Monday, November 3, 2008

Metro Boy | | Download

Metro Boy | | 28/10/08

Bit late on the archive for this one I'm afraid. But its worth the wait :). Slight glitch with the internet/archive at the start so you miss out on the first tune :( and then during the show my laptop wigs out a bit haha but its all good.

01. Metro Boy 'Untitled (Drone3)'
02. Staffan Linzatti 'Slightly Increased'
03. Christian Smith and John Selway 'Transit Time (Dubfire Remix)'
04. Radio Slave 'Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix)'
05. Benjamin Vial 'The Bass The Monkey (Metro Boy's More Monkey Mix)'
06. Skoozbot 'Reud Reckoning'
07. John Largora 'Get Down'
08. Skoozbot 'Lost Wages'
09. Delete aka Sergio Munoz and Ilario Alicante 'Rolling Cookie'
10. Butch 'Earth (823's Crackpots In The Field Remix)'
11. Gaiser 'Trunkated'
12. The Advent 'War Cry'
13. Christian Smith and John Selway 'Total Departure (Cirez D Remix)'
14. System 7 'Space Bird (Dubfire Deep Space Remix)'
15. Norman 'Ich Bin Was Ich Bin (Andromat 3000 Remix)'
16. Nitzer Ebb 'Control Im Here (Dubfires Arrowhead Dub'
17. DJ Rush 'Motherfuckingbass (Popof Remix 2)'
18. Luetzenkirchen 'All That Jazz (Popof Remix 01)'
19. Rejected 'Cliche (Polder Remix)'
20. Metro Boy 'Untitled (Drone4)'


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