinsing the rave as usual and bringing you news about the much awaited new APE release from me and Lex.

Quick blurb about Rico and his new album.

Take a little bit of Baltimore, add a dash of rave stabs, throw in a little hip hop sample here and there, then allow to cook for 6 minutes with a massive bassline, and what do you get? This amazing LP that will blow you mind.

Rico Tubbs - The finish lion of everything funk is here and he aint going anywhere till you bow at his overly skin tight jeans and kiss his ethically sound sneakers…. and this is exactly what you will be doing when you hear his brand new album Knuckle Sandwich on Menu Music. Featuring the club monster Gangsters, this full length player is packed to the brim with full on monster mashout’s.

Menu could not keep it down any longer and with unprecedented early support from Tayo, Krafty Kuts, Soul Of Man, Si Begg, Deekline, Stanton Warriors, Switch, Crookers, Drop The Lime & Sinden you know this is going to be special (especially when half the DJs are on our case for the tracks!)

Rico’s sound has developed over time with all his releases on Menu, and various other releases & remix’s on other labels. But we think that he’s hit the nail firmly on the head with this set. Bottom heavy UK garage influenced bass lines, hip hop samples, cracking snares, and Baltimore grooves. Rico pulls it all in to make a heady album for your feet. Not many modern breaks Producers can call on the amount of influences Rico has for his album.

This show is going to be mind blowing so make sure your locked this Monday 9-11pm (GMT) on the only breaks station worth tuning into ... NSB Radio


Friday, May 9, 2008

The Mega Rave | Drum and Bass Sessions | Archive


The Mega Rave returns and this week and I dust off my old Drum and Bass vinyl and have a rinse. The show was surprisingly techy to be honest, I thought it would be more jump up and old skool, but thats what you get for grabbing tunes at random.

Also it was good to see my old decks still work, my records aren't all scratched and unplayable and I can still mix, just about haha.

01. Dillinja 'Jah Know Yah Big' [MetalHeadz]
02. Ed Rush & Optical 'Bacteria' [Virus]
03. Ed Rush 'Killamanjaro' [Prototype]
04. Source Direct 'The Crane' [Source Direct]
05. Johnny Jungle 'Killa Sound (Pascals Remix)' [Suburban Base]
06. DJ Hype 'Roll The Beats (Remix)' [Suburban Base]
07. Substance 'Rude Girls' [Ruffneck Ting]
08. Capone 'Growler' [Hard Leaders]
09. Ez Rollers 'Crowd Rocker' [Intercom]
10. Ed Rush and Optical 'Kerbcrawler' [Virus]
11. JB and DJ Spice 'Me Myself and I (Roni Size Remix)' [Back2Basics]
12. Shimon and Andy C 'Quest' [Ram Records]
13. L Double 'Da Base 2 Dark (Mickey Finn Special Mix)' [AWOL / Ministry Of Sound]
14. D-Bridge and Vegas 'True Romance' [Metalheadz]
15. Ken Ishii 'Stretch (Shogun Remix)' [R&S]
16. High Contrast 'The Basement Track' [Hospital]
17. Source Direct 'Snake Style' [Source Direct]
18. Goldie 'Jah Vip (Peshay Rollers Mix)' [Razor Edge]
19. Top Cat 'Champion DJ (Shy FX Remix)' [Congo Natty]
20. DJ Red 'Enta Da Dragon (Tekken 3 Remix)' [Trouble On Vinyl]
21. Nasty Habits 'Shadow Boxing' [31 Records]
22. Rufige Kru 'Shutting You Down' [Metalheadz]
23. Trace 'Sonar' [Prototype]


Back in two weeks time with the Techno Mega Rave but in the mean time join the Facebook Group and Subscribe to the Podcast to be kept up to date with Mega Rave happenings.

Past Shows
The Mega Rave | Mash-Up Jackin Sessions | 24/04/08


Thursday, May 8, 2008

We Got Our Show Back


After much to-ing and fro-ing me and Lex have finaly sorted out a time and date for our new show. We our now at the new time and day of 8pm-10pm (GMT) every other Thursday. Starting from the 15th May.

Hmm I think me and Lex shoudl rename the show to something new, what though I have no idea. but we will be playing all the usual stuff Rock, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Breaks, Techno etc and talking a load of old bollocks . haha


The Mega Rave Returns


I'm back on SWU Radio tonight for 2 hours of Mega Rave... Tonights mega rave with be Drum & bass I think.. haha Im not 100% sure yet as I still need to plug in my decks and mixer but we shall see.

So tune in from 6pm-8pm on Swu Radio

The track listing for the last show can be found on the Mega Rave Blog, the Facebook group, and finally the Podcast





haha got mine last night with GTA IV and its awesome... I totally need to buy a bigger tv tho :(

My gamer tag if u want a game is BennyErvine