Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Albums

Fancied listening to something new today, so I headed over to my favorite download shop Bleep.

Browsing through the choice albums for this week and these caught my eye...

Battles 'Mirrored' (WARPCDD156)

"A sunburst of ideas and styles...not just an album that can be appreciated by fans of the avant-garde, pop and rock alike but a genuine fuck you to the people claiming modern music has nowhere left to go. Essential. " Playlouder

Not Half 'Radioactive Monster Cats From Planet XLG-5' (SLR3201)

Lichens 'Omns' (KRANK106)

The second long player from Lichens, like his first, the largely improvised The Psychic Nature of Being, is an ascent to a higher plane. Rob Lowe's sound recordings are of a distinctly personal nature, works turned inward as much as they are projected outward.

The Cinematic Orchestra 'Ma Fleur' (ZENDL122)

Latest opus from J Swinscoe's Cinematic Orchestra outfit, their most vocal-led work to date featuring stellar guests Lou Rhodes (Lamb) and Fontella Bass.

Just firing up ITunes now to give them all a listen. I'll give some feedback on the albums later.



bad_sector said...

Yeah! Bleep is ace. I bought a bunch of DMX Krew (/Breakin' Records) and Raster Noton stuff off them. Great preview facility too.

Let me know what you think of the Cinematic Orchestra album - I've been disappointed by what I've heard... I like the dense, jazziness of the previous albums more that the more song-based tracks I've heard on this. It's as if the things that make me like the Cinematic Orchestra are suddenly missing on the album. It's a shame, because I'm a big fan.

I've heard good thing about Battles - I'll also be interested in hearing what you have to say about their album.

Benny said...

I find Bleep excellent for discovering new music, theres so much random stuff on there.

Yeah I loved the earlier Cinematic stuff, heard the new album on the Ninja Tune site and it sounded alright, I find there stuff needs to be played when I'm in the right mood for it tho.

Initial thoughts....

Lichens 'Omns' - Pure ambient brilliance. Love it.

Not Half 'Radioactice Monster Cats' - Bit mental for first thing in the morning, but I'm sure it will grow on me. Will have to give this a few more listens to get into it.

Battles 'Mirrored' - Loving this... going to give it a bit more of a listen but double thumbs up so far.

Haven't got round to the Cinematic one yet, but its up next on my play list.