Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recent Reviews

Ben & Lex

All Da Breakz/Soundboy Step Up (Rocstar)

The dastardly Exeter breaks twosome really deserve some breaks themselves, as they've been beavering away at the coalface for ages, and 'All Da Breakz' owes a large debt to the mischief and mayhem of bass music. Neo junglist steppa beats begin a marauding romp that takes in a dirty burrowing bassline, jump up bashment vibes, hardcore hip-hop MCing, Casio bleeps, Grandmaster Flash samples, high-pitched dog whistles, and maybe even the kitchen sink. It's a boss tune, and on 'Soundboy Step Up' they turn in an equally well-worked dubstep piece.


Jinx In Dub

Tippa Tap (Functional)

Bristol fiend Jinx indulges his love of dub on this side-project, and the conquering lion kicks 'Tippa Tap' off with a straight-up skank and a Haile Selassie sample as it drops into reggae. It develops a breakbeat shuffle in the second part, and label chief Biff's Exeter cronies Ben & Lex turn it into a wicked dubsteppy piece, complete with old skool breakbeats and Detroit chords. Great smokin' material.