Friday, May 4, 2007

Right I'm Off On My Hols

I'm leaving work early today as I have to rush up to the post office to pick up a parcel, hopefully its either my Glastonbury Festival ticket/contract stuff or its going to be my 1/100 scale Gundam model I've bought.

Either way this is going to be my last post for a week as im off to Menorca with the family for a well deserved holiday.

Hopefully the weather will be better then this.

It's going to be a busy old evening though as I have to rush home and pack, leg it up to the Cavern to DJ, zoom back home to pick up Becky, then bomb it up the motorway to Chippenham to get to my mum and dads.

Anyways best tidy my desk and sort out my jobs, catch you all soon, and have a drunken bank holiday weekend.