Monday, April 19, 2010

Defunct 'Let Me Do My Thing' (Ben & Lex Remix)


This release has snuck up... and its a killer :D Whizz down to track 5 to hear our remix. BLAM!

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As a nice surprise to the world, a new label launched on 4/16/2010 that we think will be one to follow. Ran by BomBeatz Music, Supercool has launched its first release featuring the Noiseporn favorite Defunct! and MC Freeflow. The release is out right now exclusively on Beatport and features a slammin’ original with remix support from Faust & Shortee, Viro & Rob Analyze, Danny Soundz, Ben & Lex, Raydar & Shaolin, The Amp Jackers, Perfect Cell, Hunter Vaughan and last but definitely not least, Dylan Holshausen.

The release is a straight up Electro House stormer with each remixer taking the original into a roller coaster ride that doesn’t ever want to end. From wobbleness to just pounding beats and system crushing basslines, the whole release itself is also complimented by vocal stabs and verses from MC Freeflow who is also apart of the current Noiseporn Remix Contest with Mark Lam. The best part about all of this is that this release is part 1 of 2! That’s right, you get 10 tracks in the first release and more following suit soon! Overall, this is a 5 star release and is available right now exclusively on Beatport! Check out the preview below and look out for more from Supercool!