Monday, December 15, 2008

Mobius 'Thugs' - OUT NOW

Mobius 'Thugs / 601 Remix'

Ape is back and for this installment we have the pleasure of presenting Mobius and 'Thugs'

'Thugs' is a massive dirty party smasher with huge sub, rollin drums & snappin snarez that lead you to its wicked breakdown and then out the other side to the immortal lil hip hoppin' sample 'We're not against rap.... But we are against them Thugs' and then... Blap!!!!! Smacks ya in the face like a pissed up Vinnie Jones in a pool bar.

Packed full of bad attitude and growlin synths this is one sure to send them peepz on tha dancefloor into a bowel droppin' fury!

Think tearout meets booty breaks and you'll be only halfway to the monster that is THUGS!!

For the Remix we've drafted in those dirty northern monkeys the 601 boys!!!!! And by my nan's meat pie mining hat have they brought the rave!!

Flipping the original and throwin it back with some full on mental dancefloor magic. Wicked original ragga-tinged beats lead to fat bass & tearing synths that will undoubtedly destroy any floor you care to put ya dancing feet on.

Mastered by Tarekith

Mobius 'Thugs'

Mobius 'Thugs (601 Remix)'

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