Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SW D&B / Breaks Awards - Vote Ben & Lex!


So it's that time again when all the South West crews are out whoring for you're votes to be crowned best bumpkin in the west, this time around the event is bigger and badder than ever before with much more emphasis on breaks in the very tasty line up!

We won best South West Breaks DJ last year and we would be over the moon to win again :D :D :D so if you can spend a few minutes casting your votes via this simple online form we will be eternally greatfull.

These awards are totally independent and truly represent who you think are the best in the scene, every vote really counts, so it’s down to you to decide who wins!

• Voting opens at 12pm on Mon 15th March and closes at 12pm on Mon 12th April 2010
• Shortlist will be announced on Mon 19th April
• Winners will be announced at Rumble in the Jungle on Fri 7th May

You must enter a vote in every category before submitting your vote – incomplete vote forms can't be processed. If you have no preference just add "-" instead of a dj or artist :D

Here are our suggestings for the voting in the Breakbeat Catagories...

• Best South West DJ : Ben & Lex
• Best South West Producer : Ben & lex
• Best Regular South West Night : Beatz and Bobz
• Outstanding Contribution to the Scene : Ben & Lex

Thanks again for your time.


Jokr 'Snaggletooth (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Kiss My Bass]

Jokr 'Snaggletooth (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Kiss My Bass]

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Beatport, Juno and iTunes as well as many many more digital shops

Press Release

Kiss My Bass returns with an action packed bass heavy package headed up with the latest from breaks/house crossover boys JOKR. Their most recent track On Point was well received on Dusted Breaks and since their sound matches our vibe perfectly we were quick to snap them up! The resulting EP is one of non stop dance floor belters, each with their own slightly different take. Suffice to say there will be one for your occasion.

As ever your feedback is really appreciated so please take the time to hit the reply button and let us know what you think and which mixes you intend to inflict upon the world.

The original mix hits the nail on the head in terms of the kind of variety Kiss My Bass is all about. Fresh off the back of our electro house led debut and the massively played electro dubstep follow up Wub Steppin we thought we'd slap a bit of breaks flavoured house your way.

The first remix comes from the hardest working men in the South (UK of course!) messrs Ben and Lex. We're very happy to have the boys on board and they don't disappoint with a big grimey breaksy bassline wobbler (deep breath).

As Udy's remix of the last JOKR track was so well received it only seemed right to get him in on the action. A typically schizophrenic remix keeps the dance floor interested and shows why he is currying favour with a lot of rave DJs at the moment.

Brooklyn's Mr Vega is no stranger to the label, with his previous tracks for KMB blowing up BIG. Always a pleasure to have him involved and and massive electro house style lead infused with the spirit of wobble.

The final mix will be the first we send out to the blogs and have for free download just to kick off the hype. Again it's some label favourites that take the honour with Knob Jockeys heading up the task force. Their remix of our last EP saw us get 1Xtra play due to them being featured on Rusko's show and once again they show why they're a massive upcoming talent. Impossible to pin down, it's probably best you just listen to it!


Jokr 'Snaggletooth (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Kiss My Bass] by Ben and Lex


Richie Balboa's Spring mix shows some Ben and Lex & APE love


Recent 'Best Breakthrough DJ' winner at Breakspoll, Richie Balboa, has dropped and killer new mix for Knowledge magazine featuring our latest remix for Rocstar Records, The Beat Monkeys 'For The People (Ben & Lex 'Big Beat Rocs' Remix)' as well as featuring 2 APE Releases, the chart topping 'Back To The Old Jack' as well as forthcoming 'Looking For The Deep Bass'


01. Freerange DJs - Back to the Old Jack [Ape]
02. Refracture - Eternal (Mr No Hands Remix) [Dusted Breaks]
03. Lunar Shift - The Trip (Balboa's play the game edit) [Big Square Records]
04. The Beat Monkeys - For The People (Ben N Lex 'Big Beat Rocs' Remix) [Rocstar]
05. The Beat Monkeys - Rollin [Rocstar]
06. Freeflow 45 - Droid Smoothie (Balboa's hands up in the air edit) [Boobtrax]
07. Telepopmusik - Breathe (Peo De Pitte Remix) [Flat Out Records]
08. Nuteki - You + Me (Mars VIP Remix) [Bass Reflections]
09. Mars Ft Dennean - Lets run away (DaVIP Remix) [XSSR]
10. Gella - Twinkle feat MC $pyda (Pyramid remix) [Sub Slayers]
11. Cut La Roc - Lookin for the deep bass (Beat Monkeys remix) [Ape]
12. Noisia - Machine Gun [Division Recordings]

You can download the mix via soundcloud and read the full Knowledge interview


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 15/03/10

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 01/03/10

Proper slammin show for you all this week on the Beatz and Bobz Show. Exclusive plays of the new Freerange DJs 'Drop That Beat' and our remix of 'Default Mode' for Erase Records plus we have the new Lot 49 siging Fussy Boy on the Guest Mix.

01. Dylan Rhymes and CHristian J vs Krafty Kuts and Time Deluxe 'Party Phenomenon (Elite Force Re Fix)'
02. ?? 'Elevator Rinse'
03. Access Denied 'Publicity'
04. Kelevra and NineLive The Cat 'Aint No Disco Music (Zap Pow Die Remix)'
05. Sawgood 'Ctrl Ur Brain (Calvertron Jedi Mind Trick Mix)'
06. J*O*K*E*R* 'Snaggletooth (Ben and Lex Remix)'
07. Zodiac Cartel 'Sweet Control (Zodiac Cartel's VIP Remix)'
08. Triple Agent 'Mindwarp (Quadrat Beat Remix)'
09. Jinx ft Brainz 'Big Fat Ass (Farace's Dark Star Remix)'
10. Calvin Harris 'Stars Come Out (Rektchordz Mix)'
11. Benga '26 Basslines (Elite Force Re-fix)'
12. ID and Baobinga 'Man Down'
13. Micky Slim, Virus Syndicate and Nom De Strip 'Skank Out (Are You Gonna Bang Mix)'
14. Bar 9 'Shaolin Style (Elite Force Mix)'

** Fussy Boy Guest Mix **

15. Spenza 'Silver'
16. NT89 & Distrakt 'Pumpin (Beataucue Remix)'
17. Dolby anol 'Callin Colin'
18. Genuine Guy 'Chang n Chai'
19. Etienne de Crecy 'Fuck'
20. Vitalic 'Flashmob'
21. Vandal 'Big Dog (Fussy Boy Remix)'
22. Maral Salmassi 'Let's Rock the Party (Fukkk Offf Remix)'
23. G.E.R.M 'Glitterball (G.E.R.M Remix)'
24. Electrocker 'ESD (Da boogieboys Remix)'
25. Modek 'Copperhead'
26. Dylan Rhymes and Tom Real 'Godzilla (Fussy Boy Remix)'
27. Jefferson Airplane 'White Rabbit (Verdis Remix)'

28. ?? 'Default Mode (Ben and Lex Remix)'
29. Slyde 'Move Ya Body'
30. Elite Force 'The Law Of Life'
31. Afrojack 'Pacha On Acid'
32. Cut La Roc 'Looking For The Deep Bass (Schema Remix)'
33. Skool Of Thought 'Villa Funk'
34. Gella ft. MC $pyda 'Twinkle (Pyramids 'Stop The Talking' Remix)
35. High Rankin 'Top Shelf Obscene'
36. Enough Weapons 'Got Digital'
37. Cold Blank 'Dutchie (Calvertron Remix)'
38. Kelevra and NineLive The Cat 'Aint No Disco Music'
39. Specimen A 'Just A DJ'
40. Major Lazer 'Bruk Out (Foamo Remix)'
41. The Freerange Djs 'Back To The Old Jack'
42. Donald Glaude 'Teed Off (Calvertron Remix)'
43. Affinity 'Static (Reso Remix)'
44. The Freerange Djs 'Drop That Beat'
45. Kiwa 'Killabyte'
46. The Beat Monkeys 'For The People (Ben and Lex's 'Big Beat Rocs' Remix)'
47. The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki 'Warp 19'


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Also its spam time again... The South West Drum and Bas/ Breaks Awards have opened for voting so if you have a few spare seconds if you can head over to and under the breaks catagories vote for Ben and Lex on Best South West DJ, Best South West Producer and if you want Breakbeat - Outstanding Contribution to the Scene :D

No show for a few weeks now as im off to Australia so the Beatz and Bobz Show will return on the 19th April.


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Friday, March 12, 2010

Tune For The Weekend

Another one of my occasional 'themed' posts much like my random 'mix of the week' anyways for all you lot getting ready to get mad rave over the weekend I reckons you'll be into this track...


Theres also remixes from Spor, Amon Tobin as well as the 16bit remix which has been poping up in our sets and radio shows recently..

Noisia - Machine Gun (16bit Remix) by NOISIA

You can pick this banger up iTunes now


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ben and Lex Trackitdown Chart - March


BEN & LEX - BREAKSPOLL WINNERS - TOP 10! South West heroes Ben & Lex have been representing breaks for over a decade and now it's time for them to step up! Winners of the Best Podcast category plus releasing the awesome Soundboy Step-Up single should push them right up. Get behind these two!

Trackitdown Ben and Lex top 10

01. Ben and Lex 'Soundboy Step Up!'
02. Freerange Djs 'Back To The Old Jack'
03. Baobinga 'Ride It'
04. Foreign Beggers 'Get A Bit More (Baobinga Remix)'
05. Lunar Shift 'Prototype (M.i. Loki Remix)'
06. Enough Weapons 'Supersonic (Eshericks Remix)'
07. Cut La Roc 'Electric Forces Funk '
08. L-Vis 1990 'United Groove (Baobinga and ID Remix)'
09. Ben and Lex 'All Da Breaks'
10. Zoo Brazil 'Fancy (Popof Remix)'


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free I.D. & Baobinga album - Bass Music Sessions OUT NOW


I got the promo of this not long ago and its been played non stop on my lil ipod and now its available to the masses. Big Shouts to I.D. and Baobinga on this one.. not only have they given away (or you can 'pay what you wish') an absolute killer album but they have also blogged the whole process on their highly influential bassmusic blog.

The album is now up for download, free, or for a donation at:

We're giving the proceeds from this release to Dove House Hospice in Hull, UK. Bandcamp do not take a cut, although Paypal do take a small percentage. So, since we're not going to profit financially from this, if you'd like to support us in other ways, please spread the word of this release - post it on a forum, chat about it on Facebook or Twitter, email your mum, tell the world! Also, please bear in mind that Paypal take roughly the first 25 - 30pence of all donations.

Its proper next level stuff this so i highly recommend you all grab your self a copy and spread the word.


I.D. mix for


Bristol based bass music blogger I.D. has dropped a killer mix featuring the Rektchordz remix of the Freestyle DJs 'Back To The Old Jack'. I.D. has also taken the time to have a chat with so pop over there as well and have a damn good read.

Altered Natives - Bullet Blade Knuckle Slap (Fresh Minute Music)
Seiji - Hohoho (
Baobinga ft Rubidan - Raggipahop (dub)
Martyn - Megadrive Generation (Hyperdub)
Toddla T ft Herve & Serocee - Shake Ya Body (DJ Sega remix)
Redux - Acidbomb (601 remix) (Trickery Collective dub)
Ghislain Poirier ft MC Zulu - Gyal Secret Potion (Baobinga remix)
(Ninja Tune dub)
Geeneus - Raggoo (
South Rakkas Crew ft MC Gi & Mr Dockery - Hands Up Brazil (Mad Decent)
South Rakkas Crew & Killa Queenz ft Lady Chan - Double Up (Mad Decent)
Flore & Shunda K - Feel Me (Peo de Pitte remix) (Botchit & Scarper)
Snide - Cot Damn (dub)
Freestyle DJs - Back To The Old Jack (Rektchordz remix) (Ape Music)
Martsman & John Gloss - Wrecking Girlcore (dub)
Pocz & Pacheko - Zarbak (Mr Gasparov remix) (Senseless Records)
DJ Madd - Bass Come Down (Subway dub)
Sully - In Some Pattern (Keysound)
I.D. vs Skinnz - Shimmy (Double Science dub)
Brackles - Rawkus (Planet Mu)
I.D. & Baobinga - Inland (Bass Music dub)
Untold - Gonna Work Out Fine (Hemlock)
I.D. - Once Again (Passenger dub)
Redlight - Pick Up The Phone (Lobster Boy)
Baobinga & I.D. - Tongue Riddim (Build)
I.D. - Mustang (Sub Slayers dub)
Afghan Headspin - Cocaine - (Gella's Rather Have A Tablet remix)(Valium)
D1 - Jus Business (Dub Police)
Vipercorps - Overclocked (I.D. remix) (Lucky Break)
Si Begg - Brain Activity (Wascal remix) (Noodles)
I.D. - Handbagger (Baobinga remix) (Passenger dub)


The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 01/03/10 | Download

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 01/03/10

We only blooming won 'Best Podcast' at this years Breakspoll Award 2010... FUNK YEAH!!!! so this show goes out to all of you who have listened to us over the years and took the time and voted for the show. We thank you :D

01. Wasabi 'Singin (Pale The Kid Remix)' [Erase]
02. Gella Ft. MC Spyda 'Twinkle (Gella's Nails Mix)' [Sub Slayers]
03. Cut la Roc 'Looking For The Deep Bass (Schema Remix)' [APE]
04. LVis1990 'United Grooves (Baobinga and ID Remix)' [Mad Decent]
05. Ben and Lex 'Soundboy Step Up' [Rocstar]
06. Dub Pistols ft Rodney P 'Ganja (Ben and Lex's High and Dry Remix)' [Sunday Best]
07. Baobinga 'Ride It' [Build]
08. Ultra Larry Tee Ft. Roxy Cottentail 'Lets Make Nasty (Afrojack Remix)' [Ultra]
09. Foreign Beggers 'Get A Bit More (Baobinga Remix)' [Never Say Die]
10. The Loops Of Fury 'SOAP (Peo de Pitte Remix)' [UA]
11. Dylan Rhymes and Tom Real 'Godzilla (Fussy By Remix)' [Lot49]
12. Elite Force 'Law Of Life' [UA]
13. The Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack (Eshericks Remix)' [APE]
14. Ben and Lex 'All Da Breaks' [Rocstar]
15. Enough Weapons 'Got Digital' [APE]
16. The Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack' [APE]
17. Elite Force 'Annihilate' [UA]
18. VENT 'Encoded (VIP)' [Hardcore Beats]
19. Party Dark 'Is That You (Calvertron Remix)' [Champion Records]
20. Elite Force 'Cali Sk8r' [UA]
21. Plump DJs 'Rocket Soul' [Finger Lickin]
22. Super DJ Bobzilla 'I Usually Dont Do Dis (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Mutate]
23. Cut la Roc 'Looking For The Deep Bass (Beat Monkeys Remix)' [APE]
24. Aldo Vanucci ft Amie J 'Naive (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Good Living]


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Were back in two weeks time and again I'd like to thank you for supporting us and helping us win best podcast at Breakspoll 2010.


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Monday, March 1, 2010

FREE Download - Aldo Vanucci Pres Amie J 'Naive (B&L Remix)'

Taken from the Thank NuFunk Its Friday Blog...

Fresh from picking up their award for Best Podcast I have an awesome remix by these guys which sounds nothing like their usual style. As well as running their successful Ape Music label and brand Ben & Lex are the long serving residents of Beatz & Bobz which has been running in Exeter now for around 13 years. These guys are renowned all over for being fine purveyors of making and playing hard edged breaks which smashes dancefloors to bits. This track that they've made available for download however is a remix for Plymouth DJ Aldo Vanucci and is a really nice funked up affair featuring vocals from Amie J. It came out on Good Living Records last year but can be yours for free by checking out the link below.

<a href="">Naive (Ben &amp; Lex Remix) by Ben &amp; Lex</a>


Ben and Lex 'All Da Breaks / Soundboy Step Up' OUT NOW

Ben and Lex 'All Da Breaks / Soundboy Step Up' [Rocstar]

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Availble from Juno Download

Press Release

Ben & Lex are back again and this time making their debut for the awesome Rocstar label with this killer 'Mixmag Breakbeat Single Of The Month'.

Unless you have been asleep under a barrell for the last few months you will have seen that the busiest men in breaks have been beavering away non-stop dropping some killer remixes but now they are back with no doubt their biggest original release so far!!

"All Da Breakz owes a large debt to the mischief and mayhem of bass music. Neo junglist steppa beats begin a marauding romp that takes in a dirty burrowing reesey bassline, jump up bashment vibes, hardcore hiphop MCing, Casio bleeps, Grandmaster Flash, dog whistles, and maybe even the kitchen sink! "

With all the elements set squarely at 'party' this tune is a stone cold killer with plays from all the usual suspects including Annie Nightingale on her award wining BBC Radio 1 show as well as on the floor as proven at Breakspoll 2010.

"All the Breakz is the best attempt at a cut and paste club track I’ve heard for a while, forging together breakbeats from original funk and old skool through to dubstep." Pete Jordan. IDJ

For 'Soundboy Step Up' the dastardly duo turn in a breaksy/dubstep crossover banger with all the throw ya horns up bravado of a rock anthem. Rasta snips & badman bass combine for a proper dub rave mashup! Fitting somewhere between Tayo and the Bassbin Twins if heavy dub bass music is ya bag then this is for you :)

2010 is set to be their biggest year so far so keep 'em peeled for more new material coming your way real soon. Blap!!

Magazine Reviews

Mixmag - Tune of the Month 5/5

The Westcountry DJ duo, Ben Ervine and Alex Shellard have long served the mega-rave community as residents of Exeter’s Beatz & Bobz night. If this single is anything to go by, this year promises to be their most exciting to date. It’s cheeky montage of fifty seven varieties of classic loops pays homage to the grooves that crowds have come to know and love, making it an instant anthem.

DJ Mag - 4.5/5

The dastardly Exeter breaks twosome really deserve some breaks themselves, as they've been beavering away at the coalface for ages, and 'All Da Breakz' owes a large debt to the mischief and mayhem of bass music. Neo junglist steppa beats begin a marauding romp that takes in a dirty burrowing bassline, jump up bashment vibes, hardcore hip-hop MCing, Casio bleeps, Grandmaster Flash samples, high-pitched dog whistles, and maybe even the kitchen sink. It's a boss tune, and on 'Soundboy Step Up' they turn in an equally well-worked dubstep piece.


All Da Breaks by Ben and Lex

Sound Boy Step Up by Ben and Lex


The Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack' OUT NOW

The Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack' [APEM018]

Release Date

Exclusive to Beatport

Press Release

Yes yes!!!! Calling all you booty shakers!!!!

Finally here it is! The tune that made us sign the Freerange Djs to the label in the first place, the muthafunkin' awesome 'Back To The Old Jack' !!!

Rammed to the hilt with old skool samples, big ass drums and ass shaking bottom end, 'Old Jack is destined for greatness oh yes!! This will not leave your set for a while !

Not content with releasing the amazing original we have packed the release so full of killer remixes I think we must be mental!!

We have managed to bring you remixes from some of the scenes bad boys!

In the 'steppy' corner...weighing in at just over an ounce & a cup of tea.... we have 2 amazing mixes from Bristol bad man Jinx and a new direction in style from the Tech Funk pioneer Rektchordz!!

In the 'bugger me this is heavy corner'...we bring you mixes from 3 of the breaks scenes heaviest..Eshericks, Dom Almond and Quadrat Beat!!!

As the tune says..... 'We Outta Control '!!!!!

This is one of the biggest releases we at Ape Towers have put together so all your feedback will be appreciated!!

DJ Feedback

Plump DJs Great tune. in the box.
Peo de Pitte Top package... All mixes are nice but I will support and play the original!!!!
ID Rektchordz mix is great, really feeling it, def support. Liking the jinx mix too - nice little roller, will try it out on the floor!
Hexadecimal Really strong package here! Digging the original mix, Eshericks Remix & the Quadrat Beat remix is also cool!
Flore Good package, but the Jinx is definitly my favorite, sounds really good
Jimmy Mofo The original rocks and is the one for me.
General Midi First 3 mixes are killer and the rest arent half bad either! TUNE!!!
High 8 Lovely shizzle, wicked package, something for everyone methinks. Original is the one for me though, loving those beats.
Richie Balboa Awesome track Eshericks is tha don
Dave No Hands HOLY CRAP THIS IS WICKED. I mean, wowza. Love it

Magazine Reviews

Mixmag - May Issue Tune of the Month 5/5

Calling all booty shakers!

It’s not been long since Cornish DJs, =AVE=, Olly G & Hi-Fly stumbled on to the horizon as the Freerangers, yet they’ve already made a big impression. Their latest and greatest, showcases their fidgety broken beats and sub-heavy wonk perfectly. Rammed with old skool scratches, trumpets, chunky ass drums and a think as muck bottom end, 'Old Jack' will not leave your set for a while.

DJ Mag 4.5/5

West Country bods Ben & Lex are real troopers, and here they bring relative newbies The Freerange DJs onto their Ape label for a scratchadelic, jackin’ beast that is, indeed, riddled with old skool samples (Space Invaders, a neighing horse etc). The growling, scrunched up b-line powers it home, while Quadrat Beat expands on the bassline to take it into proper acid territory. Dom Almond goes a bit mental, and then exciting newcomer Eshericks really raves it up for the pick of the bunch, with peaking synths, wiggly 303s and true hardcore sensibilities.

Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack'

The Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack' [APEM017] by apemusic

iPod/IPhone Wallpaper

The Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack' [APEM018]