Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free I.D. & Baobinga album - Bass Music Sessions OUT NOW


I got the promo of this not long ago and its been played non stop on my lil ipod and now its available to the masses. Big Shouts to I.D. and Baobinga on this one.. not only have they given away (or you can 'pay what you wish') an absolute killer album but they have also blogged the whole process on their highly influential bassmusic blog.

The album is now up for download, free, or for a donation at:


We're giving the proceeds from this release to Dove House Hospice in Hull, UK. Bandcamp do not take a cut, although Paypal do take a small percentage. So, since we're not going to profit financially from this, if you'd like to support us in other ways, please spread the word of this release - post it on a forum, chat about it on Facebook or Twitter, email your mum, tell the world! Also, please bear in mind that Paypal take roughly the first 25 - 30pence of all donations.

Its proper next level stuff this so i highly recommend you all grab your self a copy and spread the word.