Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 01/02/10


Exclusive overload on this weeks Beatz and Bobz show. Fresh new tracks from Pixel Fist, Nick Thayer, Hyper and for the first time on the show Eshericks, Dom Almond and Quadrat Beat remixes of the forthcoming Freerange DJs new single 'Back To The Old Jack'.

01. Bass 'n' Funk 'Vodka' [Electroshock Records]
02. Nick Thayer 'Cash Money' [Passenger]
03. Tony Anthem 'Axl Ender (Pressure Breaks)' [Hardcore Beats]
04. Parallax Breaks 'Valour (That Girl DJ Remix)' [Scarcity]
05. The Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack (Eshericks Remix)' [APE]
06. The Loops Of Fury 'SOAP (Peo de Pitte Remix)' [UA]
07. Foreign Beggars ft Noisia 'No Holds Barred (Affinity Remix)' [Never Say Die]
08. Hyper vs Grayarea 'Low Level (Torso X Remix)'
09. Jack Strat ft Liz Melody 'Chemistry (Maelstrom Remix)' [Lucky Break]
10. Nick Thayer 'Reach For The Lazers' [Passenger]
11. Rico Tubbs 'Hold That Sucker Down'
12. Marcus Visionary 'My Sound' [LionDub International]
13. The Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack (Quadrat Beat Remix)' [APE]
14. Dave Spoon 'Lummox (Plump DJs Remix)' [Televizion]
15. Noisia 'Machine Gun (16bit Remix)' [Split the Atom ]
16. Foreign Beggars 'Get A Bit More (Skism Remix)' [Never Say Die]
17. Product.01 'Destrukt' [Re:connect]
18. Mars ft Dennean 'Lets Run Away (Da VIP Remix)' [XSSR Music
19. Miles Dyson 'Minimal My Ass (Krafty Kuts Re-rub)'
20. Calvertron and Brimmer 'Play It' [Jack Knife Records]
21. Pixel Fist 'Yautja'
22. Kidda 'Strong Together (Heavy Feet Remix)'
23. Kidda 'Everything Bad Is Good For You (TLGB Remix)'
24. Anarchy Rice 'Happy Popper' [Acidphonic]
25. The Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack (Dom Almond Remix)' [APE]
26. Dylan Rhymes and Tom Real 'Godzilla (Fuzzy Boy Remix)' [Lot 49]
27. Jinx ft Brainz 'Pervert (2 Bit Thugs Remix)' [Yellow Finger]
28. Deekline and Wizard ft Freq Nasty and DJ Assault 'Keep It Pushing (Specimen A Remix)' [Against The Grain]
29. Mightyfools 'Hoo Haa' [Venga]
30. Herve 'Who Da Champ' [Cheaper Thrills]
31. Crookers vs Ursula 1000 'Now Push It (Krafty Kuts Remix)'
32. Afghan Headspin 'Cocaine (Gella's Drifting Remix)' [Valium]
33. Alex Dolby 'Hazy Ways (Evil Nine Remix)' [Mantra Vibes]


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