Friday, May 27, 2011

Slugrave Mixtape #005

Slugrave Mixtape #005

We start of slow and low for Mixtape 5 with an hour of exquisite space ambient noodlings and then its heads down for a techno work out with side B. Enjoy and spread the slug love.

Slugrave Mixtape #005 - Side A

01. System 7 'Over and Out'
02. Sundial Aeon 'Hydrophonics'
03. H.U.V.A. Network 'Orientations part 3 (Uncertainty Principle)'
04. Pan Electric 'Embers'
05. Carbon Based Lifeforms 'Proton Electron'
06. Sundial Aeon 'Pleasure Impact'
07. Solar Fields 'Full Menu Song - Mirrors Edge Theme Remixed'
08. Ishq 'Moonlight Sea'
09. Solar Fields 'Sol Remix'
10. The Juan Maclean 'Dance With Me'

Slugrave Mixtape #005 - Side B

01. Conforce 'The Land of the Highway'
02. Lowtec 'Running Elephant'
03. Floating Points 'Vacuum Boogie'
04. Kassem Mosse '2-Untitled'
05. Dexercist 'Revolt'
06. Tin Man 'Love and Sex Acid'
07. Jus-Ed presents Nina Kraviz 'Voices (RMX DJ QU)'
08. Steffen Baldo 'Ends Meets'
09. Ed Chamberlain 'Styge'


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Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Metro Boy] New Mix & Gig News


So after my 5 month sabbatical I'm in love with techno again :) so what better way to celebrate then to sort out a brand new mix for you all.

Metro Boy | June 2011

01. Decimal 'Melody Attack (Sandwell District Remix)' [Soma]
02. tINI 'Thats Right' [Plastic City]
03. Morning Factory 'Echo Lovin' [Pets Recordings]
04. J Phlip and Julio Bashmore 'Midnight At The Aquarium' [Dirty Bird]
05. Alexi Delano and Paco Osuna 'Waxfix' [Plus 8]
06. Uto Karem 'Black Jack' [Plus 8]
07. Layo and Bushwacka! 'White Rhino' [Plus 8]
08. Richie Hawtin '001 (Alex Under Remix)' [Plus 8]
09. Danilo Vigorito 'I Saw The Light' [Plus 8]
10. Paco Osuna and Daniel Sanchez 'Kawuriel' [Plus 8]
11. Joel Mull and Dustin Zahn 'Close Your Eyes' [Enemy Records]
12. Julian Jeweil 'Tournicoti' [Plus 8]
13. Alex Dias 'Mococa (Fernado Tessis Remix)' [Le Club Records]
14. Umek 'She Never Wants To Come Down' [Toolroom]
15. Dj Tonio 'Buzz Buzz' [Definitive]
16. Butch 'Apophis (Ramon Tapia Remix)' [SCI+TEC]
17. Flavio Diaz and Kaiserdisco 'Jaune' [Kling Klong]
18. Umek 'Responding To Dynamic (Koen Groeneveld Remix)' [1605]
19. Phunk Investigations 'Tsunami (Perfect Storm Mix)' [Cutoff Recordings]

Its only on mixcloud for the moment, I will be starting up the podcast again next week as I'm finally sorting out my own hosting and website.

Also on the gig news front you can catch me at this years Glastonbury Festival in the Glade Lounge on Saturday Night

Finally everyone who uses face book go and visit my page and give me a like :)

Hopefully mixes will be month now and keep an eye out for the new website


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Freear | APE Music Podcast #018


The APE Podcast returns and to celebrate we bring you newcomers to the Ape fam, all the way from oop norf, the awesome Freear and this epic slice of dancefloor dubstep mega rave showcasing his new release 'Gizmo Stomp'

Freear | APE Music #018

01. Freear and Ekaj ft A.Y D'Afrique 'Subfunk' [Unreleased CDR]
*Sample from 'Brass Eye'
02. Jinx 'At Last (Breaks Mix)' [Higrade]
03. Freear and Ekaj 'Gizmo Stomp (Resistance Remix)' [APE Music]
*Sample from 'First Contact'
04. Freeland 'We Want Your Soul (Acapella)' [Marine Parade]
05. Jinx in Dub ft Rider Shafique 'Meditate and Relate (Freear Remix)' [Unreleased CDR]
06. 601 'Whoop' [APE Music]
07. Afrika Bambaataa and The Soul Sonic Force 'Planet Rock (Acapella)' [CDR]
08. Freear and Ekaj 'Gizmo Stomp (Snareophobe Remix)' [APE Music]
09. Solid Frame 'Forever' (Ben and Lex Remix)
10. Freear and Ekaj 'The Chain'' [Unreleased CDR]
11. Dust Junkys 'Beatbox Wash (Acapella)' [Polydor]
12. Slamboree 'Soap on a Rope'' [Unreleased CDR]
13. 601 'Can't Take It' [APE Music]
14. Freear and Ekaj 'Gizmo Stomp' (Jinx in Dub Remix)' [APE Music]
15. Mike Rigler vs Coppa 'Back For Real (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Proper Nightlife]
16. Freear 'Fodder' [Unreleased CDR]
17. Freear and Ekaj 'Gizmo Stomp' [APE Music]

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Don't forget to pick up your copy of the Freear & Ekaj 'Gizmo Stomp' release from Beatport NOW!


SWU Sessions #005 | Dub Reggae


Festy time soon so its time to get it on with 2 hours of dub reggae, echo'd out, space dub for your ears... light one up and space echo out to the max!

*No tracklisting for this show as I totally forgot to write anything down :( sorry

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Freear & Ekaj 'Gizmo Stomp' Part 1 [APEM027]


Buy from Beatport

After the awesome release from Lethalness we have decided to bring you something a bit different for our next effort.

We bring you newcomers to the Ape fam, all the way from oop norf, the awesome Freear & Ekaj and their epic slice of dancefloor dubstep, 'Gizmo Stomp'

The northern monkeys have given us a proper festival slaying chunk of dubstep goodness with a sweeeet reggae infused vibe courtesy of vocals from A. Y D'Afrique.

We have gone in hard on the remixes for this as we love this tune...

First up we have Manchesters freekin bad boys of bass, Snareophobe who have turned in what can only be described as a pant-wettingly heavy remix that has already been getting a heavy caning by the stadium destroyer that is Bassnectar. If you don't screwface to this then you must have had more botox than Joan Rivers!!! (For all you young uns, look her up)

Our favourite Ape fam-a-lam massive the Freerange Djs have blessed us too with an absolute monster of a remix, stepping up to drumstep tempo that is no holds barred, full on fodder for the ravers on the floor. All lighter crew!!

Rounding off the release in a slightly more chilled but equally brilliant way is another Ape fave, Bristols own Jinx in Dub who has taken the original firmly into dubbier territory and then halfway through flips it into a wicked breakbeat roller!!

Already skankin its way around the world, Gizmo Stomp & its remixes has found success on the dancefloor from San Francisco to St. Helens gaining support from some major players already from Rico Tubbs to Bassnectar to Calvertron!

This release is not to be missed on any account!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Remix EP promo coming your way very soon with some tip top global all star breaks and house mixes from Manchester to the Burning Man.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ben & Lex Glade Festival 2011 Exclusive Podcast

Ben & Lex 'Glade 2011 Mix'

01. Redlight 'Feel So Good (Wine Up Yr Body)' [Lobster Boy]
02. Afghan Headspin 'Bad Selection (Mars Remix)' [Hardcore Beats]
03. Zed's Dead 'Rude Boy (Jorden and Santero Remix)' [CDR]
04. Viro and ROb Analyze 'WannuB (Plump DJs Remix)' [Noise Porn]
05. Dooze Jackers ft Wes De Graaf 'Euh' [Top Billin]
06. Splitloop ft RoxXxanne 'Badman' [Toast]
06. Plump Djs 'Light Fantastic' [Grand Hotel]
07. The Mighty Dub Kats 'Magic Carpet Ride (Will Bailey Remix)' [CDR]
08. Dom Almond 'Rinse It Out Live' [Hardcore Beats]
09. Ben and Lex 'Ruffnecks' [Functional]
10. Rico Tubbs 'Gangsters (Calvertron Remix)' [Bass=Win]
11. Freestylers vs Wizard 'Killasound' [Freestylers]
12. Noisia 'Gutterpump (Pixel Fist Remix)' [Skint]
13. Pyramid 'Trouble' [Funkatech]
14. 601 'I Cant Take It' [APE]
15. Rico Tubbs 'Feel It (Lazy Rich Remix)' [Bass=Win]
16. Umek 'She Never Wants To Come Down' [1605]
17. Plump Djs 'Hump Rock' [Grand Hotel]
18. Herve 'Together (DJ Fresh Future Jungle Mix)' [All Around The World]

Glade Festival 2011 takes place 10 - 12 June 2011 at The Mansion House, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire UK featuring a whole host of leading electronic talent. For more info visit


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Layo & Bushwacka! 'Love Story (Ben & Lex vs Ortus Love Booty​)​'


Many many moons ago, before time begain... perhaps... Ben & Lex popped in the Devon studio of a bygone legend named Ortus.

Together they ripped open the guts of the epic house classic 'Love Story' by Layo & Bushwacka and re-assembled it into the steppy breaks reese basslined number you see before you.

Download weary travellers, download


NEW BLOG : Old Man Corner


Come on over and follow and new blog and Fan page I have created with a bunch of like minded friends over at Old Man Corner.

Bit tired of the youth and their nonsense music? Do you like sheds, gardening, rad clothes and proper tunes? Then come on in!

Plus we also have a range of Old Man Corner t-shirts for you to buy :)


Slugrave Mixtape #004


Mixtape 4 shows off the slugrave diversity with two fresh as lettuce mixes for you to munch on.

Slugrave Mixtape #004 by slugrave

Slugrave Mixtape #004 - Side A

01. Gigi Masin 'Clouds'
02. The Memory Band 'Come Wander With Me'
03. Doves 'Birds Flew Backwards (Chris Watson Remix)'
04. War 'Four Cornered Room'
05. Barefoot Jerry 'Friends'
06. Hiss Golden Messenger 'John Has Gone To The Light'
07. Bob Welch 'Future Games'
08. Bob James 'El Verano'
09. Roy Buchanan 'You're Not Alone'

Slugrave Mixtape #004 - Side B

01. DJ Moms & the Amazinggaijin 'Sabro (Subvader Remix)' [Top Billin]
02. Kito & Reija Lee 'Broken Hearts' [Mad Decent]
03. Om Unit 'The Corridor' [Terroryhthm]
04. The 13th Tribe 'We Are Many' [Ugly Boy]
05. J Bevin 'Zulu (Slugbahton Edit)' [Deep Teknologi]
06. Roska & Jamie George 'Wonderful Day' [Dave Nada Moombahton Edit]
07. Africa Hitech 'Our Love' [WARP]
08. Quest 'Smooth Skin' [Deep Medi Muzik]
09. Nochexx 'Smashing Your System' [Werkdiscs]
10. Ghostpoet 'Survive It feat. Fabiana Palladino (Quest's Guidance Mix) [Brownswood]
11. Martyn Slott 'Pointing Fingers' [All City]
12. Nico Muhly 'The Only Tune – III: The Only Tune feat. Sam Amidon' [Bedroom Community]


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