Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ben & Lex 'Makaton' DJ Mag 5/5 Review


Holy Crap!!! Ben & Lex's 'Makaton' get 5/5 in this months DJ Mag. BLAM!!!

Ben & Lex
Makaton (Ape Music)

Even though you could only really drop this to the most full-on mentalist crowd, I fucking love the VIP of this. West country dudes Ben & Lex throw the kitchen sink into this one: galloping breaks, a mangled fax machine, a ferocious electronic top line, and then skewed, trill, dutty Caspa dubstep bassonomics all make their mark before the first drop. It's an opening salvo that Squarepusher at his most bonkers would be proud of, and after the calm melodic drop there's more of the same wobble yob bass mentalism. The competent other mixes - a breaks one by Anarchy Rice, madcap electro from Viro & Rob Analyze - can't really compete.


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 21/06/10 | Download


Dropping big amounts of phat tunes this week in preperation for our set at Glastonbury :D

01. Ben and Lex 'Glasters Intro'
02. Will Bailey / Punk Rolla 'Kata'
03. Sebastien Drums and Avicii 'My Feelings For You (Cutline Remix)'
04. Excision and Datsik 'Swagga (Downlink Remix)'
05. Cakeboy 'Swamp Thing (Travino Remix)'
06. I.D. 'Mustang'
07. Anarchy Rice 'Blam'
08. Max Sedgley 'Soundboy (Parker Remix)'
09. NAPT 'Dateline'
10. Foreign Beggers 'Get A Bit More (New Sex Friend Remix)'
11. Andrey Mute and Jellyfish '3D Metric'
12. 12th Planet and Juakali 'Reasons (Doctor P Remix)'
13. Herve 'Zombies'
14. Splitloop 'I Want You'
15. Wardian 'All In'
16. Herve 'Blaze It (Reset Remix)'
17. Freestylers 'Cracks (CTRL Z Remix)'
18. Ben and Lex 'Pounds From Da Ruffnecks'
19. Atomic Holligan 'Big One (Ben and Lex Remix)'
20. Freerange DJs 'Drop That Beat'
21. Sam Hell 'Algebra'
22. TC 'Wheres My Money (Ben and Lex Refix)'
23. The Qemist ft Jenna G 'Hurt Less (Riskotheque Remix)'
24. Gella 'Twinkle (Pyramid's Stop The Talking Remix)'
25. Bar 9 'Shaolin Style (Elite Force Refix)'
26. Herve 'Hot! Drum Attack'
27. Elite Force 'Law of Life'
28. Micky Slim and Nom de Strip Vs Virus Syndicate 'Skank Out ('Are You Gonna Bang' Mix)'
29. The Loops Of Fury 'SOAP (Peo De Pitte Remix)'
30. ?? 'Broken Melody (Ben and Lex Remix)'
31. Rack n Ruin 'Soundclash'
32. Motor 'Death Rave'



Metro Boy | | 15/06/10 | Download


01. Carl Craig 'At Les (Christian Smiths Hypnotica Remix)'
02. David Amo, Julio Navas and Gustavo Bravetti 'Raw'
03. Glitter 'Take Over'
04. Alex Dias 'Mococa (Fernado Tessis Remix)'
05. Ben Sims 'Hypnosis'
06. Glitter 'Dool'
07. Uto Karem 'Maschine Love'
08. Hertz 'A Voice Of My Own (Manuel De La Mare Dub Mix)'
09. Mini Cool Boyz 'You'
10. Daniel Half 'Deodat 10'
11. Paul Ritch 'Split The Line (Dubfires Mega Remix)'
12. John Starlight 'Road Rage (Popof Remix)'
13. Slam 'Collecting Data'
14. Popof 'Blow Me Down'
15. Slam 'Maffaking'
16. Function vs. Jerome Sydenham 'Two Ninety One (Chris Liebing Edit)'
17. Umek 'Responding To Dynamic'
18. Flavio Diaz and Kaiserdisco 'Juane'
19. Cirez D 'On Off'
20. Carl Craig 'At Les (Christian Smiths Tronic Treatment Remix)'

Download and listen from


Glasters Warmup | SWU Mega Rave | Download

Me and lexy are off to rock glastonbury this year alongside maxxi p n all crew in the Glade lounge so i thought id have a look see at what we will be playing :D

Glasters Warmup | SWU Mega Rave | 17/06/10

01. Symarip 'Skinhead Moonstomp'
02. The Qemist ft Jenna G 'Hurt Less (Riskotheque Remix)'
03. Dirty Super Car 'Get A Grip'
04. Baobinga 'Ride It'
05. Steve Aoki 'In The House (Herves Burning Down Your House Remix)'
06. Splitloop 'Ghetto UK (Myagi Remix)'
07. Freerange DJs 'Drop That Beat (Nursery Of Naughtiness Remix)'
08. Schizofonics 'Schizobass (High Rankin Remix)'
09. The Temper Trap 'Science Of Fear (The Count aka Herve Remix)'
10. Max Sedgley 'Sound Boy (Parker Remix)'
11. Josh WInk 'Stay Out All Night (Radio Slave Remix)'
12. Flavio Diaz and Kariserdisco 'Jaune'
13. Slicecooker aka Desperate Houseboys 'Flex Luthor'
14. Yolanda 'Be Cool (Afronuts Douster Remix)/(Herve Beats VIP Mix)'
15. Will Bailey/Punk Rolla 'Kata'
16. Far Too Loud 'Banana Boy'
17. Herve 'Zombies'
18. Dirty Super Car 'Get A Grip (Loops Of Fury Remix)'
19. Splitloop 'I Want You'
20. Cirez D 'On Off'
21. Orbital 'Lush (Herves Tree and Leaf Remix)'
22. Culprate 'Trench Fot'
23. La Castle Vania 'Nobody Gets Out Alive (Noisia Remix)'
24. Enough Weapons 'Got Digital'
25. Calvertron 'Reclaim Control (Elite Force Mix)'
26. Anarchy Rice 'Blam'
27. Will Bailey 'Hit The Club (Calvertron Remix)'
28. Bassbin Twins 'The Lock'
29. A Made Up Sound 'Rework'
30. Rack n Ruin 'Soundclash'
31. Herve 'Blaze It'

Download it from SWU


Friday, June 4, 2010

Mix for the weekend - Corticyte - Experimental Mix May 2010


Local bay Corticyte drops this lush mix which I've been playing pretty much non stop all week. I cant get enough of it.. plus his next mix is rumoured to be a ambient/beatless mix.. cant freaking wait for that one. :)

Also if your feeling the ambient vibes while sunning yourself this weekend then check out this mix from DVNT...

mmmm floaty light


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Digital Breaks Foundation 'Experience (Ben & Lex Remix)'


Available from Beatport

Press Release

One of the best British Proggy Breaks project, DIGITAL BREAKS FOUNDATION release their second single for our label. Two killer high-quality tracks that reminds us the good old days of the Breaks scene. DBF are coming strong after the huge success of the “OVERRIDE” single and their remix for LADY PACKA on our label earlier this year. First remix is submitted by one of the most popular and innovative British Breaks projects, BEN & LEX are shaking minds, bodies and dancefloors since 2003 having many killer singles and remixes for labels like FUNCTIONAL BREAKS, APE MUSIC, BIG SQUARE, SILO, CONTROL BREAKS, ROCSTAR RECORDS and many more. Second remix delivered by THE SCIENTIFICS which are coming strong with another quality piece of forward thinking Techno/Tech-Funk after the huge success of their last remix for BREAK THE BOX’s “PAUL F TRANCE” single.

An absolute burner that’s destined to set dancefloors on fire! Quality use of the original elements, phat beatz, tribalistic perc and that killer bass! Dancefloor alert!


Digital Breaks Foundation 'Experience (Ben & Lex Remix)' by Ben and Lex


Freerange DJs | APE Music Podcast #012

 Freerange DJs | APE Music Podcast #012

The Freerange DJS have been riding high in the Beatport Breaks chart now for freaking ages with there killer 'Back To The Old Jack' release and with there next release on APE 'Drop That Beat', about to drop, we thought it was about that time to get them back in for the podcast... Hold tight, its quite a ride!


01. Funkanomics 'Planet Cross' [Twin Town Production]
02. Dave Spoon 'Lummox (Plump Dj's Rmx)' [Televizion]
03. Alex Metric 'Disotron' [Marine Parade]
04. Arrow!!! 'Nu Jakker' [AUX]
05. Pheex & Dub Elements 'Tech Wreck' [Trans:verse]
06. Freerange Dj's 'Drop That Beat (Afghan Hadspin Rmx)' [Ape Music]
07. Afghan Headspin 'Cream' [Shut Up & Dance]
08. A Dominant Species 'Run & Hide' [STFU]
09. Mr B 'Little Acid People (Peo De Pitte RMX)' [Rogue Industries]
10. Skool Of Thought 'Villa Funk' [Against The Grain]
11. Far Too Loud 'Dancefloor Destroyer' [Funkatech]
12. Sepultura 'Bloody Roots (Pro7 RMX)' [CDR]
13. Pyramid 'Redial' [Funkeatch]
14. Freerange Dj's 'Back To The Old Jack' [Ape Music]
15. Access Denied 'Publicity' [iBreaks]
16. Canine Sounds 'I Like To Party (Freerange Dj's RMX)' [AUX]
17. Cut La Roc 'Looking For The Deep Bass (Schema RMX)' [Ape Music]
18. Stylus 'Curve (Freerange Dj's RMX)' [Standard Audio]
19. Bass Nectar 'Boom Box' [Amorphous Music]
20. Sub Focus 'Vaporize' [Ram]
21. DC Breaks 'Halo' [Viper Recordings]
22. Ed Rush & Optical 'Chubrub' [Virus Recordings]
23. The Pixies 'Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar RMX)' [CDR]

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This podcast is taken from the APE Music Radio show on Realinstant which will be bringing the APE Music family together to showcase there skills in a bi-monthly 1 hour mix. Along side label owners Ben and Lex there will be mixes and artist showcases from That Girl DJ, Mobius, Afghan Headpsin, Benjamin Vial, Freerange DJs, Enough Weapons, Metro Boy and Mskr-nt.

APE Music Radio will not be confined to one style of breaks (or even genres) but will encompass everything from funky to techy to tearout and out the other side including techno, wonk, house, even Dubstep and Drum and Bass.


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