Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Latest Beatz & Bobz Show

I know its a day late but today I've finally remembered to bring the archive into work so I can upload it. Just me running solo this week as Lex was stuck out on the moors, but its still a crammed 2 hours and a bit of slamming Breaks and Techno

Woo hoo its exclusive central this week. Slamming new tunes from Darft Phunk, Rennie Pilgrem, Baobinga, plus world wide exclusive plays of our remix for the new NSB label, a hot as yet untitled house tune and a bunch of new APE releases.


01. Unknown 'Lamb' [Crisp Biscuit]
02. Darft Phunk 'I Dance U (Strider Remix)' [Splank]
03. Tim Deluxe 'Let The Beats Roll (Rennie Pilgrem Remix)' [Skint]
04. Dylan Rhymes 'Musika (Rogue Element Remix)' [Lot 49]
05. Baobinga 'Shake It' [Mantra]
06. The Screetch 'The Screetch' [Great Stuff]
07. Unique 3 'The Theme (Rogue Element Remix)' [Fat!]
08. Skool Of Thought & Deepcut 'Tug Nut' [Against The Grain]
09. Ben & Lex 'Body Shake' [CDR]
10. Ben & Lex 'Damn Dirty (Jay Stewart Remix)' [Control Breaks]
11. Breakfastaz 'Girls, Money, Drink And Drugs' [The Breakfast Club]
12. Rogue Element 'Breathe (Elite Force Remix)' [Exceptional]
13. Nick Thayer & Micah 'Scrambler' [Passenger]
14. Brothers Bud Vs THC 'Feel Like Dancin (Micky Slims Extra Wrong Mix)' [Finger Lickin]
15. Unknown 'Unknown (Ben & Lex Remix)' [NSB]
16. Vital Substance 'Digital Dub' [Edit]
17. James Harcourt 'Galia Melon' [Spinout]
18. Ben & Lex 'Untitled' [CDR]
19. Dilemn 'Check My Beat' [Ed Banger]
20. DJ Quest 'Sedated (Si Begg Remix)' [Cyberfunk]
21. Rekchordz 'The Brute' [APE]
22. Soul Of Man 'Acid Punch (Brothers Bud Remix)' [Finger Lickin]
23. Ben & Lex 'Wet Sack' [NSB]
24. Mighty Dub Katz 'Magic Carpet Ride (Claude Von Stroke Remix)' [Southern Fried]
25. Ben & Lex 'Space Docking' [APE]
26. Tayo Meets CTRL-Z 'Everytime' [Mantra]
27. Dr Akward 'Survival Instinct (Jariten Remix)' [Re:Connect]
28. Butter Party 'Payback' [CDR]
29. Spoon Wizard 'Shoe Monkey (Tom Real Vs Rogue Element Remix)' [Functional]
30. Nathen Fake 'Outhouse (Valentino Kanzyani Remix)' [Recycled Loops]

You can catch the next show 'live' on from 9-11pm (GMT) on NSBradio, Monday 4th June.