Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Metro Boy | | 12/08/09 | Download

Metro Boy | | 12/08/09

Super hot show this week for you all to listen to.. the first hour is crammed with bleepy techno and then the awesome Djuma Soundsystem take over the second hour.

Metro Boy in the mix

01. The Binaural Diarys Of Ollie Hall 'Venus Fort Entertainment'
02. Alva Noto 'Monophaser 2' [Raster-Noton]
03. Frederico Milani 'Hooker (Alex Di Stefano Remix)' [Bosphorous Underground]
04. Valentino Kanzyani 'We Are All Vacume' [Footloversmusic]
05. Smacs and Patrick Kong 'Paraffin (Metro Boy Remix)' [VIM]
06. Nick Curly 'Pjuante' [Cocoon]
07. Pryda 'Remember' [Pryda]
08. Tom Budden 'The Tree Dance' [Alive]
09. Seth Troxler and Matthew Dear 'Hurt' [Spectral Sound]
10. SQL 'Distorted Reality' [SK Supreme]
11. Paul Ritch 'Carrrrrramba (Monkey Mix)' [Quartz]
12. NTFO 'Filter' [SK Supreme]
13. Kaiserdisco 'Espandrillo' [MBF]
14. Aga Beat Battle' [Dioxide]
15. NTFO 'Filter' [SK Supreme]

Djuma Soundsystem Guest Mix

01. dOP 'Mambo Jumbo' [Supplement Facts]
02. Gorge 'Kassiande' [Freerange records]
03. Jaxson and David Keno 'Tout Le Temps' [Kindisch]
04. Kaiser Disco 'Que Ritmo' [Style Rockets]
05. Alex Niggemann 'El Hechizo' [8Bit Records]
06. Worthy and Yankee Zulu 'Concumbia' [Anabatic Records]
07. Daniel Steinberg 'Cry All Night' [Supdub]
08. Jean Claude Ades and Vincent Thomas 'Shingaling (VIET2 Hermano Mix)' [Great Stuff]
09. Nemus and Little Nakoch 'Fellas from Favelas' [Balkan Connection]
10. Orbital 'Impact (James Zabielas Remix)' [Warner]
11. Namito 'Train To Teheran' [Kling Klong]
12. &ME '+++' [Keinemusik]
13. Oliver Klein and Peter Juergens 'Der Spatz Auf Dem Dach' [Kling Klong]
14. Kollektiv Turmstrasse 'Melodrama (Oliver Huntemann remix)' [Ostwind]
15. Antix 'Box Of Birds (Djuma Soundsystem Remix)' [Iboga]


Also you can buy my latest remixes from Beatport.

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