Thursday, May 17, 2007

DMC Update Review

Bit last one this one, but just got a copy of Vol 2 issue 225 of the DMC Update magazine and theres a review for 'My Pink Sock'

Ben & Lex are regulars on the breaks scene, having had previous releases feature on Freq Nasty's Breakspoll mix and Annie Nightingale's Radio 1 show, and running the Beatz & Bobz club night. Existing fans won't be disappointed - "My Pink Sock" is a no-nonsense tearer with a grinding b-line and clean, sharp drums that penetrate the thickest of speaker meshes. Flipside remix comes from DJ Quest, turning it inside out and back in on itself with a slower tempo, heavier drums and stomping outer-space drones. Peaktime alert.

4 out of 5

Get In!! All the reviews and feedback for this tune have been excellent. I'm sure will be writing a new killer tune for Functional very soon.