Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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The weekend sure took its toll on me so I decided to randomly grab a pile of tunes from my shelf and play them in order... haha its all my brain could handle to be honest ;)

Anways 2hours ish of random tunes from the likes of Verve, The Orb, Mr Scruff, 808 State and DJ Sneak... Its like pressing random on your ipod only with records :)

01. Hac[k] The Tab 'I Am Not A Machine (Original Hac[k] The Tab Mix)' [Kracktronik]
02. C.J. Bolland 'Neural Paradox' [R/S]
03. Miss Kitten 'Requim For A Hit' [Novamute]
04. Mr Scruff 'Crisps' [Ninja Tune]
05. Juju 'Zombies' [Phuture Records]
06. Plaid 'Yak' [Clear]
07. 808 State 'Olympic (Flutey Mix)' [ZTT]
08. Dr. Walker Meetz Soulslinger 'Nuthin But An 'E' Thang' [Rising High Records]
09. Kerrier District 'Disclix' [Rephlex]
10. Porn Theatre Ushers 'Me and Him' [Biscuithead]
11. The Verve 'Gravity Grave' [Hut]
12. The Doubtful Guest 'Mind Detergent' [Planet Mu]
13. Nightmares On Wax 'The Sweetest' [Warp]
14. Senor Coconut 'Electrolatino' [New State]
15. The Orb 'Majestic (Millwall Remix)' [Wau! Mr Modo]
16. Model 500 'I Wanna Be There (Wax Doctor Remix)' [R/S]
17. Dj Sneak 'You Can't Hide From Your Bud' [Classic]
18. Patrick Pulsinger 'City Lights (City Of Starsigns) [R/S]
19. Spiritualized 'I Think I'm In Love (Chemical Brothers Vocal Remix)' [Dedicated]
20. Gang Starr 'Full Clip' [Virgin]




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