Friday, April 16, 2010

Mix for the weekend #2 - Jay Cunning Sub Slayers Mix


Too many good mixes have landed in my drop box today.. so here is mix for the weekend number 2 from proper rave stalwert Jay Cunning.

Jay Cunning - Sub Slayers Mix [02] (CLICK FOR TRACK LIST) by Jay Cunning / Sub Slayers

01: Excision 'System Check' [Rottun]
02: Pyramid VS Wizard 'War Of The Worlds' [Funkatech]
03: Buckfunk 3000 'Jump' (VENT remix) [Hardcore Beats]
04: Pixel Fist 'Speaka Freaka' [Rocstar]
05: Ivory 'Hand Grenade' (Excision & Datsik remix) [Rat Records]
06: Ivory 'Hand Grenade' [Rat Records]
07: I.D. 'Fresh Air' [Sub Slayers]
08: Gella VS Jinx 'Start the Panic' [Sub Slayers]
09: Bubu 'Suicide Girls' [Flextone]
10: Schema 'Rat Bastard' [Sub Slayers]
11: Benga '26 Basslines' (Elite Force Edit) [Unreleased]
12: Jammin 'Uptalkin' [Jammin]
13: I.D. 'Tell Ya' [Sub Slayers]
14: Snarophobe 'Dead Duck' [Sub Slayers]
15: Nero 'Act Like You Know' [Breakbeat Kaos]
16: Skream 'Burning Up' [Digital Soundboy]
17: Gella ft $pyda 'Twinkle' (Pyramids 'Stop The Talkin' Remix) [Sub Slayers]
18: VENT VS Reso 'Rumble' (Breaks Mix) [Unreleased]
19: Felix Stone ft Astra 'Solvent' (Lunar Shift Remix) [Flextone]
20: Schema 'Turn Off The Lights' [Sub Slayers]
21: Elite Force 'Law Of Life' [U&A]
22: Excision & Datsik 'Calypso' [Rottun]
23: Bare Noize 'Plant Food' [Audio Freaks]
24: High Rankin 'Meow Meow' [Cheaper Thrills]
25: Bassbin Twins 'Whistle Choon' [Bassbin Records]
26: Reso 'Beasts In The Basement' [Civil Music]
27: Excision & Noize 'Force' [Rottun]
28: VENT 'Feedback' [Hardcore Beats]
29: Pyramid 'Trouble' [Funkatech]
30: VENT 'Encoded VIP' [Hardcore Beats]