Thursday, February 18, 2010

SWU Mega Rave | Chill to Rave | 11/02/10


Mixed bag of stuff for you on SWU this week. Starts of chilled and then in the second hour gets mad rave :)

01. Timothy Leary 'How To Operate Your Brain'
02. The Inventors Of Aircraft 'It's Calmer Outside'
03. Clark 'Rattlesnake'
04. Metro Boy 'Drone 1.2'
05. Invasion Vs Shackleton 'Wizards In Dub Pt 1'
06. Skream 'Memories Of 3rd Bass'
07. Metro Boy 'Drone 2'
08. Boards Of Canada 'Amo Bishop Roden'
09. Metro Boy 'Drone 1'
10. James Fox 'Unknown'
11. Autechre 'Altibzz'
12. Clodhoppa 'Red Shoe Morning'
13. Metro Boy 'Drone 3'
14. Seefeel 'As Link'
15. D Bridge 'Wonder Where'
16. Piviot 'Fool In The Rain (Diamon Watch Wrists Remix)'
17. Photek 'Ni Ten Ichi Pyo'
18. Metro Boy 'Drone 4'
19. Flying Lotus 'Tronix'
20. Sub Focus 'Last Jungle'
21. Emalkay 'When I Look At You'
22. Pixel Fist 'Room237'
23. Jinx in Dub 'Tippa Tap Sound (Ben and Lex Remix)'
24. Ben and Lex 'Soundboy Stepup!'
25. Nick Thayer 'Reach For The Lazers'
26. Beat Monkeys ft TY 'For The People (Ben and Lex's Big Beat Rocks Remix)'
27. The Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack (Eshericks Remix)'
28. Dub Pistols 'Ganja (Ben and Lex's High and Dry Remix)'
29. The Loops Of Fury 'SOAP (Peo de Pitte Remix)'
30. Ben and Lex 'Makaton (Viro and Rob Analyze Remix)'
31. Jinx ft Brainz 'Pervert (2 Bit Thugs Remix)'
32. Cut la Roc 'Looking For The Deep Bass (Beat Monkeys Remix)'
33. Skream 'Burning Up'
34. Die and Clipz ft Ben Westbeech 'Number 1 (Roni Size VIP)'
35. Afghan Headpspin 'True (Fred V Remix)'


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