Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz [APE] OUT NOW!!!!

Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz'
Remixes from 2 Bit Thugs, Benjamin Vial, Metro Boy, Mskr-nt
APE Music [APEM012]

Available from Beatport NOW

After a 6 month hiatus for a 7 remix marathon (keep ya ears peeled they’re all out this year) Ben and Lex come back to their label APE Music with a big old banger of a tune, in fact its Tha Bizniz!

Rollin’ drums that keep building all the way from the start leading you with a booming thwack-walloping-whack of a rasping bassline that assaults you like a midget driving you in a mini to fast round the roundabout with no seatbealts and a pot full of angry wasps who don’t like being dizzy. Then, outta nowhere, heads south and… GETS CRUNKED UP! Having slayed the floor all year its finally time for this monster to see the light of day.

It doesnt stop there, on remix duties we have a giant’s nadsack sized package of goodness for you!!

First up is the masters of crunked up bad bwoy bizniz themselves, The ‘2 Bit Thugs’, and shit on my hairy tits have they gone and done us proud. A half time crunked intro disguises the massive stompy shuffly breaksy wonk-a-thon that is to follow. A sure fire dancefloor winner, this will eat your balls, spit em back at you and not say sorry when it makes you dance like a nutbag leaving only a sweaty bloody mess behind.

To boot we have the Fantastic Flying Frenchman, ‘Benjamin Vial’, giving us an expertly crafted reece basslined, heads down, techno beast which takes no prisoners in a Vitalic stylee, which is perfectly complimented by the stripped back MAGIC that is the internet ruler ‘MetroBoy’s’ fully minimal 4/4 take on the tune.

Finally we have the up and coming ‘Mskr-nt’ who takes the original and runs full on at the crunk and smashes it sideways, wonky fidgeting the life out of it till you can’t take no more mofos.

One badbwoy-crunking-monkey-mutha-funker of a release for ya!

More info can be found at APE Music

10 min mini mix of the release as well >> DOWNLOAD

Mini Mix Tracklisting

01. Original
02. Benjamin Vial Remix
03. Metro Boy Remix
04. 2 Bit Thugs Remix
04. Mskr-nt Remix

Ben and Lex August Mix >> DOWNLOAD

01. Baobinga and ID 'No Bright Lights'
02. Audiofly 'I Can't Remember (Eric Prydz Remix)'
03. Aquasky ft Tee Ski 'Back To The Top (Vandal Remix)'
04. The Loops Of Fury 'Flick A Switch'
05. Disco Of Doom 'Warpig'
06. Zodiac Cartel 'We Don't Play That'
07. Rack N Ruin 'Skitzo VIP'
08. Hyper vs Vandal 'Fugazi (Vandal Remix)'
09. Future Funk Squad 'RaveULator'
10. Plump DJs 'Soul Vibrates (Enough Weapons Bootleg Mix)'
11. Beat Assassins ft Sweetie Irie 'Boom Style (AC Slater Remix)'
12. Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz (Mskr-nt Remix)'
13. Freerange DJs 'Gotta Get High (=AVE= Mix)'
14. Audio Bullys 'We Don't Care (2 Bit Thugs ReRub)'
15. Rico Tubbs 'Lumberjack'
16. Enough Weapons 'Super Sonic'
17. The Proxy 'Dance In Dark'

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