Monday, November 3, 2008

The Good Living Remix EP


This release snuck out the other week or so.. haha I didn't even know is was due out till lexy gave me the slab of vinyl :)

The 12" features our collaboration with Aldo Vanucci with 'Ravers Party' while the digital release also features our remix of 'Naive'

New four track ep from those good looking fellas at Good Living.First up Kidda remixes one of the fav tracks from Aldo Vanucci's Straight Lift album "Holla Down".

The beat was originally scheduled for Jay Z's Blueprint 3 but after the Jiggaman nicked Kidda's Monster Munch at Glastonbury, the Brighton Soul Breaks Maestro offered it up.Then comes our Mexican friend with a leftfield take that grows on you more and more with each listen, so far we are up 3,427.

The B side sees label honcho Scott Whyte step out from Vanucci's shadow and show us where the Vanucci sound should have been going. More to come from this man, hurrah!

To give us all a happy finish Plymouths 14th best dj team up with Exeter pin up producers Ben and Lex for a reggae breaks track that though outside of Good Living's comfort sound has been receiving such attention it just had to be committed to vinyl.

(Plus 2 digital only bonus remixes from Ben & Lex and Scott Whyte).

Not 100% sure where its available yet but you can buy it from DanceTracks or for more info check out the Good Living Records Myspace