Thursday, May 3, 2007

APEM006 Review

Yay our new single on APE is getting some very good reviews. Not only has it been in DJ Mag, but its just been reviewed on the Nuskool Breaks website.

Ben & Lex - Get On It (Plaza De Funk Remix) / Will White - Wait a Minute (Groove Diggerz Remix) (Ape Recordings)


Ben & Lex - Get on It (Plaza De Funk Remix)

Let me preface this by saying that I really like both Ben & Lex, and Plaza De Funk's stuff, even if I don't generally play it (Ben & Lex are sometimes too hard, and Plaza is sometimes too funky).

This tune has now changed that.

Awesome tribal goodness opens up into a chunky beat for a spell. The first build is the part that makes my cock hard the most tho. It consists of a fierce little acid line, funky wah-wah guitars, and this little emergency broadcast signal-esque tone that flows through the tune. When the beat kicks back in, it is like oldskool warehouse funky breaks city. Little rave blips follow this up, being littered and delayed across the main body, into this fuckin evil bassline that I cannot WAIT to play on a big system that dominates the tune until the big break, when you are left with the electro blips for a few bars until everything kicks back in with the acid and wah-wah guitars with a big fat ass explosion. there are so many different contrasts in this tune, but he makes it all seem like it was meant to be. This would have to be my favorite work of Marcello's to date, and something I cannot WAIT to play out.

For fans of: Plump DJs, Soul Of Man, Myagi.

Will White - Wait a Minute (Groove Diggerz Mix)

I don't believe this is the Groove Diggerz. They are like how I referenced Ben & Lex and plaza earlier. I really like their stuff, it just generally doesn't fit in with what I play. This tune tho, will get more play than Tall Paul's cock in 1997. This tune is just one big badass really versatile monster. Minimal break opens it up for a short time (I do wish this was longer), into some quick tribal drums for a second before dropping this bassline and beat combination that completely took me off guard. The shit just throbs and pounds. The addition of some lazer sounds and the same fuckin sample used from Lock and Load's 'Blow Ya Mind' (this totally sells it for me btw. Even I loved that tune ages ago, and I'm totally geeking out listening to this for it) build the tune further. The main chunk is I think is done really well with this bassline that totally contrasts the chill vibe the rest of the tune is putting off. The big break is like early progressive house (think the Golden Girls 'Kinetic') sounding, and then turns into this distorted guitars, and then drops back in early with a healthy dose of fuckin acid, and this evil fuckin bassline. This tune straight fucking rocks it fierce out for a few bars, and goes back into the chill, but pumpin vibe till the end.

For fans of: Kickflip, Brothers Bud, Klaus Hill.

Acid in both tunes. sold!

Great release gents. Double a sider for sures.


Release date for the single will be in a couple of week, just waiting for Lex to confirm this one.