Saturday, July 31, 2010

Atomic Hooligan Promo Mix

 Atomic Hooligan @ Breakfest 2008

Check out this super fresh new mix from Atomic Hooligan featuring thier forthcoming remix of our tune 'Pounds from the Rough Necks (Terry Hooligan Mix)' forthcoming on Functional plus an exclusive drop of the next release on APE Music from Prosper & Old Skool Nemo vs Benjamin Vial.

Atomic Hooligan are back with a bang with their new release on Functional Records doing the promo rounds at the moment. Smoke & Mirrors is released on 9th August 2010 and comes with remixes from Dog Town Clash and the mighty Ben & Lex

With outstanding reviews for this release across all media formats from magazines including DJ Mag, IDJ and Mixmag to blogs and online magazines to pirate, web and commercial radio stations across europe, Atomic Hooligan have picked up where they left off, maintaining their reputation for quality dancefloor rocking sounds.

With a follow up release on Functional already in the can and lined up for release in the next month, as well as more releases coming on their own Bass = Win label, Atomic Hooligan are well and truly back in the mix.

Get your ears round this new promo mix showcasing some of their recent studio work, some exclusive remixes and of course some material flagged for future release on Bass = Win.

1. Atomic Hooligan – Weed (Atomic Hooligan Feat: Afu Ra – Dirty Accapella)
2. Atomic Hooligan – Bass Crazy
3. Atomic Hooligan – Is It Real
4. Dub Pistols – Ganja (Atomic Hooligan Mix)
5. Reset! – If We Try (Atomic Hooligan mix)
6. Atomic Hooligan Smoke & Mirrors
7. Atomic Hooligan – You What Blud?
8. Ben & Lex – Pounds from the Rough Necks (Terry Hooligan Mix)
9. Prosper & Old Skool Nemo vs Benjamin Vial – Bad Bwoys (Terry Hooligan mix)
10. Atomic Hooligan – Bass Crazy (Tek-One Remix)
11. Reset! – If We Try (501 Remix)
12. 501 – Echo in my Head
13. Rico Tubbs – I Like It Raw (Dub Step Remix)
14. Rico Tubbs – Time Bandit (Flatmate Remix)
15. Pyramid – Can’t Stand The Rain
16. Pyramid – Beautiful
17. Pete Rock True Master

Atomic Hooligan promo mix [60:11m]: Download


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Metro Boy | | 27/07/10 | Download


Loops and bleeps galore this week on the Mboy show. Loads of killer new tracks plus a few classics thrown in for good measure.

01. Extrawelt 'DistTheme'
02. Sel A 'Lazers'
03. Umek 'Squeamish Sort (Advent Industrialyzer Remix)'
04. Joel Mull and Dustin Zahn 'Close Your Eyes'
05. Carl Lekebusch 'Skull Digger'
06. Butch 'Apophis (Ramon Tapia Remix)'
07. Marascia 'Watcha'
08. Umek 'Responding To Dynamics (Koen Groeneveld Remix)'
09. Egbert 'Yourself'
10. Paco Osuna and Paul Ritch 'El Jimador'
11. Adam Beyer 'Filthy Lobster'
12. Bobby Knockers 'Nervous Acid'
13. Rekids and Dustin Zahn 'Stranger To Stability (Len Faki Podium Mix'
14. Rino Cerrone 'Rilis 05 A1 (2010 ReEdit)'
15. Umek 'Slap'
16. Timo Mass 'Jetstream'
17. Slam 'Collecting Data'
18. Paul Ritch 'Split The Line (Dubfires Mega Remix)'
19. Umek 'Responding To Dynamics'
20. Flavio Diaz and Kaiserdisco 'Jaune'


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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mix for the Week

ez all... time for some relaxing chill out music. Now I blogged, I think, about OG's No Step mix as it was quite frankly the greatest mix ever, and to be honest still is. So I'm over the moon to present to you part 2 and its just as lush :D

01. Biosphere - Hyperborea
02. Richie Hawtin - What The Hell Was That
03. Underworld - Cuddle Bunny vs the Celtic Villages
04. Burial - Untitled
05. Aphex Twin - Stone In Focus
06. Biosphere - Moistened & Dried
07. Kwook! - Tangerine Fuzz
08. Mark Pritchard - ?
09. Bent - Exercise 7
10. Tomas Dvorak - By The Wall
11. Keaver & Brause - Livfe
12. Hybrid - Everything Is Brand New
13. Orbital - Time Becomes
14. Kona Triangle - Mauna Loa
15. Ulrich Schnauss - In Between The Years
16. Nathan Fake - Bumblechord



Monday, July 26, 2010

SymCast Episode 005! Brought to you by Ape Music and Ben & Lex!


SymCast Episode 5 is a STORMER of a podcast from Ape Music and mixed by Ben Lex (the label owners). Featuring some of their own tunes as well as some friends, this mix definitely continues the strings of great podcasts hosted by Symphonic Distribution distributed record labels. Along with this podcast, you can hear the latest Ape Music tracks on stores worldwide as well as on their Beatz Bobs show worldwide!

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Podcast is Mixed By: Ben & Lex
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Podcast Tracklisting
01. Freerange Djs ‘Back To The Old Jack (Jinx Remix)’
02. Ben and Lex ‘Drifting (Transformer Man Remix)’
03. Mobius ‘Flood Warning’
04. Freerange Djs ‘Your Mind Your Passion (Quadrat Beat Remix)’
05. 601 ‘Grymee VIP’
06. Freerange Djs ‘Drop That Beat (Afghan Headspin Remix)’
07. Mobius ‘Thugs’
08. Ben and Lex ‘Wetsack’
09. Freerange Djs ‘Drop That Beat (Nursery of Naughtiness Remix)’
10. Ben and Lex ‘Makaton VIP’
11. Enough Weapons ‘Supersonic (That Girl Dj Remix)’
12. Freerange Djs ‘Back To The Old Jack’
13. Cut La Roc ‘Looking For The Deep Bass (Beat Monkeys Remix)’
14. Afghan Headspin ‘True (Fred V Remix)’


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Beatz and Bobz Show | CTRL Z Guest Mix | 20/07/10


Big things this week on the Beatz and Bobz show as we strap ourselves in and feel the G's as Ctrl Z step up and blow us away with their killer guest mix.

01. Unknown '999'
02. Myagi 'New Jack'
03. NAPT 'Dateline'
04. DJ Chix 'Broken Melody (Ben and Lex Remix)'
05. DJ Shadow 'Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt (Fog's Flashback Remix)'
06. Elite Force 'Law Of Life'
07. DJ Prosper and Old Skool Nemo 'We Are Bad Boys (Benjamin Vial Remix)'
08. Acen 'Close Your Eyes (Disco Of Dooms Got More Bass Refix)'
09. Ben and Lex 'Makaton VIP'
10. Vandal 'Big Dog (Elite Force Remix)'
11. Atomic Hooligan 'Smoke and Mirrors (Ben and Lex Remix)'
12. Drop Top 'Machete (High Rankin Remix)'
13. Lightshapers 'Black Magic'
14. Chemical Brothers 'Escape Velocity'

Ctrl Z Guest Mix

15. Freestylers ft Belle Humble 'Cracks (Ctrl Z Remix)'
16. Pendulum 'The Island pt2'
17. Black Eyed Peas 'Rock Your Body (Skrillex Remix)'
18. Felguk 'Whatever Clever (Dirtyloud Remix)'
19. J Majik and Wickaman 'Save You (Cutline Remix)'
20. Passion Pit 'Little Secrets (Jack Beats Remix)'
21. Jon E Industry 'Take It Low (Lazy Rich Remix)'
22. Wale ft Lady Gaga 'Chillin (Feed Me Remix)'
23. Noisia 'Split The Atom'
24. Skrillex 'Fucking Die (€€ Copper Mix)'
25. Boris Dlugosh 'Bangkok (Krafty Kuts Re Rub)'
26. Cutline 'Die For You'
27. Noisia 'Alpha Centauri'
28. Subfocus 'Rock It (Stanton Warriors Remix)'
29. Porn Kings 'Up To No Good (Squatters Remix)'
30. Deadmau5 'Strobe (Plump DJs Remix)'
31. Far Too Loud 'We Want To Dance'
32. Mindflow 'Switchde (Cutline Remix)'
33. Le Castlevania 'Nobody Gets Out Alive (Noisia Remix)'
34. Flux Pavilion 'Hold Me Close'
35. Ctrl Z and Freestylers 'Ruffneck '09 (Excision and Datsik Remix)'
36. Specimen A 'Cold As Ice'
37. Vista 'Wiseau FUnk'
38. DJ Fresh 'Flight'
39. 501 'Dub You'
40. George Lenton 'Fil Diff'
41. Rusko and Reso 'Lick The Lizard'
42. Foreign Beggers 'No Hold Barred (Excision Remix)'
43. Freestylers ft Belle Humble 'Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix)'
44. Affinity 'Static (Moving Fusion and Ant Miles Remix'
45. Matrix and Futurebound 'The Edge (Futurebound VIP'
46. Mindflow 'Switched (DC Breaks Remix)'


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The SWU Mega Rave | Full Cycle History Part 2 - 1998/2001


Continuing our history lesson of the one and only Full Cycle records. In part two we pick up the pace starting from 1998, with release 16, and roll through to 2001, up to release 31. Fitting in classics such as Clear Skyz, Drop Bear, Jitta Bug and of course Kloakin Device. Part three coming soon.

01. Die and Suv 'Mankind'
02. J Raq 'Waiting For The Bass'
03. Die and Suv 'Music First'
04. Bill Riley 'Closing In'
05. Die 'Clear Skyz'
06. Roni Size '26 Bass'
07. Die 'Reminisce'
08. Die 'Drop Bear'
09. D Product 'Space Horn'
10. Die 'Poison Ivy'
11. Krust 'Break Ya neck'
12. Suv 'Parklands'
13. Die 'Running Out'
14. Suv 'Dark Angel'
15. Die 'Jitta Bug'
16. Suv 'Rip Curl'
17. Roni Size 'On Point'
18. Reel Time 'Mine'
19. Krust 'Kloakin Device (Vocal Mix)'
20. Suv 'Continuum'
21. D Product 'Written Off'
22. Suv ft Marta 'Alfombra Magica'
23. D Product 'Telemetry'
24. Surge 'Working Out'
25. Surge ft Mel 'Set It Up'
26. Surge 'Soul Searching'
27. Surge ft Mel 'Studio Abuse'


Missed Lesson 1 ranging from the years 1995 to 98? well head over to SWU and catch up

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Metro boy | | 13/07/10 | Download


The sun had gone in while doing this show so I got proper deep and lost in the groove. Hope you enjoy it!

01. Oliver Huntemann and Dubfire 'Dios'
02. Duoteque 'Gotcha'
03. Til Von Sein 'Obas (Catz N Dogz Ohne FX Remix)'
04. John Lagora 'Get Down'
05. Slam 'POsitive Education (Paul Ritch Remix)'
06. Mastiksoul 'Bofe De Elite'
07. Lounderbach 'Shine (Alexi Delano Remix)'
08. Audiojack 'The Bends'
09. Marco Carola 'Plaster'
10. Hertz 'A Voice OF My Own (Manuel De La Mare Dub Mix)'
11. FPS 'Fallout'
12. Nick Muir and John Digweed 'Aquatonic'
13. Ostgut Ton and Len Faki 'BX3'
14. Christian Smith and John Selway 'Move (Steve Angello Remix)'
15. Drumcell and Audio Injection 'Cell Injection'
16. Velkro and Ido Ophir 'warehouse'
17. Rino Cerrone 'Rills 6 A1'
18. Alex Dias 'Mococa (Fernando Tessis Remix)'
19. Carl Craig 'Angel (Jerome Sydehams Vocal Dub)'
20. Benny Rodrigues and Kapuchon 'The Finger (Radio Slave Remix)'
21. Stephan Bodzin 'Mondfhart'
22. Acid Pauli 'Urwald'


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ben and Lex - Rocstar July Promo Mix


Ben and Lex July promo mix for the Rocstar Agency, to book us visit

01. Ben and Lex 'Pounds for the Ruffnecks (Jinx Remix)' [Functional]
02. Flore ft. Rodney P 'Get It In' [Botchit and Scarper]
03. ID 'Mustang (VIP)' [Sub Slayers]
04. Cakeboy 'Swampthing (JFB Remix)' [Mutate]
05. Anarchy Rice 'Blam' [CDR]
06. Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Maps (Elite Force Re-Fix)' [CDR]
07. DJ Chix 'Broken Melody (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Rocstar]
08. Vandal 'Big Dog (Elite Force Remix)' [Benefit]
09. Slyde 'Get Reckless' [CDR]
10. Max Sedgley 'Soundboy (Parker Remix)' [Jalapeno]
11. Freerange Djs 'Drop That Beat' [APE Music]
12. Atomic Hooligan 'Smoke and Mirrors (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Functional]
13. Vent 'Mantra' [Hardcore Beats]
14. High Rankin 'Duncans Disco Dirtbox Disaster' [Suicide Dub]
15. The Partysquad 'Pull Up' [Mad Decent]
16. Laidback Luke and Diplo 'Hey' [Southern Fried]
17. Dreadzone 'Yeah Man (Warrior One Remix)' [CDR]
18. Rack n Ruin 'Soundclash' [Black Butter]

Heres the link if you want to download the mix


Monday, July 12, 2010

APE Music 'From The Vaults' FREE Mix

 With the help of some seriously bangin tunes APE Music has become one of the biggest selling breaks labels on Beatport, Juno and many other digital and with tunes and remixes to come this year from the likes of The Freerange Djs, Pyramid, Terry Hooligan, Vandal, Flore, Benjamin Vial, 601, Lethalness and many many more we not gonna be slowing down any time soon.

With our 20th release we have revisited an old fave in the form of Afghan Headspins 'True' and we've had 2 of our favourite remixers so far, Fred V and Viro & Rob Analyze to put their spin on the badass original and man alive have they done us proud.

Seeing as we are always giving here at Ape towers we have got a lil' present for you all. We have put together a big old mix for you called 'From the Vaults' and in it we've managed to sling in at least one track off every release so far and very proud of them all too we are too.

Hope you enjoy and keep those eyes on the lookout for more monkey business for APE very very soon.

Ben and Lex 'From The Vaults' Tracklisting

01. Ben and Lex 'Skitzometric (Pulsar Remix)' [APEM019]
02. Ben and Lex 'Like This' [APEM004]
03. 601 'Grymee (VIP Remix)' [APEM008]
04. Agent Alvin vs Timmy Schumacher 'Willy The Pimp' [APEM007]
05. Enough Weapons 'Beyond' [APEM015]
06. Ben and Lex 'Get On It (Plaza de Funk Remix)' [APEM006]
07. Ben and Lex 'Monkey Business (Neztric Remix)' [APEM007]
08. Will White 'Wait A Minute' [APEM001]
09. Afghan Headspin 'True' [APE005]
10. Freerange DJs 'Your Mind Your Passion (Quadrat Beat Remix)' [APEM014]
11. Mobius 'Thugs' [APEM011]
12. Cut La Roc 'Looking For The Deep Bass' [APEM018]
13. Ben and Lex 'Big Bastardos (Entity Remix)' [APEM003]
14. Ben and Lex 'Space Docking' [APEM010]
15. Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz (2 Bit Thugs Remix)' [APEM012]
16. Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack' [APEM017]
17. Ben and Lex 'Meat House' [APEM010]
18. Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz' [APEM012]
19. Ben and Lex 'Makaton (Viro and Rob Analyze Remix)' [APEM019]
20. Enough Weapons 'Supersonic (Eshericks Remix)' [APEM015r]
21. Mobius 'Flood Warning (That Girl DJ Remix)' [APEM017]

Listen on Mixcloud


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Thursday, July 8, 2010

New B&L Remixes of DJ Chix and Atomic Hooligan

Were busy as every in the B&L towers.. if its not rocking festivals its getting our remix on and these our the fruits of our recent labours...

First up for the Rockstar label is our remix of DJ Chix 'Broken Melody'

DJ Chix 'Broken Melody (Ben & Lex Remix)' by Ben and Lex

Bringing up the rear is our killer remix of the forthcoming Atgomic Hooligan anthem 'Smoke & Mirrors' for Functional.

Atomic Hooligan 'Big One (Ben & Lex Remix)' [Functional] by Ben and Lex

Both tracks should be available in the next few months I rekcons :)


Exclusive interview for SWU Magazine


Here is the exclusive interview Lex an I did for the brand new magazine from SWU which hits the shops today.

One thing than can definitely be said about Ben and Lex, they certainly are very, very busy boys. DJing and producing collectively for over 10 years. This pair have certainly ticked a lot off their ever more ambitious musical 'to do' list. Producing a back catalog of awesome tunes, launching and successfully running their own record label Ape music. Within their home grown record label finding time to nurture new talent under their creative well and truly gigged wings. As well as produce their own tracks and remixed an abundance of masterpieces.

Offering up probably the best live breakbeat sets in the South West. Ben and Lex are certainly well traveled playing with International DJs such as Rennie Pilgrem, Freq Nasty and The Freestylers along the way. Being unofficially crowned King and errm King of South West Breakbeat Ben and Lex have quite a collection of awards.
Bagging awards 2 years running at the South West drum n bass awards for 'Best Breaks DJ' and 'Outstanding Contribution to the Breaks scene' as well as a Breakspoll for their bi-weekly radio show.

With this being the very first issue of SWU Magazine we thought it was only fair to ask these two local legends a few questions.

Read the full interview over on SWU


Ben & Lex. Glade Lounge, Glastonbury 2010



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Breakspoll Awards 2010 - The Official Video


Breakspoll Awards 2010 - The Official Video on Vimeo.


The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 05/07/10 | Download


Big show this week with 2 hours of fresh new tunes from the APE stable, a killer Warrior One remix of Dreadzone, new cuts from the forthcoming Flore album and exclusives from B&L.

01. Ben and Lex 'Pounds for the Ruffnecks (Jinx Remix)'
02. Flore ft. Rodney P 'Get It In'
03. ID 'Mustang (VIP)'
04. Cakeboy 'Swampthing (JFB Remix)'
05. Anarchy Rice 'Blam'
06. Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Maps (Elite Force Re-Fix)'
07. Afghan Headspin 'True'
08. Afghan Headspin 'True (Viro and Rob Analyze Remix)'
09. Slyde 'Reckless'
10. Max Sedgley 'Soundboy (Parker Remix)'
11. Freerange Djs 'Drop That Beat'
12. Atomic Hooligan 'Big One (Ben and Lex Remix)'
13. Vent 'Mantra'
14. High Rankin 'Duncans Disco Dirt Box Disaster'
15. The Partysquad 'Pull Up'
16. Rack n Ruin 'Soundclash'
17. Laidback Luke and Diplo 'Hey'
18. Dreadzone 'Yeah Man (Warrior One Remix)'
19. Yeah Woho 'Hit That Organ (Bass Weazal Remix)'
20. Unknown 'Silence Is Golden'
21. Crookers ft Roisin Murphy 'Royal T (Foamo Instrumental Mix)'
22. Herve 'Hot! Drum Attack'
23. Zinc ft No.Lay 'Killa Sound'
24. Tom Stephan 'Turn That Shit Up (Diplo Remix)'
25. Ben and Lex 'Pounds for the Ruffnecks'
26. Si Bissle 'What The Time (Will Bailey Remix)'
27. Fatboy Slim vs Herve 'Machines Can Do The Work'
28. Freestylers 'This City (Kouncil House Remix)'
29. Cut La Roc 'Looking For The Deep Bass (Beat Monkeys Remix)'
30. Orbital 'Impact (The Earth Is Burning)'
31. Beastie Boys 'Sabotage (Alex Metric Re-Edit)'


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