Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dub Pistols 'Ganja (Ben & Lex’s High and Dry Remix)'

Dub Pistols 'Ganja (Ben & Lex’s High and Dry Remix)' [Sunday Best]

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Dub Pistols 'Ganja'

From an album that boasts stylings of soul, funk, hip-hop and pop among others, the Dub Pistols once again deliver a fine example of their extensive musical influences with their 3rd single ‘Ganja’.

Taken from their 4th album ‘Rum & Coke’, the single is helmed by UK hip-hop legend Rodney P, who works his lyrics into an original blend of dub, hip-hop and reggae with a feel-good, laid-back groove. Ganja? They’ve never touched the stuff!

With the legendary status that Barry, Jason and the boys have built up over the years, remixer’s were lining up to take this one for a spin, and we’re not disappointed. New producer on the scene Toby Toast proves his worth with a beautifully down-tempo electronic re-working, while Hip-hop legend Skitz hardens things up with added vocals from Deadly Hunter. Atomic Hooligan, 2 Bit Thugs and Ben and Lex represent the breaks contingent, delivering some equally leg-wobbling bass lines and beats. As always, the Sunday Best Remix proves a firm DJ favourite with a fresh cosmic disco edge.

With a frenetic winter tour of Australia, Asia and Europe under their belts, the band embark on their ‘Ganja Tour’ of the UK in March, culminating in a headline show at London’s KoKo. The summer of 2010 is already looking busy with a host of festival dates confirmed and many more to come.

Ganja will be available as a digital download, tracklisting below.

Standard Digital Version

01. Original
02. Toby Toast’s Blossom Remix
03. Skitz Remix
04. Atomic Hooligan Remix
05. Dub Pistols Extended Dub
06. Sunday Best Cosmic Dub

Beatport Exclusive Remix Package

01. Original
02. Toby Toast’s Blossom Remix
03. Skitz Remix
04. Atomic Hooligan Remix
05. Ben & Lex’s High and Dry Remix (Beatport Exc.)
06. Chinese Man Remix (Beatport Exc.)
07. Nitenoise Remix (Beatport Exc.)
08. 2 Bit Thugs Remix (Beatport Exc.)
09. Jinx In Dub’s Bristol Buds Remix (Beatport Exc.)
10. Sunday Best Cosmic Dub


Dub Pistols 'Ganja (Ben and Lex's High and Dry Remix)' (128 kbps) by Ben and Lex



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