Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SWU Mega Rave | 'Tear Out' Special | Download

SWU Mega Rave | 'Tear Out' Special | 03/08/09

Dug out some classic 'Tear Out' for this weeks SWU Mega rave but annoyingly the damn archive is only of the second half :( gutted

Ah well, you can catch me playing a set of this stuff in Bristol in December so theres no need to miss out.

Anyways heres the full tracklist of what was played but the archive only starts from track 13.

01. Control Z and Baobinga 'Focus' [Hardcore Beats]
02. Aquasky vs Masterblaster 'Megatron' [Passenger]
03. Entity 'G-Breaks' [Combat Wax]
04. Phrentic 'Flatline' [Mechanoise]
05. Vinyl Junkie and Dope 'Hooligan (Backdraft Remix)' [Bassrock Records]
06. Underdog vs Ultra Magnus Magnuson 'Karma' [Brock Out]
07. Ed209 'Fight Alone' [Hardcore Beats]
08. Shodan 'Ain't Nobody Tighter' [Combat Wax]
09. Entity 'Eatin' My Breakfast' [Fusetrax]
10. Darqwan 'Raising Kane' [Passenger]
11. The Breakfastaz 'Psychopath' [Cyberfunk]
12. DJ Quest 'Gravel Muncher (Distortionz Remix)' [Cyberfunk]
13. Freq Nasty 'Brooklyn To Brixton (Freestylers 'Raw a Fuck' Remix)' [Skint]
14. CTRL z v Screwface 'Dar Licks' [Hardcore Beats]
15. Vext 'Badbwoy (Deep Impact Remix)' [Fusetrax]
16. Ed209 'Blackhole' [Rat Records]
17. Control Z 'Badman' [Hardcore Beats]
18. Takomo 'Flesh'n'Vegas' [Fusetrax]
19. Breakfastaz 'Spit It Out' [Cyberfunk]
20. Distortionz 'Can Of Worms' [Mechanoise]
21. Baobinga 'The Bashment Track' [Cyberfunk]
22. Search and Destroy 'Mark Of The Beast' [Combat Wax]
23. Vinyl Junkie and Dope 'Warrior Dance (Ed209 Remix)' [Warehouse Wax]
24. DJ Quest 'Gravel Muncher' [Cyberfunk]


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Back in two weeks time with the DAVE CLARKE special or possibly the long awaited JEFF MILLS one, I think, or maybe next week as SWU is having a bit of a schedule shuffle and I'll be moving back to my original Thursday night slot :D hurrah