Thursday, April 1, 2010

Super Deejay Bobzilla 'I.U.D.D.D. (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Mutate]


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Press Release

A Founding partner of Mutate Records: Super Deejay Bobzilla is quite literally overjoyed to offer out his first full release on his rather spiffing label.

'I Usually Don't Do Dis' or I.U.D.D.D. as we lovingly call it here at Mutate HQ is a mouthwatering package of diverse styles from some of Electronic Dance Music's fostered sons.

The Original Mix takes you into the twisted, broken mind of Super Deejay Bobzilla himself, a purveyor of the jump-up funk since he was in nappies/dypers (delete as applicable). This full release on his beloved Mutate follows the huge success of his track 'Rip Dat Shit' on the highly acclaimed 'Mutations Vol 3' compilation.

Drafted in for remix duties are new additions to the Mutate Family: Perpetual Present who open up the remix package with a solid, tuff tech driven breaks remix, already receiving seriously high acclaim from many evangelists of bass.

Those bastions (or is that basterds?!) of the Breaks scene: Ben & Lex, deliver a big time, twist out breaks remix that, once again, stamps their authority as one of the breaks scene's freshest production teams and deserved Breakspoll winners.

This week: Down 3, at 3, are Unique 3 - Edzy's signature big boom sound transforms the original into a big tent rave offering that just can't wait to be released on the twisted festival crowds this summer.

In at 4 - Disco Assassins with their fresh as you like electro beat bonanza, aimed directly at those big room, prime slot dancefloors.

Adding some serious Sheffield Steel is our favourite closet circuit bender: Kickflip. This full release version is the 28th recording of his mix, such a perfectionist is this man, which is simply why he's one of the most talented producers in the country.

Kicking in the back door is Casual Bill - lifting the middle finger at the breakbeat rulebook, before unleashing the oversized beats is a Texan who is set become a familiar name on the lips of bass lovers worldwide.


SDB 'I Usually Don't (Ben and Lex Remix)' by Ben and Lex