Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Rave Hat


Quite simply the best photo taken of me and Lex ever :) I dont know if its our arses or the colours haha but I likes it.


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Now you know... get subscribing ;)

The Beatz and Bobz Show with Ben and Lex on NSB Radio
Metro Boy on Brap.fm
Ben and Lex Present... The Mega Rave on SWU Radio


Metro Boy | Brap.fm | Tonight 6-8pm


Its almost Glastonbury Festival time so what better way to get ready and pack your rucksacks then dancing about the house listening to bleepy techno.

All the usual trip out sounds from 6-8 pm (gmt) on brap.fm tonight plus if it doesn't effect the radio stream too much you can watch me press buttons on my Trigger Finger via the webcam.


Monday, June 23, 2008



Well its almost time for this years Glastonbury Festival. First time in many a year where I'm going as a punter so it should be a right old laugh.

To be honest theres not a lot on I fancy seeing but if im in the area here is roughly where i might be...

Other Stage

Massive Attack
The Wombats

Emily Eavis - The Park Stage

Kool Keith & Kutmaster Kurt

Dance Village
West Stage

Live The Count & Sinden
DJ Riva Star

Live The Black Dog
DJ The Plump DJs

DJ Derrick May

Lounge Stage

DJ Elite Force
DJ Charity Shop Sound System aka Magnet aka James Gill

G Stage

DJ Stanton Warriors
DJ Soul Of Man

DJ DJ Friction & MC ID
DJ Roland The Bastard

Live Magnetic Man (Benga, Scream and Artwork)
DJ Caspa & Rusko
DJ Appleblim
DJ Bass Clef

Pussy Parlure

DJ Quest and MC Ken Mac

Silent World

DJ Riva Star
AV DJ Yoda's Magic Cinema Show

AV Hexstatic


DJ Tayo

Glade Stage


Mark Broom
Massonix (Graham Massey - 808 State)
Cassette Boy & DJ Rubbish
Radioactive Man

The Glade After Hours Headphone Party

Hexstatic (Ninja Tune) Specially curated Audio Visual show for the Glade

Vexkiddy: Full live audio visual show
Rob Hall (Scam Records)

Benga & Skream
Deekline & Wizard

Derrick May is my only must... bring the rave


Friday, June 20, 2008

The Mega Rave | Random Selecta! | 19/06/08


Blammo.... 2 hours of random tunage for your listening pleasure this week. I know it was ment to be a old skool rave show but alas I couldn't fine my tunes :( (I'm in the middle of moving my records to another room so hopefully I'll find them for the next show)

Also I managed to sort out the webcam as well which was cool. Basically once I got the webcam to not use its microphone but to stream the 'line in' audio.. ie/ straight from the mixer not me bumbling about chatting to Becky and typing on the keyboard etc it was rad, so I'll start using that for all my shows now :)


01. Cabbage Boy 'Dance In The Cabbage' [Noodles]
02. Global Communication 'Sublime Creation' [Discotheque]
03. Coki 'Spongebob' [DMZ]
04. Skream and Cluekid 'Sandsnake' [Disfigured Dubz]
05. Mr. Scruff 'Chicken In A Box' [Ninja Tune]
06. Ronny Jordan meets DJ Krush 'Love I Never Had It So Good' [Island]
07. East Flatbush Project 'Tried by 12 (Squarepusher Remix)' [Ninja Tune]
08. Roots Manuva 'Stange Behaviour' [Big Dada]
09. 2 Player 'Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ Remix)' [Ninja Tune]
10. Breakage 'Drowning' [Planet Mu]
11. Soundfreaks 'We Dont Care' [Datapunk]
12. Massive Attack vs Mad Professor 'Backwards Sucking (Heat Miser)' [Circa]
13. De La Soul Ft Jungle Brothers, Monie Love, Queen Latifah and Q Tip 'Buddy' [Tommy Boy]
14. Pirates Of The Caribbean Vol. 1 'You Wont Get Away' [AVS]
15. Kicks Like A Mule 'DJ Talk' [Tribal Bass]
16. Unknown 'Unknown' [UBD 01A]
17. Jakes '3kout' [Hench]
18. Ice Cube 'Wicked' [Priority Records]
19. St. Etienne 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Andrew Weatherall Remix)' [Heavenly]
20. Warp 69 'Natural High (The Chaos and Julia Set Edit)' [Fierce!]
21. Underpass 'Multistorey' [Underpass Planning]
22. Aphex Twin 'Blue Calx' [R&S]
23. Freddie Phillips 'Music Box From Camberwick Green' [Freddie Phillips Features]


Back in two weeks time with who knows what to be honest, I'll see what I can find. In the mean time join the Facebook Group and Subscribe to the Podcast to be kept up to date with Mega Rave happenings.

Past Shows
The Mega Rave | Deep House Sessions | 05/06/08
The Mega Rave | Techno Sessions | 22/05/08
The Mega Rave | Drum and Bass Sessions | 08/05/08
The Mega Rave | Mash-Up Jackin Sessions | 24/04/08

Fresh Out The Box | Oxford | 20/06/08


Woo Hoo me and Lex are so looking forward to this one.

Fresh Out The Box Present:
Friday 20th June

Ben & Lex
(Functional, Ape, Beatz & Bobz)

That Girl DJ
(Boomslang, Re:Connect)

(Nsb Radio)

Mr Minimax (DJ Set)
(FOTB, Brap.fm, Myuzyk)

The Cellar
21:00 - 3:00
£4 with Flyer / B4 10pm
£5 after


Cant wait to see Jung play again and That Girl Dj is always wicked :) If your in the area pop down and have a rave init


Ockhams Razor @ The Pheonix


Went to see Ockhams Razor at The Phoenix Arts Centre on Tuesday and quite frankly I was blown away.

Dramatic visual entertainment, a dazzling triple bill, presented by acclaimed aerial theatre group, Ockhams Razor. ARC examines the changing relationships between three people suspended in the air on a scaffold structure; EVERY ACTION is a playful look at the bonds that form when people are thrown together; MEMENTO MORI is an award winning powerful duet performed on a suspended metal frame

If you get a chance to go and see this don't hesitate... buy those tickets and watch and truely amazing show


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beatz and Bobz Show | 16/08/08 | Archive


Proper random show this week... No Lex due to the petrol shortage, me trying to recover from NASS festival, and no Ali Rutt so I popped on early.

Starts off with a load of Functional and APE tunes, then goes all RAVE and finally I finish off with a live recording from me and Lex taken from the Cavern Club when we supported Rennie Pilgrem.

I'll warn you about the live recording... Bascially when I get on the mic its very LOUD!, I only do it twice tho so its not that bad.. ohh and I stop the CD player half way through one of the tunes... haha but its all good :)

01. Rob Smith 'Loveage' [Functional]
02. Ben and Lex 'Sound Gal' [Functional]
03. Dreadzone 'Straight To A Soundboy' [Functional]
04. Ben and Lex 'Damn Dirty (Jay Stewart Mix)' [Control Breaks]
05. Ben and Lex 'Get On It (Plaza De Funk Mix)' [APE]
06. Unberzone 'Satisfaction' [Functional]
07. Ben and Lex 'Meat House' [APE]
08. Ben and Lex 'Sound Gal (Baobinga and I.D. Presents Big Monster Mix)' [Functional]
09. Spoon Wizard 'Shoe Monkey (Tom Real Vs Rogue Element Mix)' [Functional]
10. Ben and Lex 'Space Docking' [APE]
11. Ben and Lex 'My Pink Sock' [Functional]
12. Hostage 'Mash Up The Speakers' [CDR]
13. Jink 'Big Fat Ass!' [CDR]
14. Sam Hell 'Gun Club (Rektchords Remix)' [Sinister]
15. Mobius 'Tools Of The Trade' [CDR]
16. Electric Soulside 'Give It To Me (Vandal Remix)' [Erase Records]
17. Leenie De Ice 'We Are I.E. (Hijack Remix)' [Distinctive]
18. Future Funk Squad Vs Kraymon 'Firewater' [En:vision]
19. Mr No Hands Vs Brotherman 'The Bitchy Ice Cream' [No Handed Music]
20. Afghan Headspin 'Chien Lunatique' [CDR]
21. Rico Tubss 'Ghetto Funk Baby' [Menu Music]
22. Ben and Lex 'Wind It Back (Riva Starr Remix)' [Silo]
23. Insane Banger 'LSD (Bassnectar Remix)' [Insane Banger]
24. Deekline and Wizard 'Up For The Possee' [Against The Grain]

Ben and Lex | Live | Beatz and Bobz @ The Cavern, Exeter | 06/06/08

I dont know what half these tunes are :) but the hour long mix includes Plump Djs, Freq Nasty, Aquasky and a couple of tunes by us plus a whole bunch more.


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Sunday, June 15, 2008

NASS Festival 2008 Pics and Vids



more pictures and videos can be found on my Flickr page


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nass Festival This Weekend


Ahh my first festival of the year is upon me.. This weekend me and Lex are heading up the road to play at this years NASS fest along side fellow NSB radio djs That Girl DJ, High 8, Richie Balboa etc. The weather report doesnt look to bad either.

So if your going pop over to the Document Bar (Hosted By Streetwise Music In association with NSB Radio) on Saturday at 9pm and throw beer at us and if your not going tune into NSB Radio and listen to us live form the festival :)

Saturday 14th June - BREAKS Live all Day on www.nsbradio.co.uk

01:00-03:00 THAT GIRL DJ
03:00-05:00 MJOOGOO
05:00-07:00 DOUBLE U & 2TONE (Streetwise Set)
07:00-09:00 RICHIE BALBOA
09:00-11:00 BEN & LEX
11:00-01:00 HIGH EIGHT
01:00-03:00 MERKA

For more info check out the NASS site


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Metro Boy | Brap.fm | 10/06/08


It was loop-tastic on this weeks Metro Boy show on Brap.fm. It was such a lovely evening that I was going to do a proper ambient minimal type show instead of the bleep. But after about 2 tunes I was back on bleep mode. Loads of lil re-edits and loops throughout this show so not many actual tunes played as I normally would but that doesn't stop this being a fantastic show.

Back in 2 weeks time on Brap.fm so make sure you get locked in.

01. Plastikman 'Plasticine' [Novamute]
02. Wink 'Thick as Thieves' [Poker Flat]
03. Giles Smith presents Two Armadillos 'Tunnel Of Light' [Dessous Recordings]
04. Christian Smith and John Selway 'Total Departure' [Drumcode]
05. Kate Lawler 'Screw You' [Tool Room]
06. Perc 'Serious Moonlight' [CLR]
07. Rekorder 'Rekorder 00' [Rekorder]
08. Mathew Jonson and Adam Beyer 'Marionette (Adam Beyer Remix)' [Wagon Repair]
09. Paco Osuna 'Alarm' [Plus 8]
10. Chris Liebing 'B' [CLR]
11. Kevin Gorman 'Seven Eight Nine' [Mikrowave]
12. Stephan Bodzin 'Mondfahrt' [Herzblut Records]
13. Shonky 'Time Zero (Paul Ritch Remix)' [Freak N Chic]
14. Paco Osuna 'Orbeat' [Plus 8]
15. Chris Liebing 'Bangbop' [CLR]
16. Matthew Johnson and Adam Beyer 'Big Dipper' [Wagon Repair]


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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Metro Boy | Brap.fm | 10/06/08


Back On brap.fm tonight for 2 hours of super bleepy minimal techno for you all to relax to after a hard days work.

Get locked in from 6pm till 8pm on Brap.fm, come and say hello in the chat room as well.




Woo hoo just got my invite through for TwitterFone :) am yet to try it out though as I'm stuck at work :(


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Beat and Bobz | Rennie Pilgrem 06/06/08


Beatz & Bobz welcomes the return of the Godfather of Breaks....Rennie Pilgrem who is bringing the launch of his new album 'SKIN' to Exeter.

Join us for the launch party for Rennie's new album 'SKIN' where he once again breaks the mold by making an album you can buy with your mobile for less than the price of a drink.

Everyone attending the night will get a special code to buy SKIN using there mobile phone for only £3.00.

Plus we have a two-hour set from the man himself showcasing tracks and mixes from SKIN.

Not forgetting the usual rave shenanigans from Ben & Lex and James Gill

Date: Friday June 6 th 2008
Venue: The Cavern Club
Address: Queen Street, Exeter
Time: 9.00pm – 2.00am
Tickets: £6+ B/F


BEN and LEX 'Meat House/Space Docking/Wet Sack' [APE] OUT NOW


After a short hiatus, Ben and Lex's APE Label roars back into the forefront of the Break beat scene with a pounding Triple A-side release from the head honcho's themselves.

Meat House does exactly what it says on the tin. its meaty and its house... the biggest kick drum alive being beaten by the heavy ass wobble bass for 7 mins of heads down chugging action.

Space Docking is a rollin' dance floor monster with a massive synth riff, classic chopped up breaks and a whole lotta bounce for the ounce. Big with Rennie Pilgrem

Wet Sack is a huge whomping bass beast with stupid fat beats, lil rave vocal stabs which deliver on every level

With fresh new material and remix packages from Ben and Lex, Mobius and Afghan Headspin, APE is back for some more mental monkey business...




Meat House
Space Docking
Wet Sack

Meat House
Space Docking
Wet Sack

DJ DOWNLOAD / Coming soon
TRACKITDOWN / Coming soon
BEATS DIGITAL / Coming soon
ADDITECH / Coming soon


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Beatz & Bobz Show | 02/06/08


Hahahah what a show :D

Big ups to the KidChamelon for winning the Nass weekend tickets, plus the extra special prize of me and lex buying him a beer :D

Ooh and the AIR comp is still running as the Nass one was so mental haha... so to win a pair of tickets to this weekends Air BBQ just answer this simple question....

Invent a mega burger that we should cook at the Air BBQ on Saturday, and give it a name'....

IE the Air special, which would be a toasted bun, filled with bubble wrap, garnished with foam, and a slice of cheese.

Simple init :) just email your answers by wednesday to benandlex@gmail.com

Finally heres the tracklisting for last night...

01. Jnr Hacksaw 'Steppaz' [Subatomik]
02. Stanton Warriors 'Seeker (Whatwhatwhat Mix)' [Punks]
03. Santa Fe 'Bunka (The Peepshow Ownerz Remix)' [Sango Music]
04. LBJ Vs Break The Box 'No Rules (M.I. Loki Remix)' [Big Square]
05. Future Funk Squad vs Kickflip 'Cables and Wires' [En:Vision]
06. Electric Soulside 'Give It To Me (Vandal Remix)' [Erase Records]
07. TRG 'Everything We Stand For' [Cool and Deadly]
08. Mr No Hands 'Exo-Funkadelic (Future Funk Squad's Acid-Funk Remix)' [No Handed Music]
09. Michael Morph 'Do What You Want (Deekline Breaks Mix Ft. Yo Majesty' [Pure Mint]
10. Kid Blue 'Ultimate Dub' [Fat!]
11. Bassbin Twins 'Pigpen' [Cool and Deadly]
12. Plump DJs 'Take The Weight' [Finger Lickin]
13. DKS 'Like My Synth (Future Funk Squad Remix)' [Spin Out]
14. Sam Hell 'Gun Club (Rektchordz Remix)' [Sinister]
15. Unkle 'Restless (Fake Blood Remix)' [CDR]
16. Ben and Lex 'Meat House' [APE]
17. Fil Ok 'Wink Wink (Blende Remix)' [OK Music]
18. Plaza De Funk 'Drop The Bomb' [Brap]
19. Myagi 'Giorgio Marauder' [Title Fight]
20. Redux 'Diskobreaks (Maelstrom Deadend Mix)' [Katorza]
21. Far Too Loud 'Screamer (Dilemn Remix)' [Silo]
22. Parker 'Western Soul (Miles Dyson Remix)' [Rocstar]
23. Mobius 'Thugs (601 Remix)' [APE]
24. Bassbin Twins 'Whoppa' [Cool and Deadly]
25. Ben and Lex 'Wind It Back (Riva Starr Remix)' [Silo]
26. Ben and Lex 'Space Docking' [APE]
27. Human Resource 'Dominator (Hostage Remix)' [CDR]
28. Aquasky 'Give It Up (Old Skool Style) (Aquaskys Clunk Clik Dub)/(Bennys Extra Rave Mix)' [CDR]
29. Mars 'Beast' [Standard]
30. Moby 'Alice (Drop The Lime Heavy Bass Remix)' [Mute]
31. Refunk 'Mr Mole (Rektchordz Remix)' [Re:connect]
32. Napt 'Beats and Rhymes (Ghetto House Mix)' [Sub Frequency Funk]
33. The Touch 'Maximization Nation (Trevor Loveys Remix)' [Trunkfunk Records]
34. Ben and Lex 'Tuna (601 Remix /Si Begg Re-edit)' [Polar Red]
35. The Body Snatchers 'Call Me (Blende Remix)' [Passenger]
36. That Girl DJ 'Mi Casa Su Casa (Sam Hell Remix)' [Re:connect]
37. Ben and Lex 'Wet Sack' [APE]
38. Brothers Bud 'The Sting' [Finger Lickin]


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Monday, June 2, 2008

Beatz and Bobz Show | Air/Nass Competitions


Ahh its competition time again on the Breakspoll nominated Beatz and Bobz show with Ben and Lex tonight. For your winning pleasure we have...

A pair of tickets to the Air Free BBQ on Saturday 7th June with...

Riz MC & Lazersonic (Live)
Anchorsong (Live) - Featuring Members of the London Breakbeat Orchestra
Ali B
Diverted (DJ Set)
Janette Slack
Mr No Hands

click for bigger image

We've also got a pair of "Adult Weekend Camping Tickets" for this years NASS Festival in Shepton Mallet. Where you can get drunk and fall over to That Girl DJ, Mjoogoo, Double U & 2Tone, Richie Balboa, Ben and Lex, High Eight, Merka plus some other names like Adam F, Pendulum, Utah Saints and Friction.

I think we will be running both competitions in the Chat Room so you'd had best tune in LIVE and get involved if you want to be in with a chance to win any of these top top prizes.