Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jokr 'Snaggletooth (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Kiss My Bass]

Jokr 'Snaggletooth (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Kiss My Bass]

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Press Release

Kiss My Bass returns with an action packed bass heavy package headed up with the latest from breaks/house crossover boys JOKR. Their most recent track On Point was well received on Dusted Breaks and since their sound matches our vibe perfectly we were quick to snap them up! The resulting EP is one of non stop dance floor belters, each with their own slightly different take. Suffice to say there will be one for your occasion.

As ever your feedback is really appreciated so please take the time to hit the reply button and let us know what you think and which mixes you intend to inflict upon the world.

The original mix hits the nail on the head in terms of the kind of variety Kiss My Bass is all about. Fresh off the back of our electro house led debut and the massively played electro dubstep follow up Wub Steppin we thought we'd slap a bit of breaks flavoured house your way.

The first remix comes from the hardest working men in the South (UK of course!) messrs Ben and Lex. We're very happy to have the boys on board and they don't disappoint with a big grimey breaksy bassline wobbler (deep breath).

As Udy's remix of the last JOKR track was so well received it only seemed right to get him in on the action. A typically schizophrenic remix keeps the dance floor interested and shows why he is currying favour with a lot of rave DJs at the moment.

Brooklyn's Mr Vega is no stranger to the label, with his previous tracks for KMB blowing up BIG. Always a pleasure to have him involved and and massive electro house style lead infused with the spirit of wobble.

The final mix will be the first we send out to the blogs and have for free download just to kick off the hype. Again it's some label favourites that take the honour with Knob Jockeys heading up the task force. Their remix of our last EP saw us get 1Xtra play due to them being featured on Rusko's show and once again they show why they're a massive upcoming talent. Impossible to pin down, it's probably best you just listen to it!


Jokr 'Snaggletooth (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Kiss My Bass] by Ben and Lex