Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SW D&B / Breaks Awards - Vote Ben & Lex!


So it's that time again when all the South West crews are out whoring for you're votes to be crowned best bumpkin in the west, this time around the event is bigger and badder than ever before with much more emphasis on breaks in the very tasty line up!

We won best South West Breaks DJ last year and we would be over the moon to win again :D :D :D so if you can spend a few minutes casting your votes via this simple online form we will be eternally greatfull.

These awards are totally independent and truly represent who you think are the best in the scene, every vote really counts, so it’s down to you to decide who wins!

• Voting opens at 12pm on Mon 15th March and closes at 12pm on Mon 12th April 2010
• Shortlist will be announced on Mon 19th April
• Winners will be announced at Rumble in the Jungle on Fri 7th May

You must enter a vote in every category before submitting your vote – incomplete vote forms can't be processed. If you have no preference just add "-" instead of a dj or artist :D

Here are our suggestings for the voting in the Breakbeat Catagories...

• Best South West DJ : Ben & Lex
• Best South West Producer : Ben & lex
• Best Regular South West Night : Beatz and Bobz
• Outstanding Contribution to the Scene : Ben & Lex

Thanks again for your time.



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