Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SWU Mega Rave | Jeff Mills Special | Download

SWU Mega Rave | Jeff Mills Special | 17/08/09

This special has been on the cards since I started this show and finally I have got round to it. Its the JEFF 'Freaking' MILLS Special haha.

Now before you moan some of the mixing is on the dodgy side but its all good :) also playing these tunes has made me re-discover the sheer genius of Mills when he does his more mellow spacey techno stuff.

I pretty much dismissed this in my youth and just went for his bosh bosh stuff, more fool me really. Anyways sit back and enjoy the following 2 hours of pure Jeff Mills-ery.

01. Jeff Mills 'Man From Tomorrow' [Axis AX-008]
02. Jeff Mills 'Untitled' [Axis AX-016]
03. Jeff Mills 'Vertical' [Axis AX-008]
04. Jeff Mills 'Alarms (First Mix)' [Purpose Maker PM-005]
05. Jeff Mills '4 Art' [Axis AX-024]
06. Jeff Mills 'Automaic' [Purpose Maker PM-005]
07. Jeff Mills 'Call Of The Wild' [Purpose Maker PM-008]
08. Jeff Mills 'The Lovely Assistant' [Purpose Maker PM-006]
09. Jeff Mills 'Preview' [Tomorrow TW-001]
10. Jeff Mills 'Solara' [Axis AX-019]
11. Jeff Mills 'Sweet Scent Of Fear' [Tomorrow TW-001]
12. Jeff Mills 'Tango (Performance Mix)' [Purpose Maker PM-009]
13. Jeff Mills 'Cubango' [Purpose Maker PM-004]
14. DJ Hell 'Allerseelen (Jeff Mills Remix)' [Disko B DB 26]
15. Millsart 'Gateway To Zen' [Axis AX-004]
16. Jeff Mills 'La Force' [Purpose Maker PM-003]
17. Millsart 'Gamma Player' [Axis AX-012]
18. Jeff Mills 'Trancedent' [Axis AX-019 FV]
19. Jeff Mills 'Changes Of Life (Reprise Mix)' [Purpose Maker OM-015]
20. Jeff Mills 'Gata' [Axis AX-019 FV]
21. Jeff Mills 'Late Night' [Tresor 11]
22. H&M 'Mutant Theory' [Axis AX-001]
23. Jeff Mills 'Jericho' [Tresor 11]
24. Jeff Mills 'The Extremist (Retro Mix)' [Tresor 23]
25. Jeff Mills 'Changes Of Life' [Tresor 11]
27. Jeff Mills 'The Bells' [Purpose Maker PM-002]
28. Jeff Mills 'UFO' [Axis AX-024]
29. Millsart 'Steps To Enchantment (Stringent)' [Axis AX-004]
30. Jeff Mills 'F-7' [Axis AX-019 FV]
31. Jeff Mills 'Java' [Purpose Maker PM-001]
32. Jeff Mills 'Untitled' [Axis AX-009]
33. Jeff Mills 'Simple Degrading Devices Of Reflectivity' [Axis AX-009F]
34. Jeff Mills 'Medium Gray' [Axis AX-009E]


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Back in two weeks time with a jungle-tastic special with tunes from Remarc, Shitmat, Bizzy b etc not too sure if it will be a Monday or a Thursday.. who knows haha keep an aye on the http://www.swuradio.net pages for info.