Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 19/04/10

Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 19/04/10

Back from my hols and raring to go and as a special treat I have an exclusive Hexidecimal Album Preview Mini Mix for your enjoyment. Plus killer tracks from Si Begg, 2 Bit Thugs, Dreadzone and Herve!

01. 2D 'All That Ska'
02. Eight Ball 'Preconception (Kick Flip Rmx)'
03. Katron 'We Bleed (Future Funk Squad Rmx)'
04. Warrior One 'Bad Like Jimmy Cliff (VIP)'
05. Redux 'Acid Bomb (601 Rmx)'
06. Leftfield 'Not FOrgotten (Timo Garcia and Gus One Rmx)'
07. I.D. and Skinnz 'Shimmy'
08. 2 Bit Thugs 'Been A Long Time'
09. Mars vs Kill Real ft Talina 'Stay With Me (Quadrat Beat Rmx)'
10. The Analogeeks 'Motherfunker (Naizen MILFunker Rmx)'
11. Evolve Or Die 'Wheel'
12. Mr B 'Little Acid People (Drumattic Twins Rmx)'
13. Si Begg 'High Volume (Kanji Kinetic Rmx)'
14. Anarchy Rice 'Return Of The Wang'

** Hexidecimal 'Base 16' Album Preview Mini Mix **

15. Hexidecimal 'Serious Action Ft. Percydread'
16. Hexidecimal 'Dead Moose'
17. Hexidecimal 'Stone Cold Ft. Trudi Mosiamo'
18. Hexidecimal 'Secret Agent'
19. Hexidecimal 'Nuclear Sub'
20. Hexidecimal 'Twisted'
21. Hexidecimal 'Base 16'
22. Hexidecimal 'Syndrome Ft. Katty Heath'

23. Excision and Datsik 'Swagga (Downlink Rmx)'
24. Ribs and IG88 'Monkey Wrench'
24. Elastic Fish ft Daniel Man 'God Save The Breaks (Torqux Rmx)'
25. The Analogeeks 'Lose My Head'
26. Rack n Ruin Vrs Vent 'Its Over'
27. UK Beat Cartel 'Carousel (Rob Focuz and Secureunit's Carrot Hell Rmx)'
28. Freestylers 'Slammer (Affinity Rmx)'
29. Dreadzone 'Gangster (Pyramid Rmx)'
30. Defunt 'Let Me Do My Thing (Ben and Lex Rmx)'
31. Si Begg 'Jump (Gella Rmx)'
32. Herve 'Hot! Drum Attack'
33. Sekklow 'Be Alright'
34. Pablo Decoder and Tim Healey 'Echoes In My Head (Pablo's Rough Mix Edit)'


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