Friday, November 21, 2008

The Mega Rave | Old Skool Hip Hop | 20/11/08

The Mega Rave | Old Skool Hip Hop | Download

We've got Jeru The Damaja down in Exeter this weekend so in honor I thought I'd drop some rollin' old Skool Hip Hop on the SWU Mega Rave. Sadly I couldn't find any Jeru... Doh! but theres plenty of other choice tunes in the mix for you all :)

01. Rakim vs Kane 'Follow The Leader / Raw' [DMC Mixes2]
02. Gang Starr 'Who's Gonna Take The Weight' [Columbia]
03. Unknown 'Moving Fingers' [Liberty Grooves]
04. Bomb The Bass 'Beat Dis (Extended Mix)' [Mister Ron]
05. Public Enemy 'Count DOwn To Armageddon / Bring The Noise' [Def Jam]
06. De La Soul and Teenage Fanclub 'Fallin' [Immortal]
07. Naughty By Nature 'O.P.P.' [Tommy Boy]
08. Schooly D 'Put Your Fila's On' [Flame Records]
09. 3rd Bass 'Stymie's Theme' [Def Jam]
10. Fu-Schnickens 'La Schmoove' [Jive]
11. Afrika Bambaattaa and the Soul Sonic Force 'Planet Rock' [Tommy Boy]
12. Cypress Hill 'Real Estate' [Columbia]
13. Grand Master Flas and the Furious Five 'White Lines' [Sugar Hill]
14. Dream Warriors 'Wash Your Face In My Sink' [Island]
15. M. C. Shy-D 'Bonus Beats' [Benz Records]
15. LL Cool J 'Mama Said Know You Out (12" Remix)' [Def Jam]
16. Dr Octagon 'Blue Flowers (Flower Bed Mix 1)' [Mo Wax]
17. Unknown 'Louder Than A Bomb' [DMC Mixes1]
18. Herbie Hancock 'Rockit' [CBS]
19. Gang Starr 'DJ Premier In Deep Concentration' [Columbia]
20. N.W.A. 'Straight Outta Compton (Extended Mix)' [Priority]
21. Ice Cube 'Wicked' [Priority]
22. Digital Underground 'The Humpty Dance (Bonus Hump Mix)' [Tommy Boy]

Back in two weeks time with most likely the Jeff Mills special. Bosh!


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