Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ben & Lex - DJ Mix Dec 2010


Christmas is almost upon us and with it an excuse to pump out content under the guise of love for our fellow man. Lucky for us plenty of people have music on offer, not least our favourite DJs with funny accents: Ben & Lex. Half an hour of bassline infected rave, breaks and dubstep designed to get your festive stockings in a twist.
Kiss My Bass

Ben & Lex - DJ Mix Dec 2010 by Ben and Lex


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ben & Lex 'Ruffnecks / Terry Hooligan / Jinx Remixes' [FB063]


Ben & Lex 'Ruffnecks' [FB063] by Ben and Lex

Ben & Lex
'Ruffnecks' Terry Hooligan RMX / Jinx RMX
Release Date Feb/ March

Ben & Lex return to Functional with a firing slice of party rocking Breakbeat-Dubstep-Reggae.

From opening the main stage at the Glade festival, winning the 'Best Breaks Dj' and 'Outstanding Contribution To The Breaks Scene' awards at the South West Breaks Awards to their Breakspoll award winning Nuskool Breaks radio show and running their own record label, Ape Music, Ben & Lex could well be the busiest boys in breaks!

Their distinctive brand of bass heavy breaks and dubstep have secured them plays on Radio 1, Ministry of Sound FM, Galaxy FM ,Kiss FM etc, as well as DJ support from all the scenes biggest players and featured on Freq Nasty Breakspoll compilation.

Ben & Lex are true purveyors of bass heavy broken beats; equally at home with a rolling break, half time dubstep and dance hall reggae, always seamlessness blended for our aural delectation. 'Ruffnecks' manages to capture all these elements perfectly, peppered with rousing snatches of ragga vocals, tight rolling percussion, dance hall piano stabs and more squelchy sub then you can shake a stick at. 100% skanking reggae vibes on this dubstep flavoured party beaks number.

With 2 acclaimed albums on Botchit & Scarper under their belts,"Mouth watering beats from the hottest talent around!" The Ticket, Daily Mirror; The dynamic Watford duo Atomic Hooligan are well established as dance music standard setters. AH have graced the FRONT covers of DJ and IDJ magazines, performed live with their 9 piece band at Fabric, officially remixed Underworld. AH turn in a 4/4 tropical broken beat re working, stripping things back on this high octane percus sive workout with hand claps a plenty, rave horns, ragga vocals and truck loads of dirty low end for a tight little funking bum wiggler.

Jinx a.k.a Jinx In Dub has released on Against The Grain, Burrito, Sunday Best, Bassrock and Functional and has worked with Black Canvas and Alien Entertainment and has had huge support all over! Skippy jungle styled breaks are the order of the day here, complete with a heady swathe of atmospherics and an unadulterated, loose yourself in the music breakdown, punctuated by bleeps, ragga vibes, shimmering synth pads on this out and out jungle-tastic raveathon.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Ben and Lex Presents 'Freak Style!'


Just found this lurking on the harddrive... the classic 'Freak Style' mix from Ben & Lex.

This much requested and downloaded mix is 52 tracks mashed up in a sweet 70 odd min mix before the days of ableton... pure 12" mayhem

01. Intro
02. Primal Scream 'Loaded'
03. Zero 'Emit/Collect' Rennies Agatha Stomp Mix
04. Unknown 'Break Me With You'
05. Dave Brennan 'Drink Deep' Zabiela Vox Verson
06. Spoork 'Freak Like Me'
07. Disco Assasins 'Step Inside' [feat. Wink 'Freek-A-Pella']
08. Distortionz 'Onion Rings Vip' [feat. Wink 'Freek-A-Pella']
09. Blim 'Dust'
10. Dj Quest & IC3 'Floor Basher'
11. Jammin 'Tonka' [Menta Remix]
12. Jammin 'Tonka'
13. Chase & Status 'Wise Up'
14. Jammin 'Hold On'
15. Dee Kline, Nu Breed, Ransom & Phil k 'Bush Pig'
16. Infekto 'Burner'
17. Ben & Lex 'Floor Burn'
18. Qb Project 'In Time' [Pete Voyager Mix]
19. Krafty Kuts 'The Ill Funk'
20. Brother Love Dub 'Mighty Ming' [Plump Djs Mix]
21. Grooveyard 'Watch Me Now'
22. Sticky feat Ms Dynamite 'Booo!' [Dubaholics Numb Dub]
23. The Autobots 'Chickers'
24. The Autobots 'Rocky'
25. Aquasky vs Masterblaster 'Sound Bowy'
26. Mike & Charlie 'I Get Live' [Fat Boy Slim Mix]
27. Aquasky vs Masterblaster 'Disco Bisuit'
28. Initial Research 'Step Up'
29. Krafty Kuts & C5 Joyriders 'Take It'
30. Baby Elephant 'The Moove' [Phantom Beats Mix]
31. Dj Quest 'Da Bleepz'
32. Aquasky vs Masterblaster '777' [Lucky Strike Mix]
33. Dj Quest 'Gravel Muncher'
34. Chemical Brothers 'Electronic Battle Weapon 6'
35. Darqwan 'Three Note Blue'
36. Blim 'Driving'
37. Humanoid 'Stakker Humanoid' [Plump Djs 2001 Re-Touch]
38. Plump Djs 'The Gate'
39. Unknown 'Deeperflash'
40. Unknown 'Orbootal'
41. Dj Quest 'Fuct Beat' [The Autobots Mix]
42. Bushwacka 'Tool A'
43. Jammin 'Go Dj'
44. Zinc 'Out Of Bounds'
45. Soulo 'Switch' / Fat Boy Slim 'Retox' [Getting Freqy With Fatboy]
46. Future Sound Of London 'Papa New Guinea' [High Contrast Mix]
47. Reprezent 'Out Of The Game'
48. Die '100 Miles And Runnin'
49. Roni Size 'Answer Back'
50. Ram Trilogy 'Superfly'
51. Scram 'I Feel It'
52. Factor E & Knick 'Kool Down' [The Autobots Relick]
53. Shimano 'Baddest Dj VIP'


F.S.O.L Special | SWU Mega Rave | 02/12/10


Sit back relax and freaking trip out as we delve into The Future Sound Of London back cat for this weeks SWU Mega Rave Special

01. The Future Sound Of London 'Cascade (Part 1)'
02. The Future Sound Of London 'Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall Remix)'
03. The Future Sound Of London 'Slow Of Motion'
04. The Future Sound Of London 'Pulse State'
05. The Future Sound Of London 'Night Lapsed'
06. The Future Sound Of London 'Insides'
07. The Future Sound Of London 'Made Contact Internal'
08. The Future Sound Of London 'Small Town'
09. The Future Sound Of London 'Little Brother'
10. The Future Sound Of London 'It's Not My Problem'
11. The Future Sound Of London 'Antique Toy'
12. The Future Sound Of London 'Quagmire / In A State Of Permanent Abyss'
13. The Future Sound Of London 'Environments (Part 2)
14. The Future Sound Of London 'My Kingdom'
15. The Future Sound Of London '1-in-8'
16. The Future Sound Of London 'Omnipresence'
17. The Future Sound Of London 'A Swealtering Heat'
18. The Future Sound Of London 'Hardhead'
19. The Future Sound Of London 'Papua New Guinea (12" Version)'
20. The Future Sound Of London 'Space Squids'
21. The Future Sound Of London 'Everybody In The World Is Doing Something Without Me'
22. The Future Sound Of London 'Skinny Ribbed F**ker'
23. The Future Sound Of London 'Turn Around'
24. The Future Sound Of London 'Max'
25. The Future Sound Of London 'Insected'
26. The Future Sound Of London 'The Lovers'
27. Amorphous Androgynous 'The Galaxial Pharmaceutical'

DOWNLOAD | Podcast

Far out... also the last tune by Amorphous Androgynous leads nicely onto the next SWU special :)