Saturday, May 25, 2013

Casual Breakin "Middle Aged Breakdowns (Jungle Edition)"


Casual Breakin returns with a proper job 2 hour selection of classic jungle vibes…

Middle-Aged-Breakdowns – JUNGLE EDITION by James Casual-Breakin’ on Mixcloud (ltd download)

Casual Breakin "Middle Aged Breakdowns (Jungle Edition)"

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The OMC Spotify Playlist – May


OMC Spotify Playlist May

Yeah we might have missed April, but the OMC Spotify playlist is back. Chock full of essential tunes to get you though this oddly wet and cold May.

If you feeling this then give us a like! and if you want to submit a OMC Spotify playlist then get on contact

The OMC Spotify Playlist – May

Matt Anderson "Classic House Music Mix"


Classic house music mix. by Matt Anderson on Mixcloud

Boom!!! Back with the OMC mix and this time we have Matt Anderson returning with a very fine selection of ‘Classic House’

Some of my favourite house music records. Played on vinyl. Mixed with 2 decks and a mixer. Love and respect. Matt xx

Matt Anderson "Classic House Music Mix"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Everything Wrong With Jurassic Park In 3 Minutes Or Less


Rumour has it there making a Jurassic Park 4… which might be shite or awesome.. who knows. One thing I do know after watching this video is that, while the original Jurassic Park kicked arse, there were a few things wrong with it.

Everything Wrong With Jurassic Park In 3 Minutes Or Less

Monday, May 13, 2013

The OMC Bank Holiday All Dayer



Yes its the bank holiday all dayer!!!

All your fav djs in one awesome pub getting drunk and playing classic tunes plus its on a Sunday so seeing as everyone has Monday off as well we can get a proper party on!

Full dj line up coming soon featuring regular and some brand new OMC djs.

The All Dayer is FREE as ever and will be running from 2 ish till midnight ish

Old Man Corner. Those in the know..already know about the OMC. If you dont…

OMC – A night for the sophisticated music lover. A night for ladies & gentlemen whose hangovers now last till Tuesday. A night for those that would rather find a corner table in the club that inside the bassbin. A night for those whose trousers actual stay mostly round their waist

A night for those… who quite frankly… know their sh*t

The whole day will hopefully be recorded again, with the sets being uploaded to mixcloud soon after, and it will also be beamed live to the internets on

For more info check out the Facebook Event page

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The OMC Bank Holiday All Dayer

Urban Archaeology - 21 Years Of Mo" Wax


Mo’ Wax, the leftfield hip-hop label that brought you artists like DJ Shadow, turns 21 this year.

To mark the occasion, the label are planning an exhibition titled Urban Archaeology – which will then be turned into a book documenting the Mo’ Wax discography and story

Get involved in the Urban Archaeology Kickstarter campaign.

via// Fact

Urban Archaeology - 21 Years Of Mo" Wax

Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to Eat an Apple Like a Boss


We have already shown you how to break an apple with your bare hands, so now its time to learn how to eat one properly.

How to Eat an Apple Like a Boss

A Guy Called Gerald "The Old Jungle Mix"


Guy Called Gerald

Here we go, proper D&B. Not the noise wank you get now-a-days. A Guy Called Gerald takes it back for this 3 hours ish mix of the old sounds that shaped what your getting to day.


Noise Factory – Breakage #4

Dillinja – The Angels Fell

Dillinja – Baby Your

A-Zone – Calling All The People

Dance Conspiracy – Dub War

Brainkillers – Loving Part 1 (tease)

Cutty Ranks – Armed & Dangerous (Beef Base Mix)

Adam F – Circles

DJ Ileagle – Crazy

?? – ??

Cool Hand Flex – Melody Madness

Alex Reece – Basic Principles

Andy C – Cool Down

DJ SS – Hot Steppers Vol. 1 (tease)

Andy C – Roll On

?? – ??

Aquarius – Drift To The Centre

Dillinja – Untitled (Test |2|)

Dillinja – Rastafari (Majestic Bassline A1)

Dillinja – Brutal Bass

Asend & Ultravibe – What Kind of World

Asylum – Da Base II Dark (Mickey Finn VIP)

Cutty Ranks – Armed & Dangerous (G-Mix Full Vocal)

Moby – Feeling So Real (Ray Keith Remix)

DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl

Badman – War In 94

Desired State – Beyond Bass

Wax Doctor – ??

DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Original Bad Boy

Dillinja & Berty B – Lionheart

Bizzy B & D Lux – Take A Deep Breath

Da Intalex – What Ya Gonna Do

Bizzy B & Equinox – The Brain Records Crew ??

Bizzy B – 16 Track Ting

DJ Mayhem – Inesse

Bizzy B – Bad Boy

Bizzy B – Twisted Mentasm

Blackman – Bastards

Dillinja – Jah Know Ya Big

Blackstar – Alaska Ride (ft. Tenor Fly)

Wax Doctor? – ??

DJ SS – United

Bodysnatch – Euphony (Just 4 You London)

Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune

Dillinja – Sovereign Melody

Boogie Times Tribe – The Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Remix)

DJ Crystl – Deep Space

Brainkillers – Screwface

Desired State – Goes Around (Remix)

Capone – Massive

Carlito – Heaven

?? – ??

A Guy Called Gerald "The Old Jungle Mix"

Shaolin Warriors In Slow Motion Kick Ass!


Holy freaking RAD!!! This is a video of a group of Shaolin Warriors doing all sorts of kicks and punches and flips, all filmed in slow motion. Plus one of them breaks a metal bar over his head at the end! FUNKYEAH!

Earth Unplugged turns their slow-mo attention to a different species, the human. In this video you will see the incredible acrobatics, and insane head strength, of the Shaolin Warriors.

Shaolin Warriors In Slow Motion Kick Ass!

Star Trek "Into Darkness" Mini Review


Star Trek Into Darkness

OMC DJ regular Lee Waller has been to the cinema again and this time to see the new Star Trek film ‘Into Darkness’ so here is his OMC mini review…

JJ Abrams returns with an excellent follow up to 2009′s Star Trek. This time around the characters are more grounded, the action slicker & a the baddies are better. I say boldly go & see this movie.

As summer blockbusters go this is going be one of the better offerings.

Proper job then, best stop watching The Next Generation and get up to speed on the new films.

Star Trek "Into Darkness" Mini Review

Thursday, May 9, 2013

What would your suit do?



I finally went to see Iron Man 3 last week (which was RAD & should be seen by all). One of my favourite images was of the large variety of suits Tony Stark had built during some sleepless nights. Inevitably though, it sparked post-cinema pub debate.

So now I put it to the web: if you could make an Iron Man suit that did anything, what would it do?

We’ve seen different versions throughout the Marvel universe both on screen & on the page since the character first appeared back in 1963, from the original grey & gold suits through to the stealth suit, War Machine, Hulkbuster armour & Prometheus armour. As the conversation went on, I realised that the suits that had been created (and doubtless will continue to be created) by the geniuses at Marvel were at a level I could never hope to achieve in my mind.

They would also be almost entirely useless to me.  Having ablative armour that will protect me against parasitic alien life-forms would be cool, but ultimately not something I’m likely to need more than once in this lifetime. So what if we went the other way: the more mundane the suit the better.  Skyscraper Window Cleaner suit would be practical & fun, whilst Disco Iron Man would take club nights by storm.

So here are the first few ideas we had. Let us know what suit you’d build.

Disco Suit

  • Mirror ball head

  • Disco lights throughout body

  • Extra smooth joints for extra smooth moves

  • Speakers throughout suit

  • Fishbowl shoes

Beach Buddy Suit

  • Sunscreen dispensers & applicators

  • Biodegradable parasols

  • Dispensable water aids

  • Personal floatation device

  • Bucket head (multiple layers)

  • Spade arms (multiple loads; can also be used as projectiles)

  • Towel dispenser

  • Shower/hose/hairdryer arms

Babysitter Suit

  • Instant bottle maker/warmer

  • Nappy changing device

  • Nappy disposal unit

  • Extra soft arms to rock babies to sleep

  • Complete with pre-programmed lullabies & bedtime stories (with character voices)

Skyscraper Window Cleaner Suit

  • Controlled flight using feet only

  • Water jets

  • Cleaning solution jets

  • Buff & shine hand pads

Desert Survival Suit

  • Tan camouflage

  • Heat resistant

  • Converts sweat into drinkable water

  • Solar panels

Mr Whippy Suit

  • Ice cream jets

  • Flake dispenser (also work as projectiles)

  • Sauce jets

  • Sprinkles shots

  • Pre-programmed with traditional chimes

Recycling Suit

  • Auto-splits recycling
  • “Digests” materials & reduces to core elements

  • Releases gases into reusable canisters (fuel)

  • Ejects pellets to be built into new items

What would your suit do?