Monday, March 1, 2010

The Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack' OUT NOW

The Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack' [APEM018]

Release Date

Exclusive to Beatport

Press Release

Yes yes!!!! Calling all you booty shakers!!!!

Finally here it is! The tune that made us sign the Freerange Djs to the label in the first place, the muthafunkin' awesome 'Back To The Old Jack' !!!

Rammed to the hilt with old skool samples, big ass drums and ass shaking bottom end, 'Old Jack is destined for greatness oh yes!! This will not leave your set for a while !

Not content with releasing the amazing original we have packed the release so full of killer remixes I think we must be mental!!

We have managed to bring you remixes from some of the scenes bad boys!

In the 'steppy' corner...weighing in at just over an ounce & a cup of tea.... we have 2 amazing mixes from Bristol bad man Jinx and a new direction in style from the Tech Funk pioneer Rektchordz!!

In the 'bugger me this is heavy corner'...we bring you mixes from 3 of the breaks scenes heaviest..Eshericks, Dom Almond and Quadrat Beat!!!

As the tune says..... 'We Outta Control '!!!!!

This is one of the biggest releases we at Ape Towers have put together so all your feedback will be appreciated!!

DJ Feedback

Plump DJs Great tune. in the box.
Peo de Pitte Top package... All mixes are nice but I will support and play the original!!!!
ID Rektchordz mix is great, really feeling it, def support. Liking the jinx mix too - nice little roller, will try it out on the floor!
Hexadecimal Really strong package here! Digging the original mix, Eshericks Remix & the Quadrat Beat remix is also cool!
Flore Good package, but the Jinx is definitly my favorite, sounds really good
Jimmy Mofo The original rocks and is the one for me.
General Midi First 3 mixes are killer and the rest arent half bad either! TUNE!!!
High 8 Lovely shizzle, wicked package, something for everyone methinks. Original is the one for me though, loving those beats.
Richie Balboa Awesome track Eshericks is tha don
Dave No Hands HOLY CRAP THIS IS WICKED. I mean, wowza. Love it

Magazine Reviews

Mixmag - May Issue Tune of the Month 5/5

Calling all booty shakers!

It’s not been long since Cornish DJs, =AVE=, Olly G & Hi-Fly stumbled on to the horizon as the Freerangers, yet they’ve already made a big impression. Their latest and greatest, showcases their fidgety broken beats and sub-heavy wonk perfectly. Rammed with old skool scratches, trumpets, chunky ass drums and a think as muck bottom end, 'Old Jack' will not leave your set for a while.

DJ Mag 4.5/5

West Country bods Ben & Lex are real troopers, and here they bring relative newbies The Freerange DJs onto their Ape label for a scratchadelic, jackin’ beast that is, indeed, riddled with old skool samples (Space Invaders, a neighing horse etc). The growling, scrunched up b-line powers it home, while Quadrat Beat expands on the bassline to take it into proper acid territory. Dom Almond goes a bit mental, and then exciting newcomer Eshericks really raves it up for the pick of the bunch, with peaking synths, wiggly 303s and true hardcore sensibilities.

Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack'

The Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack' [APEM017] by apemusic

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The Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack' [APEM018]