Wednesday, August 26, 2009

'Tha Bizniz' T-shirts now £12.99 !!!


The good folks at Dizzyjam are now out of beta stage and as a bonus the 'Tha Bizniz' T-shirt is now available to buy for £12.99 :D hurrah

Get yours from Dizzyjam

Also if you do get one please send us a photo of you wearing it to the APE music facebook group where we might possibly give out some prizes for best photo.


Rave On Avon


haha best name for a night ever :D

Me and Lexy are headlining this event so if your in the Bristol area whack it in your calender

It looks like Lab is going to be trampled to the ground during Rave on Avon. The lineup is bad ass. There's not a tame person on there which can only mean one thing-party on.

Top floor-Pacjam

Ben and Lex
(Ape, Roc Star, Breakbeat Heavyweights)
(Bristol Hip Hop showcase)
Al Tourettes
(Apple Pips)
Wonka & Kasparov
(Electro Bass & Tearing House. We Don't Play)
(Bomb Drop, Mashup selection)

Ground floor: Penguin Dance

Spree b2b ASBO
(Clash of the titans)
Frenic and Fonz
(You don't stop)
(The legend)

Hosted by Captain Ram

27 Broad St. Bristol. BS1 2HG
Free entry with Rave on Avon wristband

Facebook event page


Metro Boy | | 25/08/09 | Download

Metro Boy | | 25/08/09 | Download

Hurrah for Techno :) 2 hours of the usual bleeps and deep techno vibes for you all this week.

01. Fallhead 'Senseless'
02. Dubit Noise Leading Tisana (Figueroa Remix)'
03. Sebastian Leger 'La Moustique'
04. Par Grindvik 'Casio'
05. Matt Brown 'Suavente'
06. Jay Pace 'Jengalord'
07. JPLS 'Combination 03'
08. Afrojack 'Polkadots'
09. Delete 'Minutos'
10. Perc 'Serious Moonlight'
11. Sebrok 'Concorde'
12. Jet Project 'Do It Like This (Fergie Remix)'
13. Perc 'Work Harder'
14. Acid Pauli 'Urwald'
15. Timo Mass 'Jet Stream'
16. Marco Carola 'Swingback'
17. Edit Select 'Bantu
18. Sascha Krohn 'A Tree Is A Tree (Tim Xavier and Camea Remix)'
19. Adam Beyer 'Something Good To Die For'
20. Chris Liebing 'Auf Und Davon'
21. Adam Beyer 'London'
22. DBX 'Losing Control'


You can catch me playing at This Is Techno on the 5th September @ Plug 'n' Play Studios, Reading. Click for full details.

Also you can buy my latest remixes from Beatport.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ben And Lex @ Beautiful Days 2009


Ben and Lex recorded live from the Little Big Top at the Beautiful Days festival 2009

01. Pyramid 'Preacher'
02. Stanton Warriors 'Precinct (Plump DJs Remix)'
03. Splitloop 'Ghetto UK'
04. Freeland 'Under Control (Alex Metric Remix)'
05. Rico Tubbs 'Lumberjack (Calvertron Remix)'
06. Fatboy Slim 'Star 69'
07. Herve 'Who Da Champ'
08. Drumattic Twins 'Crazy Love (Peo de Pitte Remix)'
09. Major Lazer 'Pon De Floor'
10. Martelo ft Herve 'Wasted'
11. DZ 'Down'
12. Dizzee Rascal 'Bonkers (Doorley Remix)'
13. Pyramid vs Plump DJs 'Wickedest Gear (Boy Nuke 'Ems Megaton Mash)'
14. Black Noise 'Knock You Out (Andy George Remix)'
15. Baobinga and ID 'Jump Up and Buck (DJ Manaia Mash / Baobinga Edit)'
16. Bloc Party 'Mercury (Herve Is In Disarray Remix)'

Ben And Lex @ Beautiful Days 2009 by Ben and Lex


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 17/08/09


Blammo!!! Lexy joins me in the studio for a rammed Beatz and Bobz show. For your listening pleasure this week we have a 'Tha Bizniz' mini mix and a super slamming hot mix from APE's new signing Enough Weapons.

01. Ben and Lex 'Skitzometric (Pulsar Remix)' [APE]
02. Aquasky ft Tee-Ski 'Back To The Top (Vandal Remix)'
03. Elite Force and Meat Katie 'Belive'
04. Si Begg 'The Bleeps (Shades Of Rhythm Remix)'
05. Future Funk Squad 'RaveULator'
06. Kraak and Smaak 'Ain't Gonna Take It No More (Bart B More Remix)'
07. Jack Beats 'Get Down VIP'
08. That Girl DJ 'Noise'
09. The Loops Of FUry 'Flick A Switch'
10. Hyper vs Vandal 'Fugazi (Randolph and Mortimer Remix)'
11. Rico Tubbs 'Lumberjack'
12. Audio Bullys 'We Don't Care (2 Bit Thugs ReRub)'
13. Rico Tubbs 'Gangsters (2 Bit Thugs ReRub)'
14. Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz'
15. Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz (Benjamin Vial Remix)'
16. Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz (Metro Boy Remix)'
17. Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz (2 Bit Thugs Remix)'
18. Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz (Mskr-nt Remix)'
19. Steelers 'The Deficient'
20. NAPT 'Fortune'
21. Unknown 'Badman Riddim (DVNT Skanks Shinra Acid Edit)'
22. Big Dada Thomas Hoff Mr PheR Remix
23. The Freerange DJs 'Gotta Get High (=AVE= Mix)'
24. Mobius 'The Lab (Ben and Lex Remix)'

**Enough Weapons Guest Mix**

Sorry No Tracklisting :(


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SWU Mega Rave | Jeff Mills Special | Download

SWU Mega Rave | Jeff Mills Special | 17/08/09

This special has been on the cards since I started this show and finally I have got round to it. Its the JEFF 'Freaking' MILLS Special haha.

Now before you moan some of the mixing is on the dodgy side but its all good :) also playing these tunes has made me re-discover the sheer genius of Mills when he does his more mellow spacey techno stuff.

I pretty much dismissed this in my youth and just went for his bosh bosh stuff, more fool me really. Anyways sit back and enjoy the following 2 hours of pure Jeff Mills-ery.

01. Jeff Mills 'Man From Tomorrow' [Axis AX-008]
02. Jeff Mills 'Untitled' [Axis AX-016]
03. Jeff Mills 'Vertical' [Axis AX-008]
04. Jeff Mills 'Alarms (First Mix)' [Purpose Maker PM-005]
05. Jeff Mills '4 Art' [Axis AX-024]
06. Jeff Mills 'Automaic' [Purpose Maker PM-005]
07. Jeff Mills 'Call Of The Wild' [Purpose Maker PM-008]
08. Jeff Mills 'The Lovely Assistant' [Purpose Maker PM-006]
09. Jeff Mills 'Preview' [Tomorrow TW-001]
10. Jeff Mills 'Solara' [Axis AX-019]
11. Jeff Mills 'Sweet Scent Of Fear' [Tomorrow TW-001]
12. Jeff Mills 'Tango (Performance Mix)' [Purpose Maker PM-009]
13. Jeff Mills 'Cubango' [Purpose Maker PM-004]
14. DJ Hell 'Allerseelen (Jeff Mills Remix)' [Disko B DB 26]
15. Millsart 'Gateway To Zen' [Axis AX-004]
16. Jeff Mills 'La Force' [Purpose Maker PM-003]
17. Millsart 'Gamma Player' [Axis AX-012]
18. Jeff Mills 'Trancedent' [Axis AX-019 FV]
19. Jeff Mills 'Changes Of Life (Reprise Mix)' [Purpose Maker OM-015]
20. Jeff Mills 'Gata' [Axis AX-019 FV]
21. Jeff Mills 'Late Night' [Tresor 11]
22. H&M 'Mutant Theory' [Axis AX-001]
23. Jeff Mills 'Jericho' [Tresor 11]
24. Jeff Mills 'The Extremist (Retro Mix)' [Tresor 23]
25. Jeff Mills 'Changes Of Life' [Tresor 11]
27. Jeff Mills 'The Bells' [Purpose Maker PM-002]
28. Jeff Mills 'UFO' [Axis AX-024]
29. Millsart 'Steps To Enchantment (Stringent)' [Axis AX-004]
30. Jeff Mills 'F-7' [Axis AX-019 FV]
31. Jeff Mills 'Java' [Purpose Maker PM-001]
32. Jeff Mills 'Untitled' [Axis AX-009]
33. Jeff Mills 'Simple Degrading Devices Of Reflectivity' [Axis AX-009F]
34. Jeff Mills 'Medium Gray' [Axis AX-009E]


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Back in two weeks time with a jungle-tastic special with tunes from Remarc, Shitmat, Bizzy b etc not too sure if it will be a Monday or a Thursday.. who knows haha keep an aye on the pages for info.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Video - Smacs and Patrick Kong 'Paraffin (Metro Boy Remix)' [VIM]


Quick lil video I have done for my remix of Smacs and Patrick Kong's 'Paraffin' forthcoming on the VIM Records label.

This was the best quality i could get my computer to render the video with out crashing :( but I'm going to run it over night at work so hopefully the next upload will be better :D


Friday, August 14, 2009

Dizzy Jam 'Tha Bizniz' Tee


HOTNESS!!!!! got a tweet from @Dizzyjam this morning...

Just sent off this ace @ape_music tshirt to some lucky chap! :) BUY ME

Once i get the tee I'll take a photo of me wearing it haha :D


Thursday, August 13, 2009 Presents Voodoobass


I did this proper banging mix for my good friend Voodoobass the other day and its been featured on his podcast for

Due to some pretty serious gremlins, namely massive computer failure and laptops being held to ransom by angry Frenchmen, I have been unable to record a show for you this month, meaning you will have to wait a little longer before hearing my dulcet tones again.

But never fear! Instead I have brought you a serious serving of beats and bass courtesy of my fellow Exeter dwellers - none other than the South West's premier breaks duo, Ben and Lex. Residents at Beatz and Bobz, the UK's longest-running breaks event, and with an ever-growing string of releases to their name, the boys are mainstays on the circuit.

2009 has seen them finally break through to national and international fame after wowing the masses at Breakspoll at the beginning of the year and knocking people's socks off at Glade this 'summer'. It's a bit of a cliché I know, but the lads are definitely in the running for the 'busiest men in breaks' award as attested to by their packed schedule and regular slots on NSB Radio, SouthWestUnderground (SWU) and Phonic FM to name a few.
So, suck back a cider and get ready for some serious RAVE ACTION West Country style, and if you like what you hear, make sure you check out

I'll be back with you next month with some extra-special sounds, so keep it locked!

We hope you enjoy the show and remember, we are always looking your feedback on our Podcasts. So if you have any suggestions, please email Present Voodoobass AUG 2009 by HarderFaster

Click for full details, tracklisting and how to subscribe to the podcast


'Tha Bizniz' review

Ben & Lex 'Tha Bizniz' [Ape Music]

* * * *

The West Country can’t be short of pimps and hoes these days if Ben & Lex's recent output is anything to go by. The beer-soaked duo return after a long spell of silence from their much admired Ape Music with some more bass-heavy breaks action. Tha Bizniz is a huge EP, bringing in five remixes from across the board, but as luck would have it, the two tracks that are interested in happen to be hardcore floor fillers.

The original takes the nu skool sound further afield into the club crunk territory but still staying true to the home-grown genre. 2 Bit Thugs however take centre stage with a steppy, hands in the air number, running the wobble right into the ground and offering trance elements on the build up. All in all this release hits the nail on the head, and the mysterious MSKR-NT adds a cross genre remix that should please breaks and fidget heads alike. (SS -


Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz' Chart :)

Brand new Beatport chart from Ben and Lex >>

01. Ben & Lex 'Tha Bizniz (2 Bit Thugs Remix)' [Ape Music]
02. Future Funk Squad 'RaveULator' [En:Vision Recordings]
03. Rico Tubbs 'Lumberjack (Calvertron Remix)' [A New Hope Records]
04. Ben & Lex 'Tha Bizniz' [Ape Music]
05. Drumattic Twins 'Crazy Love (Peo De Pitte Remix)' [Finger Lickin]
06. Shut Up & Dance 'Cream (Afghan Headspin Remix)' [Shut Up & Dance]
07. Jinx 'Big Fat Ass' [Yellow Finger]
08. Si Begg 'The Bleeps (Unique 3’s Theme Park Remix' [Mutate]
09. Ben & Lex 'Tha Bizniz (Metro Boy Remix' [Ape Music]
10. Baobinga 'The Bashment Track (2008 Remastered version)' [Cyberfunk]


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Metro Boy | | 12/08/09 | Download

Metro Boy | | 12/08/09

Super hot show this week for you all to listen to.. the first hour is crammed with bleepy techno and then the awesome Djuma Soundsystem take over the second hour.

Metro Boy in the mix

01. The Binaural Diarys Of Ollie Hall 'Venus Fort Entertainment'
02. Alva Noto 'Monophaser 2' [Raster-Noton]
03. Frederico Milani 'Hooker (Alex Di Stefano Remix)' [Bosphorous Underground]
04. Valentino Kanzyani 'We Are All Vacume' [Footloversmusic]
05. Smacs and Patrick Kong 'Paraffin (Metro Boy Remix)' [VIM]
06. Nick Curly 'Pjuante' [Cocoon]
07. Pryda 'Remember' [Pryda]
08. Tom Budden 'The Tree Dance' [Alive]
09. Seth Troxler and Matthew Dear 'Hurt' [Spectral Sound]
10. SQL 'Distorted Reality' [SK Supreme]
11. Paul Ritch 'Carrrrrramba (Monkey Mix)' [Quartz]
12. NTFO 'Filter' [SK Supreme]
13. Kaiserdisco 'Espandrillo' [MBF]
14. Aga Beat Battle' [Dioxide]
15. NTFO 'Filter' [SK Supreme]

Djuma Soundsystem Guest Mix

01. dOP 'Mambo Jumbo' [Supplement Facts]
02. Gorge 'Kassiande' [Freerange records]
03. Jaxson and David Keno 'Tout Le Temps' [Kindisch]
04. Kaiser Disco 'Que Ritmo' [Style Rockets]
05. Alex Niggemann 'El Hechizo' [8Bit Records]
06. Worthy and Yankee Zulu 'Concumbia' [Anabatic Records]
07. Daniel Steinberg 'Cry All Night' [Supdub]
08. Jean Claude Ades and Vincent Thomas 'Shingaling (VIET2 Hermano Mix)' [Great Stuff]
09. Nemus and Little Nakoch 'Fellas from Favelas' [Balkan Connection]
10. Orbital 'Impact (James Zabielas Remix)' [Warner]
11. Namito 'Train To Teheran' [Kling Klong]
12. &ME '+++' [Keinemusik]
13. Oliver Klein and Peter Juergens 'Der Spatz Auf Dem Dach' [Kling Klong]
14. Kollektiv Turmstrasse 'Melodrama (Oliver Huntemann remix)' [Ostwind]
15. Antix 'Box Of Birds (Djuma Soundsystem Remix)' [Iboga]


Also you can buy my latest remixes from Beatport.

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Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz [APE] OUT NOW!!!!

Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz'
Remixes from 2 Bit Thugs, Benjamin Vial, Metro Boy, Mskr-nt
APE Music [APEM012]

Available from Beatport NOW

After a 6 month hiatus for a 7 remix marathon (keep ya ears peeled they’re all out this year) Ben and Lex come back to their label APE Music with a big old banger of a tune, in fact its Tha Bizniz!

Rollin’ drums that keep building all the way from the start leading you with a booming thwack-walloping-whack of a rasping bassline that assaults you like a midget driving you in a mini to fast round the roundabout with no seatbealts and a pot full of angry wasps who don’t like being dizzy. Then, outta nowhere, heads south and… GETS CRUNKED UP! Having slayed the floor all year its finally time for this monster to see the light of day.

It doesnt stop there, on remix duties we have a giant’s nadsack sized package of goodness for you!!

First up is the masters of crunked up bad bwoy bizniz themselves, The ‘2 Bit Thugs’, and shit on my hairy tits have they gone and done us proud. A half time crunked intro disguises the massive stompy shuffly breaksy wonk-a-thon that is to follow. A sure fire dancefloor winner, this will eat your balls, spit em back at you and not say sorry when it makes you dance like a nutbag leaving only a sweaty bloody mess behind.

To boot we have the Fantastic Flying Frenchman, ‘Benjamin Vial’, giving us an expertly crafted reece basslined, heads down, techno beast which takes no prisoners in a Vitalic stylee, which is perfectly complimented by the stripped back MAGIC that is the internet ruler ‘MetroBoy’s’ fully minimal 4/4 take on the tune.

Finally we have the up and coming ‘Mskr-nt’ who takes the original and runs full on at the crunk and smashes it sideways, wonky fidgeting the life out of it till you can’t take no more mofos.

One badbwoy-crunking-monkey-mutha-funker of a release for ya!

More info can be found at APE Music

10 min mini mix of the release as well >> DOWNLOAD

Mini Mix Tracklisting

01. Original
02. Benjamin Vial Remix
03. Metro Boy Remix
04. 2 Bit Thugs Remix
04. Mskr-nt Remix

Ben and Lex August Mix >> DOWNLOAD

01. Baobinga and ID 'No Bright Lights'
02. Audiofly 'I Can't Remember (Eric Prydz Remix)'
03. Aquasky ft Tee Ski 'Back To The Top (Vandal Remix)'
04. The Loops Of Fury 'Flick A Switch'
05. Disco Of Doom 'Warpig'
06. Zodiac Cartel 'We Don't Play That'
07. Rack N Ruin 'Skitzo VIP'
08. Hyper vs Vandal 'Fugazi (Vandal Remix)'
09. Future Funk Squad 'RaveULator'
10. Plump DJs 'Soul Vibrates (Enough Weapons Bootleg Mix)'
11. Beat Assassins ft Sweetie Irie 'Boom Style (AC Slater Remix)'
12. Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz (Mskr-nt Remix)'
13. Freerange DJs 'Gotta Get High (=AVE= Mix)'
14. Audio Bullys 'We Don't Care (2 Bit Thugs ReRub)'
15. Rico Tubbs 'Lumberjack'
16. Enough Weapons 'Super Sonic'
17. The Proxy 'Dance In Dark'

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Come join me on APE Music on

Ben and Lex
Ben and Lex has invited you to join APE Music on
hello sorry to bug you all but if your into breakbeat music then join this site and group :D

APE Music Ape Music was established in 2006, by Ben & Lex, from the ashes of the successful south west club night of the same name. The only criteria is the…

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Created By: Ben and Lex

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz - Mini Mix'


Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz - Mini Mix' from benny on Vimeo.

Mini Mix Tracklisting

01. Original
02. Benjamin Vial Remix
03. Metro Boy Remix
04. 2 Bit Thugs Remix
04. Mskr-nt Remix

Download as a mp3...

more info >>


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Metro Boy | | 28/07/09 | Download

Metro Boy | | 28/07/09

Mega late on the archive for this one and I've lost the original radio broadcast... bugger. But its ok as I have the Ableton live recording so for this month you can have 2 hours of pure uninterrupted music.

back to usual next week :)



The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | Download

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | Download

No guest mix this week so your treated to w whole two hours of me and Lex. Allsorts thrown in this week dub step, breaks, wonk, techno, rave so get on the download, stick it in your ipod and dance around the office haha :D

01. Noisses 'End Of'
02. Juice Aleem 'First Lesson (Evil Nine Remix)'
03. Disco Of Doom 'War Pig'
04. Zodiac Cartel 'We Don't Play That'
05. Freerange DJs 'Gotta Get High (=AVE= Mix)'
06. Chris Sundive 'Electric Rock (Torqux Remix)'
07. Rico Tubbs 'Lumberjack'
08. The Proxy 'Dance In Dark'
09. Pyramid vs Plump DJs 'Wickedest Gear (Boy Nuke 'Ems Megaton Mash)'
10. Baobinga and ID 'No Bright Lights'
11. Aquasky ft Tee Ski 'Back To The Top (Vandal Remix)'
12. Beat Assassins 'Boom Style (AC Slater Remix)'
13. Mobius 'The Lab (Ben and Lex Remix)'
14. Backdraft 'Headcharge (D-Ranged Remix)'
15. Major Lazer 'Hold The Line (DZ Remix)'
16. DZ 'Down'
17. Audio Bullys 'We Don't Care (2 Bit Thugs Re-rub)'
18. Headflux 'Basscake'
19. Future Funk Squad 'RaveULator'
20. Hyper vs Vandal 'Fugazi (Vandal Remix)'
21. Cut La Roc 'Classic (Superstyle Deluxe Remix)'
22. Jinx ft Brainz 'Big Fat Ass (Kickflip Remix)'
23. That Girl DJ 'Noise'
24. Baobinga and ID 'Jump Up and Buck (DJ Manaia Mash / Baobinga Edit)'
25. Shut Up and Dance 'Cream (Afghan Headspin Remix)'
26. Access Denied 'Unknown (Ben and Lex Remix)'
27. Recycle 'Ghost In The Machine (Ben and Lex Remix)'
28. The Loops Of Fury 'Flick A Switch'
29. StereoType 'Shock (Nero Remix)'
30. Unknown 'Renegade Snares 2009'
31. Dizzee Rascal 'Bonkers (Adsorb Breaks Edit)'
32. Temper D 'Wonky Glasses'
33. Rack n Ruin 'Skitzo VIP'


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SWU Mega Rave | 'Tear Out' Special | Download

SWU Mega Rave | 'Tear Out' Special | 03/08/09

Dug out some classic 'Tear Out' for this weeks SWU Mega rave but annoyingly the damn archive is only of the second half :( gutted

Ah well, you can catch me playing a set of this stuff in Bristol in December so theres no need to miss out.

Anyways heres the full tracklist of what was played but the archive only starts from track 13.

01. Control Z and Baobinga 'Focus' [Hardcore Beats]
02. Aquasky vs Masterblaster 'Megatron' [Passenger]
03. Entity 'G-Breaks' [Combat Wax]
04. Phrentic 'Flatline' [Mechanoise]
05. Vinyl Junkie and Dope 'Hooligan (Backdraft Remix)' [Bassrock Records]
06. Underdog vs Ultra Magnus Magnuson 'Karma' [Brock Out]
07. Ed209 'Fight Alone' [Hardcore Beats]
08. Shodan 'Ain't Nobody Tighter' [Combat Wax]
09. Entity 'Eatin' My Breakfast' [Fusetrax]
10. Darqwan 'Raising Kane' [Passenger]
11. The Breakfastaz 'Psychopath' [Cyberfunk]
12. DJ Quest 'Gravel Muncher (Distortionz Remix)' [Cyberfunk]
13. Freq Nasty 'Brooklyn To Brixton (Freestylers 'Raw a Fuck' Remix)' [Skint]
14. CTRL z v Screwface 'Dar Licks' [Hardcore Beats]
15. Vext 'Badbwoy (Deep Impact Remix)' [Fusetrax]
16. Ed209 'Blackhole' [Rat Records]
17. Control Z 'Badman' [Hardcore Beats]
18. Takomo 'Flesh'n'Vegas' [Fusetrax]
19. Breakfastaz 'Spit It Out' [Cyberfunk]
20. Distortionz 'Can Of Worms' [Mechanoise]
21. Baobinga 'The Bashment Track' [Cyberfunk]
22. Search and Destroy 'Mark Of The Beast' [Combat Wax]
23. Vinyl Junkie and Dope 'Warrior Dance (Ed209 Remix)' [Warehouse Wax]
24. DJ Quest 'Gravel Muncher' [Cyberfunk]


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Back in two weeks time with the DAVE CLARKE special or possibly the long awaited JEFF MILLS one, I think, or maybe next week as SWU is having a bit of a schedule shuffle and I'll be moving back to my original Thursday night slot :D hurrah


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sneaky Peek of the new APE


Sorting out the proper press release and updating the APE site at the moment with all this but here is a sneaky peek for you all :)

Should be out on Beatport in the next few weeks.