Monday, May 21, 2007

Bah to Monday

I'm still super tired from the weekend...

DJ'd in Bristol on Saturday night at Break! and as I was driving home straight after, it ment no beer. :( . Now I don't mind that bit but I was finding it very hard to stay awake to dj (our set was 3.30-4.30am) so I thought I'd drink a few cans of Red Bull. I've always had bad experiences with Red Bull before, usually very very bad guts the next days and just buzzing on far too much caffeine. Anyway there was nothing else to do but to have a few cans... never again. Why I didn't learn from before I'll never know.

Anyways the gig was awesome, me and Lex rocked it and our new tunes and remixes went down very well :) annoyingly though I didn't take my camera, bollocks.

I was quite disappointed by Noisia who were playing a breaks set before us. Now these guys have released some of the best D&B and breaks tunes over the past 6 months so I was really looking forward to hearing them. But It sounded awful and the mixing had a lot to be desired, hopefully this was just a one off bad night for them as we've got them DJing in Exeter soon.