Wednesday, May 2, 2007

LTJ Bukem Essential Mix

Its so sunny out side and yet I'm stuck indoors on my computer trying to make some sense of the Profile 22 website I'm making. So the only thing thats cheered me up so far today is the discovery of one of my favourite essential mixes of all time. LTJ Bukem and the MC Conrad. I can't remember how many times I used to listen to this, enough to wear out 3 TDK tapes, and its doesn't every get tired.

Axis - One In Ten (Good Looking)
G-Force - Proximity (Good Looking) (unreleased)
Johnny L - Tychonic Cycle (XL)
Mystic Moods - Jazz Stepper (Unreleased Mix)(unreleased)
Intense - The Genesis Project (Earl Grey Remix) (Rugged Vinyl)
Shogun - Nautilus (Renegade)
Ken Ishi - Stretch (Shogun Remix) (R&S)
Universal - Live Session (Looking Good)
Voyager - Hyper Sleep (R&S)
Seb & Lotek - So Long (Looking Good)
P.H.D. - Above & Beyond (Good Looking / Earth)
Forme - New Element (Mo Wax)
Intense - Only You (Creative Source)
Subject 13 - Faith (Good Looking / Earth Vol1)
Crystal - Mind Games (Good Looking)
Universal - Groove Therapy (Looking Good)
UFO/Alex Reece remix - Loud Minority (Talking Loud)
Axis - High Point [Looking Good]
Forces Of Nature - Cool Spot (Clean Up)
Jedi Knights - Solina (Universal Language)
Phungus - "untitled" (Reload)
Voodoo Child - "Desperate" (Trophey)


For me this sums up Bukem and Conrad when they were well on top of their game. Conrad is amazing and Bukems flow impeccable. Ah hazy memories of summers long gone.



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nice site you got there

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very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys know that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

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Naja, ob das alles so richtig ist..